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Andre Agassi is one of the many professional tennis players who has always liked Head’s Radical series of racquets. There was even a point when Head made a racquet, especially for Andre naming it the Bumblebee Radical back in 1993. They went on to work together with many different racquets, and the Radical series evolved even more. Now, they have come out with their newest addition to the family called the Head MicroGEL Radical Midplus.

MicroGel Radical Head quickly proves that it’s the best tennis racquet under $100 with its newly introduced technology, and other features and specifications.

the Head MicroGEL Radical, in particular, is unique for its weight distribution, comfort, power, maneuverability, but most of all, control. It features the great MicroGel technology that absorbs and distributes shock throughout the frame. This technology improves comfort, power, and control​​​​​.​​​​

Best for intermediate players who are looking to improve their skills and generate power, the Head MicroGEL Radical is the tool you need to bring your game to the next level.

After reading all the fantastic reviews this model received, I had to test it out myself. After doing so, it was much easier for me to understand why it’s as popular and well received. I’ve done a ton of research and talked to a few people who also used the Head MicroGEL Radical to find out what they like about it.

Continue reading to find out all there is about the Head MicroGel Radical tennis racquet, its features, pros, and cons, as well as all its specifications.

Features and specifications:

Its most important feature is the MicroGel technology. In other words, MicroGel is a silicone-based material that’s low in density. It’s featured throughout the entire construction of the racquet, combined with stiff carbon fibers. This combination creates a durable and strong racquet. Plus, it allows the racquet to move and compress whenever it comes into contact with the ball. This means that the Head Microgel Radical easily absorbs and distributes the shock. Overall, the technology improves the feel, gives you more control and reduces shock. All of this provides more comfort, which eventually makes up for better performance.

As I said, this works best for intermediate and advanced players because of its versatility. Players will find it easy to deliver fast and full strokes at the very baseline. Plus, if you do it correctly and with solid technique, the racquet will follow in the best way possible.

Even though it gives you a fixed amount of power, the MicroGel Radical is not a power racquet. You’ll still get a good spin as long as you keep the right form. 


the Head MicroGEL Radical comes in 3 different sizes, but the mid-size model may be the most popular. Its head is 98 sq. in. The bigger version of the racquet has a head size of 107 square inches. Smaller size of the racquet gives more control, but of course, the larger version offers more forgiveness and power since it has a bigger sweetspot. For this reason, mid-size is for intermediate players while the big racquet is best for beginners

As far as length, the Head MicroGEL Radical is 27 inches long. As you can see, this is quite the standard size of a tennis racquet. Its size gives enough reach as well as balance.

Speaking of balance, I have to mention that this model felt a bit heavier at the handle than at the head with the balance of 2 point head light. This is not a problem since this weight distribution allows you to swing fast but with more ease than you would normally. Overall, it’s a head light racquet, but it’s balanced enough.

When it’s strung, the MicroGel Radical weights 11 oz. which is very much a standard given its other dimensions. The racquet had a string pattern of 18 x 20. This pattern is mostly considered dense and closed. Now, we all know that open string patterns usually give a better spin, and more power, closed patterns have their benefits, too. A closed pattern is ideal for players who like control over anything else. Besides, strings on this kind of pattern always live longer than those on an open string pattern.

As if that wasn’t enough, MicroGel Radical features a HydroSorb grip for some added comfort and airflow. It’s relatively easy on the arm, and wrist. Even after a few hours of playing, I didn’t feel any discomfort or soreness in my arm, thanks to the airflow provided by the HydroSorb grip.

The good:

  • Evenly distributes shock
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for intermediate players who like control
  • Increased width gives more spin

The Bad:

  • Not for beginners
  • Small sweetspot

Final verdict:

If you’re an intermediate or slightly advanced at your tennis skills, then this racquet might be the best option on today’s market. Also, if you seek control over anything else, you’ve found what you were looking for. The Head MicroGel Radical has all the features and specifications to provide enough power, control, comfort, and balance.

The overall feel I got was quite comfortable and natural, and I didn’t struggle to get used to the racquet. Yes, its sweetspot is somewhat smaller, but that’s understandable given its overall size.

Also, you’ll quickly notice how well the racquet absorbs shock. The MicroGel technology absorbs and distributes all shock created during impact, making your shots smooth and powerful. Its size and weight are nicely balanced to give you a comfortable feel.

This racquet is arm friendly, and won’t cause any soreness or tension even after a few hours of playing. It’s a well-known racquet that’s popular for many reasons, comfort, and power being the two most important. Things like the MicroGel technology and the HydroSorb grip make this racquet the best choice for many tennis players who like power and maneuverability.

If you’re looking for the best tennis racquet under $100, you should give the MicroGel Radical Head a try. It’s maneuverable, powerful, and features all the right things to help you deliver your best performance. 

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