Gamma Sports X-ES Tennis Stringing Machine

We can all agree that having a great racquet is crucial in your game and skill build-up. However, what’s a good racquet unless it’s strung properly? Now more than ever, players have started to do this at home to save on money and time usually spent at tennis shops.Gamma has been known to produce some of the best stringers on the market today. We’ve seen the brand expand and bring innovative technologies into play for more than 25 years. This is what brings their X-ES tennis stringing machine to the very top.

It’s the kind of machine your favorite shop could easily be using, too. It’s versatile, easy to use, efficient and accurate which are just a few of the most important things such machine should have. The multiple features it comes with allow you to quickly get a hold of it even if you’ve never done this by yourself.

Players are often intimidated to try and string their racquets at home. However, this machine is so simple to use that you don’t need any major experience to operate it. Plus, it’s a cool way of learning about all the tension levels as well as what they mean for your game.

Continue reading to learn about the X-ES and why it’s so impressive. We’ll talk about its pros and cons as well as all the useful features the machine comes with.

Features and specifications:

This is an electronic model that’s compact, easy to use and provides accurate results. It features an electronic puller that works by limiting the restringing and the force you’d have to apply. By doing this, the machine reduces slacking and tightens the tension as you move on with the process. Its metal, diamond-coated string clamps have a self-locking adjustment knob that holds the strings without applying too much pressure.

All its parts are made from aluminum which allows it to be as durable as lightweight. Of course, this means ease of portability before anything. It doesn’t come with a stand so you can use it on pretty much any surface. Plus, because it’s so lightweight, you can easily carry it around and store away when you’re done. 

It features a 6-piece clamp system that holds the racquet in place for ultimate security. They allow rotation so you can easily reach all areas of the racquet without loosening the grip.

This electric constant pull tensioner provides a range of 9 to 90 lb. of tension. This gives you many options to test and try which level works the best for you and your style of playing.

Gamma X-ES Tennis Stringing Machine, Blue and Silver

The base of it comes with a tool tray and drawers to keep all the tools you need. Tools like a straight awl, pathfinder awl, straight pliers, hex wrench set and a razor knife are included with the X-ES.

One of its most interesting features is the pedal for hands-free operation. This allows you to put in the minimal effort but end up with precise and impressive results. 

The LED display shows buttons for knot control, pre-stretching of the string and tightness of the tension. These features along with the tools included in the package are what makes the accuracy possible regardless of the kind of racquet you use.

Many people also claim that it takes them less than an hour to string their racquet. However, these are probably well-experienced people; nonetheless, the process doesn’t take long. It might take about two hours or more the first time you do it. But, don’t let that discourage you because that time will shorten the more you practice. 

The great thing is that you can string many different racquets with the same accuracy. The 6-point mounting system provides stability and security of the frame, so it doesn’t twist and move as you apply pressure to it. 

The brand offers a five-year warranty on this machine. This is pretty unheard of in the world of stringers unless it’s one manufactured by Gamma. When you see a brand willing to back up their product in such a way, you know it’s probably a good quality machine worth all your attention. 

It’s a nice piece of equipment that’s more than handy if you’re someone who plays tennis often. The combination of its features, materials, simple operation and accuracy make this machine one of the best selling Gamma stringers.

Another thing worth noting is the remarkable instruction booklet included with the X-ES. It has all the step-by-step instructions you’d need to learn how to string your racquet quickly and easily.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Has a 6-point mounting system
  • Offers hands-free operation

The Bad:

  • Not as quick as some machines

Final verdict:

It’s no surprise your search for a tennis stringer machine has come down to Gamma X-ES. This one of the brand’s most popular models as it’s durable, sturdy and easy to use. This one is built to last, that’s for sure.

You might take some time with the entire process, but the result is precise and well worth it. The 6-point mounting system along with the tensioner and all the tools included are what makes stringing a breeze. You can finally string all your racquets much faster than ever. 

Most people like it because it’s lightweight and offers hands-free operation. There’s also no need for lots of space because you can always store it away when not in use. 

This is an innovative and easy way to keep up your game. Knowing how strings work and what each tension level means will have a high impact on how you play in the future. Plus, the X-ES comes with such detailed instructions you won’t have any trouble mastering the craft even if you’re a total beginner. 

If you’re on a hunt for the best tennis stringing machine, this one is definitely worth considering. It has all that professional stringers have though it’s much simpler and easier to use. Make sure you give it a chance if you want to string your own racquets at home. 

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