Best Racket for Tennis Elbow

Best Racket for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a medical condition that is caused by the inflammation of tendons that attach the extensor carpi radialis brevis to the outer bony prominence of the elbow. Certain repetitive movements may cause this condition. People may obviously acquire tennis elbow from playing tennis but it should be noted that only a small percentage of tennis players actually get tennis elbow from playing the sport.

It is said the prevention is always better than finding a cure, this is the reason why I've decided to create this guide. There are certain tennis rackets that if used properly may drastically reduce your chances of getting tennis elbow. I have created this guide to give you an insight to finding the rackets that can prevent you from getting tennis elbow and avoiding discomfort in your arm while playing.

Best Racquets for Tennis Elbow - The Top Choices

There are hundreds or if not thousands of arm-friendly tennis rackets available that are advertised to be friendly on your arms. Countless brands manufacture various different kinds of tennis rackets that are said to be designed in such a way that your arms won't get stressed and strained even after prolonged use.

While your tennis racket may not completely prevent you from attaining tennis elbow, selecting the correct one may drastically reduce your chances of getting the said medical condition.

In tennis, hitting a backhand puts a certain amount of stress on your forearm muscles, which repeatedly contract when you hit the tennis ball.

If you have poor technique or grip the racket too tightly, that stress may increase in the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow. The tendons may get small tears which are certain to cause pain and discomfort.

For this guide, I have taken up the liberty of researching for the absolute best tennis racket available in the market that can effectively lower your chances of attaining tennis elbow.

Below I have listed the two top choices if you're looking for the absolute best tennis racket that is effective at preventing tennis elbow.


Model Name





Head Ti S5


Wilson Pro Staff 97

Wilson Pro Staff 97


Head Ti S5

Head is a well known manufacturer of sports equipment and attire that has been a leader in the tennis racket industry since the 1960's. It is a well respected and sought after brand due to the quality of tennis rackets that they produce.

Countless tennis champions, including several world no. 1's have been known to use head tennis racquets as their tennis racket.


of choice. The most famous tennis champion and world no. 1 to use Head tennis rackets has probably got to be Maria Sharapova.

Maria has been known to use tennis rackets made by other brands, but she has explicitly claimed that Head is her brand of choice.

The success of Head tennis racquets in the tennis racket manufacturing industry can largely be attributed to the simplicity of the design of the  models , the budget friendly pricing, and the technological advancements that are incorporated into every single Head tennis racquet.

As a key player in the industry, Head strives to be ahead of their competition by constantly developing new technologies that innovate and reinvent the game of tennis.

Notable innovative technological advancements that Head has come up with include: Adaptive Turning Kit, Graphene Touch, Graphene XT, Innerga, MicroGel, and MxG technology.

Now that you know about Heads amazing background and why this brand is one of the most popular brands in the industry, let's take a deeper look into the Head Ti S5 tennis racket!

The Head Ti S5 is part of Head's comfort zone series. This series of tennis rackets were designed to be able to allow tennis players to be able to play the game as much and as effectively as possible without being subject to the hindrance of discomfort.

This racket is particularly suited to a beginner to intermediate level tennis player that has a slow to medium speed swing who requires a sweet spot that is easy on the arm. Thanks to Head's Comfort Zone technology you'll never again have to worry about getting tennis elbow from this racket!

To those who don't know, Comfort Zone is a new patented dampening system technology that is made up of a combination of a hard and soft material that effectively reduces string vibration by up to 25%!

The open string pattern that the Head Ti S5 boasts further enhances the sweet spot without sacrificing your ability to control the racket. We all know that control over your racket is very important and Head has made a great effort at emphasizing this fact!

With its low price, the Head Ti S5 is a tennis racket  that anyone can own. Budget is often an issue for those who are looking for quality tennis rackets and I can safely say that with the Head Ti S5, price won't ever have to be compromised in place of quality ever again!

With all the innovative technological features that this racket boasts, tennis elbow is sure not never be a problem for you. You'll be free to improve and develop your abilities in the game of tennis without ever having to worry about tennis elbow ever again!

