Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019

In the forever changing world of tennis, there are many racquets to choose from which is both good and intimidating at the same time. The more popular tennis has become, the more brands emerged offering different tennis equipment. This is why it’s not so easy to pick and choose items for your training regardless of your skill level and age.

It’s always recommended you pick reliable brands. Head has been around for years and has followed many well-known tennis players on their journey. Head has a long history of great racquets, so you know you’re in good hands.

Finding the best Head tennis racquet is fun because all the models are impressive in their own right. Each of them is made to fit a unique player one way or another. The only thing you’d have to do is choose the one for you.


Model Name




Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 1

HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet


Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 2

Head Liquidmetal Prestrung Tennis Racquet


Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 3

Head YuTek Graphene Instinct MP Tennis Racquet


Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 4

Head IG Challenge MP Tennis Racquet


Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 5

Head MX Cyber Pro Tennis Racquet


It’s well-known that Head makes their racquets with considerable attention to detail. They put in the quality to bring durability and longevity to racquets that you’d use as often as every day. 

We’ve done some research on their most popular models to bring you a few of the best ones. Plus, we also spoke to tennis players with different skill sets who explained why they love the Head racquets. 

Continue reading to learn about the Best Head Tennis Racquets before you opt for your next favorite one. 

Best Head Tennis Racquets:

Head PCT Speed Tennis Racquet – Strung

Key Features:

  • Oversized Head
  • It comes strung
  • Large Sweet spot

It doesn’t get much better than Head PCT Speed Tennis Racquet. This best Head tennis racquet provides you with all the balance, power and touch that you’d need. 

It features a somewhat oversized head but thanks to it, there’s also a large sweet spot. You get a strung racquet with a 16/19 string pattern. The forgiving sweet spot is ideal for beginners and recreational players. 

The frame weighs about 10.4oz and is plasma-coated for extra stiffness and durability. The PCT has .75 in. balance and a 23 mm beam. This isn’t unusual but more standard, made to fit different tennis players. 

Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 6

It may seem hard to use because it’s oversized, but its pretty easy to use. The oversized racquet head is beneficial
The titanium technology adds power and touch to the swing. Besides, the graphite composite construction helps with spin and control in full swing speed. The contour cushion adds comfort to your grip which is great if you’re often playing for hours at a time.

This racquet is for adults only, which is understandable since it’s quite large. It’s efficient and will help you build up your skill set faster. There are many people with this as their racquet of choice because of its simple features and adequate performance. 

It’s easy to use, and you’ll get used to how it feels the very first time you try it out. If you’re a recreational player who enjoys occasional training, this might be one of the best choices for you. Also, it’s made of tough materials so it can withstand bumps here and there. The materials make it durable, too, so there won’t be any need to replace the racquet any time soon.

Head Liquidmetal Prestrung Tennis Racquet

Key Features

  • Total sweet spot  construction
  • Reduces Vibration
  • Comes Prestrung 

The Head Liquidmetal Prestrung Tennis Racquet is one of the   best-built racquets on the market. Its best feature has to be the TSC which stands for total sweet spot construction. This means that the sweet spot is throughout the entire head. No doubt, the TSC provides far more control than most racquets on the market. 

Another thing worth mentioning is its dampening system. First and foremost, it’s important to note that most brands don’t pay much attention to reducing vibration altogether. The Liquidmetal has a No Shox damping system that reduces vibration by more than 27%. 

Its head size is 112 square inches while the entire racquet is 27 1/3’’ in length. It weighs 9.3 oz which is relatively lightweight when compared with other leading racquets on the market.

Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 7

Its head size is 112 square inches while the entire racquet is 27 1/3’’ in length. It weighs 9.3 oz which is relatively lightweight when compared with other leading racquets on the market.

The racquet’s beam is 28x26mm. It comes pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut 16g and in a 16x19 string pattern. With this pattern and the sweet spot construction, you can only imagine the amount of control the racquet provides.

Most people like it because it loses almost no energy on ball impact because of the liquid atomic structure of the racquet. It’s a responsive model with a full percentage of energy and power. If you have a short and compact swing style, you’ll probably love this racquet just as much. The lightweight and oversized head give you the ultimate experience. If you’re seeking power in your shots, this is how you can achieve it. 

In most cases, the racquet is recommended to beginners and returning recreational players, and it’s also one of the best head tennis racquet. The combination of its dampening system, head size, and other specifications make the racquet ideal for everyone who’s looking to build their skill set. This is the kind of racquet you can use to really develop your skills and help you move on to more advanced tennis playing.

Head YuTek Graphene Instinct MP Tennis Racquet

Key Features:

  • Solid Frame
  • Big Grip Size
  • Large Sweet Spot

Given that the racquet weighs 11.3 oz when strung and 10.6 oz without the strings, you’d think it’s a bit too heavy. However, most tennis players who use it say it’s quite arm-friendly and controllable. It’s important to look for an arm-friendly racquet especially if you’re a beginner because you need something gentle on your arm in those long-hour training. 

