Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players 2020 | See Guide

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players 2020

I’m sure you already know how hard it is to find the great tennis racquets for advanced players. The market holds hundred different models from many of the best tennis brands , so choosing one is often overwhelming. For this reason, I decided to do some research to see what models are the best to choose from.

If you’re an advanced tennis player, you probably understand the importance of having the right tennis racquet. If it's poor quality or can’t follow your pace and is just not suitable for you, you won’t even be able to play with that racquet. 

5 of the Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players


Model Name




Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A Tennis Racquet (4-3 8)

Head Graphene Extreme MP A Tennis Racquet


Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet, 4 1 2 - unstrung

Wilson Juice 100S Tennis Racquet


Prince Warrior 100L ESP Tennis Racquet

Prince Warrior 100L ESP Tennis Racquet


Tecnifibre TFight 325 Dynacore Tennis Racquet

Tecnifibre TFight 325 Dynacore ​Tennis Racquet


Babolat Drive Lite Racquets Blue White

Babolat Drive Lite Blue/White Tennis Racquet


I have a few tennis racquet models here that I want to talk to you about, but you’re still going to have to choose one out of them. To make the best choice, I suggest you consider all crucial factors such as your style of play, skill level, and preferences. Don’t forget to think about the specifications you think would fit you the best, as well as the features you’re looking for.

Most of these tennis racquets have similar specifications because they are all made for tennis players with advanced skills. However, their differences are mostly in the overall feel, spin, power and comfort they provide. 

I’ve made a handy list of the top tennis racquets for advanced players. Each of these models is top-quality and trust-worthy, so make sure you read all reviews.

Head Graphene Extreme MP A Racquet

Like most of the Extreme tennis racquets, the Graphene Extreme MP A has a rounded head shape. The shape gives you more spin potential than other racquets. The size of its head is 100 sq. in., while the entire racquet is 27.2 in. long.

The spin rounded head shape and spin potential are mostly why people choose the Graphene Extreme MP A tennis racquet. It comes pre-strung with synthetic gut. Also, it features a 16x16 string pattern, but you can go with the 16x19, too, if that’s what works better for you. The beam here is the 24/26/23mm tapered beam.

Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A Tennis Racquet (4-3 8)

This racquet comes pre-strung at the tension of 53 lbs. that is also recommended by Head. Strung, the racquet weighs 11.2 oz. What’s interesting is that it’s considered lightweight and comfortable, but still powerful and sturdy. Its balance is 13 in. head light (4pts) with 67 stiffness. Now, this is one of the most durable racquets on the market, and it’s because it’s made of graphene, one of the most lightweight and strong materials. It helps distribute the weight across the frame evenly and gives more swing weight without taking away any maneuverability. This entire set up makes the racquet suitable for aggressive players with more confident shots. The measured swing weight is at 317 kg*sq. cm.

The racquet feels comfortable thanks to its weight distribution and the grip. Precisely, it features the Head Hydrosorb Pro grip that allows you to play for hours at the time. It’s also not slippery and can absorb sweat.

If you’re not very aggressive with your shots, you may find the Graphene Extreme MP A  racquet a bit stiff and, in that case, I suggest you change the strings. Go from synthetic to natural gut, and you’ll feel much better about its maneuverability. This is a powerful tennis racquet with a lot of spin potential, and for that reason, a great choice for our list. 

Wilson Juice 100S Spin Effect Racquet 

The Juice 100S by Wilson is 27 inches long and with a head size of 100 sq. inches. It features very even balance, and the first time you try the racquet, you’ll feel its power. This tennis racquet weighs 11.2 oz. but with its balance, it feels much heavier when you swing it. This is the kind of racquet that has a backbone, feels a little stiff and heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it to juniors. Its swing weight is 335g.

The 100S tennis racquet comes unstrung, and I suggest you go with the 18x16 string pattern. As long as you’re inside the sweetspot, the Juice 100S racquet is easy to control and requires minimal effort from you. However, once you go off-center, it won’t absorb much impact nor appear as powerful. 

Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet, 4 1 2 - unstrung

The Wilson Juice 100S racquet is one of those racquets made for tennis players with real supreme skills. If you’re not yet at that level, make sure you use the it with caution or use a racquet for beginners. If you don’t have enough power to handle it, you can end up with sore muscles, so an arm freindly racquet might be more your style. The racquet features the popular Spin Effect Technology, and it’s what balances a little bit of that power. The technology also adds some spin to it, but still, you’ll have to get used to the overall feel.

Sometimes, you may feel like it lacks control and it’s because of how much spin it generates. As an advanced tennis player, you probably know how to use this to your advantage and make the best of the spin. With stiffness rating at 73, the Wilson Juice 100S racquet is best for advanced players who have a powerful swing but want even more power from their tennis racquet.

Prince Warrior 100L ESP

With a frame made of graphite, the prince warrior tennis racquet already tells you about the quality this good racquet it delivers. Graphite is durable, so a racquet made of this material is a good choice since it will last you a long time.
When it’s strung, it weighs 9.5 oz, with that going down to 9oz when that racquet is unstrung. Its weight can be both a pro and con, but it depends on what you like as a player. Regardless of its weight, the Warrior handles groundstrokes with ease.

The racquet tension recommended is 55-65 pounds. With an open 14x16 string pattern, this tennis racquet is a spin machine. The head balance is 5pst head heavy which allows for easy control over the racquet. 