I'd have to recommend the Head Ti S5 to anyone and everyone that is looking for a great racket at a great price. You are sure to be getting great value for your money with this amazing tennis !


  • Great value for your money
  • Budget friendly
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate level players
  • DurablePre strung
  • Light weight
  • Solid construction


  • Some users have complained that the sweet spot is too small
  • May take some time to get used to
  • Strings may stretch after prolonged use
  • Control over the tennis ball may be difficult due to the power to weight ratio

Wilson Pro Staff 97

Wilson is a amongst the most trusted brands in the sporting goods industry. This Chicago based company was founded over a hundred years ago as a animal by-product processing company. Back then Wilson was known by its former name: Ashland Manufacturing Company.

The company used animal by-products to make tennis racquet strings, violin strings, and surgical sutures.

Wilson Pro Staff 97

With moderate success, the company soon expanded its ventures to manufacture baseball shoes at tennis rackets.

In the year 1915, Thomas E. Wilson became president and renamed the company "Thomas E. Wilson Company" after himself. Under Thomas Wilson's leadership, Wilson grew into a major manufacturer of sporting goods.

With more than a hundred years of experience, Wilson has become one of the most well known names in the sporting goods industry. The company is particularly famous for the balls, protective gear, athletic footwear, and tennis rackets that they produce.

Creative advertising campaigns, media exposure, and a constant presence in pop culture has also contributed to the fame of Wilson as a company.

One of the most notable appearances of Wilson products in pop culture is in the Tom Hanks film Cast Away. In this film, a Wilson volleyball was shown to be Tom Hanks' only companion during his time as a lone castaway in an uninhabited island.

Aside from Wilson's public exposure, the brand has gained respect from athletes of all kinds of sports due to the superior quality that Wilson puts into each and every single one of their products.

In the sport of tennis, Wilson has got to be one of the most well known and loved brands out there. Countless tennis champions and world no. 1's have endorsed Wilson as their brand of choice.

Notable tennis players that use Wilson racquets as their tennis rackets of choice include: Juan Martín del Potro, Daniel Nestor, Roger Federer, and Grigor Dimitrov.

Now that we know more about Wilson and it's background, let's get into the details of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 tennis racket.

Many tennis players who are familiar with other Wilson tennis racquets would immediately recognize the Wilson Pro Staff 97 and think that it's just a little version of the heavyweight Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Don't underestimate the Pros Staff 97 as it still packs quite the punch!

Wilson designed this racket to provide you with all the playability and feel of Rodger Federer's racquet with a lighter weight.

This tennis racket is perfect for the aggressive or attacker type of tennis player as it lets them be able to deliver a large amount of power.

A solid frame combined with total weight of only 11.6 ounces when strung ensures the you'll have as much power as possible to be able to compliment your aggressive playing style.

The 9-point head light balance that Wilson Pro Staff 97 boasts adds maneuverability, while the braided graphite and Kevlar construction allow for exceptional touch and immaculate playability.

I'd have to say that this tennis elbow friendly racket is best suited for intermediate to professional level players. After all, it's design was patterned after the racket of choice of one of the world's greatest tennis players.

Everything about this racket screams comfort. Based my research, hundreds of consumer reports and professional reviews have also supported the claims of Wilson that  thePro Staff 97 is ideal for people who are prone to tennis elbow.

Priced from $149.00 to $199.00 on different sources, this racket may be a little pricier than the Head Ti S5 that I've listed above, but it should also be kept in mind that this racket was designed to cater to tennis players with a higher skill level.

With that said, I'd have to say that this wonderful tennis racket still gives you great value for your hard earned money. True tennis enthusiast, hobbyists, and professionals that have gotten tennis elbow in the past would certainly love to get their hands on this great tennis racquet!

Overall, this racket is the ideal choice for intermediate to professional level tennis players that are looking to avoid getting tennis elbow. While any kind of player would find this racket useful, a tennis player with an aggressive playing style would love this racket in particular.