If you want maneuverability and ease of use, this is one of the Best Head Tennis racquets for that. On top of that, it offers stability, too, which is equally as important. A combination of maneuverability and stability is always a plus, that’s for sure.

This is the racquet we see used by Thomas Berdych and Maria Sharapova so that alone has to tell you something about its quality and can make it one of the best head tennis racquet. Thanks to its design, the YuTek Graphene delivers more power with less effort and weight needed to generate it. When it comes to balancing, we must day it’s 3 points headlight / 33cm altogether. 

Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 8

It’s delivered prestrung with synthetic gut and in 16x19 string pattern. One thing that some people complained about is the grip size. Precisely, most players found that the grip size is massive. Double check if this is something that would fit you because you don’t want to end up with a grip size that’s too large for you.

The racquet is ideal for beginners thanks to its overall feel, which doesn’t mean it’s not meant for recreational and more advanced players. The power it provides along with the control and spin make this racquet a good choice for many players with different skill sets.

It’s the kind of racquet you want to use when building your skills. Because it’s effective but easy to use, the YuTek Graphene is one of the most popular choices among the Best Head Tennis Racquets Its pleased customers speak of its quality, efficiency, and durability. 

Head IG Challenge MP Tennis Racquet

Key Features

  • Graphite construction
  • 100 sq head
  • Large hitting surface

If you’re an advanced beginner or an intermediate player and still using your old racquet, this is the right one to replace it. The Head IG Challenge MP has a large hitting spot which makes it easier for intermediate players do adapt and ascend to the next stage. 

The mid-plus-size head of 100 square inches allows dominant performance as well as forgiving play. The full length of the racquet is 27 inches with 1 point head heavy balance when unstrung. 

However, it does come strung by Head, so it’s ready to use right out the box. When it’s strung, the racquet weighs 10.0oz, dropping the weight down to 9.5 oz when it’s unstrung. It also includes a cover which is a convenient addition to protect your racquet from different factors that could damage it. 

Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 9

You can probably tell that the frame is made of graphite for more power without adding on extra weight. Combined with the mid plus head size, it provides more power and a large hitting surface. Of course, for beginners, it’s always important that there’s a large sweet spot

It has this modern look to it with full body construction for more power and maneuverability. Because it’s a standard length and weight, it’s easy to get used to this one. Plus, Head also offers a few other sizes of the IG Challenge MP, so you can check that out, too, to find the one that fits you the best. 

Head MX Cyber Pro Tennis Racquet

Key Features

  • Sturdy frame
  • Lightweight
  • Prestrung

If you’re an intermediate player looking to upgrade from your first racquet, the Cyber Pro  should be one of your first choices for Best Head Tennis Racquets. It features a 100 sq. inches head with a fairly large sweetspot. Ideally, the sweetspot is just the right size so you can get the most of it without getting too used to it.

Its solid and sturdy one-piece frame features a shaft that’s specially designed to increase stability and balance. With a structure like this, you get ultimate power and control in one racquet.

This is essentially one of the best racquets to help you build up your skill set. Its power and balance work together to deliver the kind of quality an intermediate racquet should have.

Best Head Tennis Racquets 2019 10

It’s about 27 inches long and has 9.5 oz. in weight when it’s unstrung. However, this one comes strung and ready to use, weighing only 10.1oz. It’s strung with a 16x19 string pattern. Plus, you get a full racquet cover with it, too.

Overall, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a quality Head racquet that delivers power and control. With the durable and sturdy frame, the MX Cyber Pro tennis racquet is one of the most reliable Head racquets for intermediate players.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking to move on from your beginners’ racquet. This is because it’s sturdy and easy to use, but it’s also powerful and lightweight. It helps you perfect your offense allowing you to work on defense, too. For this reason, many consider it to be one of the most versatile racquets by Head.

Thanks to its weight, there’s very little chance of any sore muscles or injured wrists, elbows and arms. It allows for long hour practices, which is always important to intermediate players. 

It comes in only one color though there are a few sizes to choose from in this series. Choose between the four sizes depending on your preferences and skill level. 


Looking for a new tennis racquet to level up from your old one is always a fun process. The search is time consuming and overwhelming at times, which is why we’ve picked out these five models.

These head racquets stand out the most thanks to their specifications. The design always plays a significant role, but there are also many other factors to consider. 

First and foremost, you have to think about your skill level as well as personal preference. All in all, if you’ve read the reviews above, we’re sure you were able to choose the racquet for yourself.

No doubt, Head is on top of the tennis game being widely used by so many famous players. For this reason alone they deserve a chance and are worth all the attention. They’ve been around for ages thanks to their quality and eye for the detail. 

If you were to pick one of these models, you'd find it easier to increase your skills enjoying the game more than ever. Regardless of how old are you or how much experience you have, one of these racquets is probably the next Best Head Tennis Racquets for you.