HEAD 2017 Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti.S6 is one of the most popular and best-selling tennis racquets on the market today. It’s a combination of all the right features that deliver outstanding performance. It’s an excellent choice for everyone who’s just starting off in tennis, as well as players who already have some skill.

Having the right tennis racquet is crucial for the quality of your game and the overall experience. If you’re just starting out in tennis and don’t have the right racquet, the beginning will be rough for you. 

What makes the Head Ti.S6 ideal for you?

Well, its balance, power, and weight are just one of the things that will make you love this racquet. Also, starting off in tennis with this racquet will make a great difference in the kind of player you grow to be. The reason for this is the quality of the game that you can achieve with this racquet at the very beginning of your training.

We’ve done the research, read reviews, asked people what they think about it, and have tested it ourselves. As a result, we have an accurate and detailed info about what exactly you get with the Head Ti.S6.

Features and specifications:

One of the most important specs of a racquet is the frame and head size. The frame is titanium alloy and provides ease of hitting and lowers air resistance. The Head Ti.S6 has a head that’s 115 sq. inches. That size provides large sweet spot and overall hitting area. This detail is important for beginners and kids who often struggle to hit the ball. Size of the head tells you how big the sweet spot is and what are your chances of hitting the ball as someone who’s just starting. 

Its length is slightly larger than average at 27.75 inches. This extended length provides better reach, which is something that’s important for beginners. Because it’s larger than average, the head of the racquet is more distant from your hand. What this means is that you get a longer reach, as well as more power. 

If you’re not a beginner but your previous racket wasn’t as long, don’t worry. Most of the standard racquets have a length of 27 inches, which means the Head Ti.S6 isn’t way too longer than that. The difference is less than an inch, so you shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting. Some customers said that it was a little unusual at first, but they got completely used to the extended length after a day or two. 


As far as the string pattern, there are few things you should know. The racquet comes pre-strung with synthetic gut. The fact that it comes pre-strung makes it much easier to start off with your training without having to deal with stringing it as a beginner. Also, the synthetic gut is one of the best strings on the market. It’s known for providing power and durability. This means that you’ll go a long way before having to do any maintenance or replace your racquet.

Its grip size is 4-1/4 inch, which is a solid and standard grip size.

The racquet weights 8.0oz when it’s unstrung, and around 8.9oz when strung. It gives a very lightweight feel and allows you to play for hours. Its weight means less impact on your shoulder and elbow, which is something to pay attention to especially as a beginner.

The combination of its features and individual specifications make this racquet a good choice for beginners and intermediate players. It’s big and feels like so, and that will give you high power that you’ll feel the first time you hit the ball. The Head Ti.S6 is what you’ll need as a beginner who has short strikes and is still learning.

The weight, overall size, and size of the head make it easy to hit the ball. The head size also provides much forgiveness for those off-center shots that beginners often make while learning. Therefore, the Head Ti.S6 is a good choice for a beginner or someone who’s just playing a little tennis for recreational purposes.

People who have used the Head Ti.S6 speak highly of the experience they’ve had with it. Natalie said that she still has her Head Ti.S6 and uses it even if she’s already a skilled player. Also, Tim reported how this racquet is perfect for people who are recovering from a wrist or elbow injury. Its 25.8 beam and the comfortable grip are easy and soft on the arm. However, there are customer reviews that say that the racquet has much control, which means it does the majority of work when they hit the ball.

Overall, the racquet is best for beginners and intermediate players. However, some more advanced players still can’t part ways with this racquet. The reason for this is the quality of it, the performance it delivers and the long-lasting life it has.

The good:

  • Excellent quality that offers longevity
  • Provides superior performance for beginners, intermediate and advanced players
  • Average weight suitable for many players
  • Large beam lowers possibility of injuries
  • Large head size offers large sweet spot
  • Titanium alloy frame that’s durable and ideal for air resistance

The Bad:

  • The handle isn’t very vibration resistant
  • You may feel like not having enough control over the ball

Final verdict:

The specifications and features we’ve talked about above clearly show why this is one of the best tennis racquets today. Its power, size, and sweet spot, as well as weight, are what makes it ideal for so many people. 

Overall, you should try it if you’re a beginner and look for a racquet to start with. Even if you’re intermediate but want to take your game to another level, you can’t go wrong with the Head Ti.S6. 

The first time you hit the ball with this racquet gives a straight answer to why many customers love it so much. Besides, it’s durable, and that’s always important when investing in a tennis racquet. If you’re looking for quality, comfort, and power, look no more, because the Head Ti.S6 is a combination of all that.

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