You are sure to love this awesome tennis racket!


  • Classic design
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Can handle large amounts of tension
  • Available pre strung
  • Durable


  • String that comes with the racket could be better
  • Frame may be easily scratched
  • A little pricey

Best Racquet for Tennis Elbow - What Exactly Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow which is formally known as lateral epicondylitis is a painful condition that occurs when your tendons in the elbow area become overloaded by repetitive motions of the arm and wrist.

Despite the condition's name, tennis players aren't the only people that can develop tennis elbow. People whose jobs feature the types of motions that can lead to tennis elbow include painters, carpenters, butchers, and plumbers.

The pain cause by tennis elbow primarily occurs where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to a bony bump on the outside of your elbow. Pain may also spread into your forearm and wrist if the condition is not treated immediately.


Tennis elbow caused pain can radiate from the outside of your elbow into your wrist and forearm. The pain and weakness that you may feel when you have tennis elbow may cause you to have difficulty:

  • Grip an object
  • Shake hands
  • Hold a glass or cup
  • Turn a doorknob

It is relatively easy to know whether you have tennis elbow or not as it is a condition that makes day to day task that are otherwise easy to be a uncomfortable and painful.

Risk Factors

Some of the factors that may contribute to increasing your risk of attaining tennis elbow may include:

  • Occupation

Aside for tennis players and other kinds of athletes, people who have jobs that require and involve repetitive motions of the arm and wrist are more likely to develop tennis elbow.

Examples of occupations that may cause you to get tennis elbow include: cooks, butchers, plumbers, carpenters, and painters.

  • Age

Tennis elbow can affect people of all ages, however, tennis elbow is more prevalent in adult who are 30 to 50 years old.

  • Certain Sports

As the name of the condition implies, tennis elbow can be obtained from extensively participating in racquet sports such as tennis, squash, badminton.

Beginners are more likely to get tennis elbow as they'll be more likely to have a poor stroke technique.


During a physical examination, your doctor may apply pressure to the affected area or may ask you to move your wrist, elbow, and fingers in several different ways.

In most cases, your medical history and physical examination results would provide enough information to allow your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. However, if your doctor suspects that some other condition may be causing your symptoms, he or she may make you have an X-ray or another type of imaging test.


Oftentimes, tennis elbow goes away on its own if you give your arm enough time to rest. Over-the-counter medications can be used to fight the pain and discomfort that you can feel when you have tennis elbow, however, medicines don't always work.

If over-the-counter medicines and self-care measures don't help, your doctor may suggest that you go through physical therapy.

There are also some rare severe cases of tennis elbow wherein surgery is required to fix the condition.

Best Racquet for Tennis Elbow - A Conclusion

The two rackets that I've listed above are both great choices if you're looking for the perfect racket to use to avoid tennis elbow. Like I've said before, prevention is always better than finding a cure and its better to be safe than sorry.

Tennis elbow is usually a minor medical condition that goes away on its own, but there are some cases wherein you'll require surgery which can be very expensive.

Beginner tennis players who haven't perfected their techniques should particularly take notice of the information posted on this article as beginners are the people who are most prone to getting tennis elbow.

The Head Ti S5  is the perfect racket for the beginner level tennis player as the design of this racket is suitable to complement the almost any playing style, whether it be passive or aggressive.

This racket is also a wonderful budget option that gives you great value for your money. I assure you that quality won't be compromised in favor of having a cheap price. The Ti S5 is a great racket that is made with material of the highest quality.

You'll be sure to get the most out of your game while being able to avoid tennis elbow with this amazing racket !

The Wilson Pro Staff 97, on the other hand is a intermediate to professional level racket that was designed after the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph which is the racket choice of Rodger Federer, who is one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Perfect for aggressive heavy hitters, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 will allow you to dominate the competition without letting you get tennis elbow.

Being a little pricey, I'd have to suggest this racket to people who are serious about the game of tennis. This racket is sure to be a worthy investment in the long run for anyone who plays tennis on a regular basis!