12 Best Tennis Balls Reviews 2020 | Read Our Buyer's Guide

The Best Tennis Balls Review Guide for 2020

When buying tennis equipment, people put a great deal of attention in choosing the right racket, proper tennis shoes, and the right clothing. But one piece of equipment, people tend to overlook – are the best tennis balls they should be using.

Tennis balls are specifically designed for the sport of tennis and are made using a uniform rubber compound. They are covered by a fibrous felt, which modifies the aerodynamic properties of the ball. And just as any beginner thinks that all tennis balls are the same, the professional player knows they’re not. 

Tennis balls come in a variety of different types, colors, and sizes, all meant for a different kind of use. Some are better for practice, whether with a partner or a ball machine, and some are better for recreational or professional play. 






DUNLOP Stage 1 Green Dot 3 Tennis Ball Can

Dunlop Stage One Green Dot


Penn Quick Start 36 Foam 12 Pack Tennis Balls 12 Pack

Penn Quick Start 36


Wilson US Open Starter Balls Pack of 3

Wilson US Open Starter Balls


Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

Tourna Pressureless Balls


Gamma Pressureless Tennis Ball Bucket

Gamma Pressureless Tennis Balls


KEVENZ 12 Pack Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls

KEVENZ Standard Pressure Tennis Ball


Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty


Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls