Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP Tennis Racquet

If you’re an intermediate or advanced tennis player looking for a quality racquet, this might be the best option for you.Head is known for their eye for detail, so it’s no surprise that the YouTek Graphene Instinct MP tennis racquet is as popular.

It’s Maria Sharapova’s racquet of choice for its maneuverability, precision and spin also found in the other Instinct racquets.

No doubt, having the right type of racquet as an advanced or even intermediate player is crucial. There are specific skills that the racquet must be able to support, and not every one can.The market is packed with different racquets offering many things, but quality should always come first.

Head is a well-known and trustworthy name in the industry. They’ve been around for ages, always producing some of the best models on the market.Their racquets have been chosen by many famous tennis players for their quality and performance.  

The YouTek Graphene Instinct MP is one of their best racquets that’s often talked about.

We decided to give it a try since so many advanced players recommend it as one of the best Head tennis racquets.

 What we found are impeccable quality and impressive features. With this combination, it’s easy to understand what makes the racquet as popular.

Features and specifications:

Head claims they’ve upgraded this one with Graphene that’s one of the world’s lightest and most durable materials.Graphene has a breaking strength that’s about 200 times bigger than the breaking strength of steel, and it’s integrated into racquet’s shaft.This increase in its strength and reduced the vibration. They also claim that this material allows complete weight distribution towards the racquet’s end which means more power and better maneuverability.

It weighs 11.2oz. and it’s balanced at 12 7/8’’ from the handle (3 points head light). Its flex is a 69 with beams about 23mm wide at the tip. At the center, the beam is 25mm, while it’s 23mm at the shoulders and 21mm at the handle.

It comes pre-strung with synthetic gut at a 16×19 string pattern that provides excellent spin and consistent feel. Conveniently, it comes ready to use, though there were cases where people had to adjust the string tension.The Head strung it at mid-tension so make sure to consider that and whether you’d have to fix it or not.

Luckily, it’s a bit stiffer than the Speed MP but lacks no power or energy return thanks to its open string pattern. In general, it’s all you need for baseline playing.


On the other hand, net rushers might find the racquet a bit too harsh though it’s all a matter of preference. Whether you find its power enough or too much depends on your strength and skill set. Its head size is 100sq. in. which is somewhat in the middle of the size range. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably need a bigger head that has larger sweetspot, and it’s a bit more forgiving. However, if you have advanced skills and you want to improve them further, this is just enough. It has a sweetspot that’s just large enough to have you work a bit to get to it. 

Head did this because they’ve noticed that advanced and intermediate players often get too use to large sweetspot, its forgiveness, and power.They tend to rely too much on this resulting in almost no improvement in their skills. The smaller sweetspot, in this case, means you’ll have to keep practicing until you hit it just right. 

Its stiff frame is durable and quite resistant. Of course, since there’s Graphene in its composition, the Instinct MP is one of the most long-lasting Head models on the market. It’s almost impossible to break it which is why you probably won’t need to replace it for these reasons. Graphene also contributes to its lightness since every other material would probably add extra weight to the frame. 

If you’re going to train as often as every day, this might be the best racquet for you. It’s reliable and durable, which is always something to look for. Plus, the fact that it’s as comfortable and maneuverable is always beneficial. You can practice for hours at a time thanks to its reduced vibration and a comfortable grip.

Overall, it’s easy to work with to improve all your tennis skills.It’s a versatile racquet, which means many people at different skill levels can benefit from its weight, reduced vibration, and durability.

The good:

  • Racquet of choice of many famous players
  • Lightweight
  • Made of extra durable Graphene
  • Reduced vibration

The Bad:

  • Rather small sweetspot

Final verdict:

There must be something good about the Instinct MP since Maria Sharapova, and Tomas Berdych chose this as their racquet. That fact alone speaks of its performance, quality, and effectiveness.

it’s maneuverable and easy to use that usually isn’t the case with racquets for advanced players. However, it’s only suitable for such players due to its smaller sweetspot that’s just too small for beginners.

Some like this about the Instinct MP while others don’t, but it’s mostly a matter of preference. A larger sweetspot would probably make it harder for you to improve your skills, which is perhaps why the Head did this.

All in all, it’s a quality racquet that performs well, and it’s durable. The reduced vibration allows you to practice as long as you like without fear of injuries. Plus, Graphene makes it as lightweight as possible which is also beneficial when it comes to long practices.

This is the type of racquet that will make you train harder. That way, you’ll quickly become better in all aspects of the game.Make sure to give it a chance if you’re looking for an impressive piece since this is one of the best Head tennis racquets you’ll come across on the market.

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