Prince Warrior 100L ESP Tennis Racquet

The Warrior 100L ESP tennis racquet features the new extreme spin pattern technology that enhances spin. Its power is medium to high, and its speed is also medium to fast. Since it allows you powerful shots by itself, it’s mostly recommended to players with slower shots. Its beam width is 24/26/22mm.

Its racquet headsize is 100 sq. in., while the entire racquet is 27 inches long. The racquet frame is maneuverable and allows spin while still being stable enough for all kinds of shots. It provides control for both soft and heavy shots, which adds to the versatility of the model. It feels rather comfortable thanks to its forgiving frame and soft string bed. Since it has a large head, its sweetspot is also big, but don’t count on much if you hit off-center. In this case, the racquet can’t provide as much control, and it could twist in your hands because of its weight.

You’ll just have to learn to work with it and get used to the otherwise stable frame. The Prince Warrior 100L ESP tennis racquet is ideal for advanced players who like playing at the net and another entry to our list  for advanced tennis players.

Tecnifibre TFight 325 Dynacore

This tennis racquet is an update from the TFight 320, bringing some new technologies and upgraded specifications. The TFight 325 racquet has a swing weight of 325g, as you can tell from its name. With a head size of 95 sq. in. and 27 in. length, the racquet offers balance and control. It comes with a 18x19 string pattern, 8pts HL balance, and a 21.5 in. beam width. Its complete weight is 12.1 oz.

The first time you take it to court, you’ll notice the precision and control this  advanced racquet gives from the baseline. So, if you’re into aggressive shots, this might be the best option for you since it’s stable and easy to work with. Still, its sweetspot isn’t as large as you’d think, and thus it’s quite unforgiving. For playing at the net, the 325 Dynacore racquet is responsive, precise and allows for some amazing volleys. 

Tecnifibre TFight 325 Dynacore Tennis Racquet

The smaller sweetspot shouldn’t be an issue, especially with a shorter swing, but you can easily get a hold of it with a little practice. Overall, it gives a nice feel when you hit within the sweetspot. Of course, it may not appear as forgiving when you hit off-center, but that’s the case with most racquets, and you’ll just have to practice hitting within the center.

Its best for strong and fast players because the TFight 325 Dynacore tennis racquet itself doesn’t generate much power. You have to use your strength to bring the racquet to speed. For this reason, I recommend it to offensive baseline players who are confident and don’t need much power or spin. It’s ideal for players who are looking for advanced tennis rackets and are looking to improve the quality of their game. The comfortable feel comes from the silicone grip that reduces shock and vibrations. This feature, plus the thin and lightweight frame make the TFight 325 Dynacore racquet ideal for long hour training.

Babolat Drive Lite Blue/White

With a head size of 100 sq. in., the Babolat Drive Lite Blue/White racquet is 27 inches long. It’s made of graphite that’s one of the materials used most often. It makes the tennis racquet durable, reliable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. It features the innovative Cortex Dampening System on the two sides of the yoke.

This helps dampen the vibrations without taking away from the overall feel of the racquet. The SMAC provided a thin viscoelastic rubber that dampens vibrations, making the Drive Lite Blue/White comfortable.

Babolat Drive Lite Racquets Blue White

Its weight is 9.6 oz. when it’s strung, and its weight makes it stable, solid and arm-friendly. It’s one of the great on our list because it’s powerful and precise. Plus, because it’s as comfortable and lightweight, it’s often recommended to juniors who are transitioning to an adult racquet. Featuring Babolat’s Woofer technology, it allows strings and the frame to interact when you strike the ball. Usually, only a few strings get to work when you hit the ball, as opposed to the Woofer technology, where all strings work together. They react and absorb all vibration that could jeopardize the overall comfortable feel. Balanced at 13.77 inches 2pts head high, the racquet gives you stability, weight, and power. All of this, combined with its speed, provides accuracy and consistency.

The Babolat Drive Lite Blue/White racquet is easy to maneuver with from all areas of the court, which is understandable since its swing weight is 294g. It’s low in power and speed, so it’s ideal for players who can generate that themselves. Coming with an open 16x19 string pattern at 50-55 pounds tension, the racquet gives enough spin and control. Its beam width is 23.5/25.5/23mm. It’s quite forgiving even if you miss the sweetspot. This Babolat Drive Lite Blue/ White is easy to work with, gives great string response and is ideal for groundstrokes and volleys. 

Racket Wrap Up:

If you’re an advanced player looking for a tennis racquet, I understand how hard that can be. These five model tennis racquets for advanced players fit a wide range of players with different skills, preference, and precision. I hope that I’ve helped you pick the right model for you since all these are suitable if looking for quality of materials, craftsmanship and innovative technologies.

All you have to do now is think about which one of these racquet models could work for you the best based on what you’re looking for. Think about your favorite shots, style of play, power and speed you have as a player. This will allow you to find a racquet that could complement and enhance whatever you lack regarding skills. For example, if you’re not quite powerful with your strokes, it’s good to find a racquet that generates a lot of power on its own. Same goes for pretty much anything, from stability, preciseness, maneuverability, etc.

Once you figure out what you’re looking for, the decision becomes quite easy. It’s simple because all these models are top-quality and made to last you a long time. For this reason, you can choose freely without fearing that you’ll be stuck with a bad racquet. 

The brands I chose to feature are highest ranked, most trust-worthy and never fail to impress us with innovative technologies and impressive equipment. These are the five top tennis racquets for advanced players you’ll see around court most often since they’re highly popular thanks to the quality of performance they deliver. 

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