How do i hit a drop shot in Tennis | Learn how

Learn how to hit a drop shot

Have you been searching for a serious weapon to use on the court? Maybe you’ve heard of the drop shot but aren’t sure on how to use it. There are some things you can do to learn how to hit a drop shot.

The drop shot is an assertive shot, which means that when you hit it, you’re on the offensive. Whenever you hit a drop shot, you need to be confident and convincing. 

The Set Up

You should be positioned inside the baseline as opposed to being close to it. Being close to the baseline makes the drop shot hard to execute and work out. 

It’s also important the way you set up for the shot. You should balance well with your knees flexing. Take your racquet as you would if you were to hit a slice backhand.

It’s crucial because being in a wrong position can give away your intentions. Having your racquet face dangle will show precisely what you want to do. 

Federer Drop Shot


The best grip is to use a Continental grip. Use your non-dominant hand, too, to bring the racquet down. Most professional tennis players know how to change their forehand grip to continental grip. This is the shot you’d use to hit a tennis volley, and it’s the best one you can use for the drop shot.


All in all, you have to hit the ball over the net so make sure you’re swing doesn’t exaggerate the downward movement. Soften your hands and open your racquet face a bit. Be gentler than you would with a slice drive. 

However, don’t forget to step into the shot. Use your non-dominant arm in the direction that’s opposite of your hitting arm. This will give you ultimate balance. 

With this shot, the ball goes up before it goes down. If the ball is too low, it will bounce too far when it lands. No doubt, this will give your opponent many options to choose from when striking back. Since we want to avoid that, hit the ball over the net with underspin. It will have minimal momentum when it falls.

Final Tips and Wrap Up:

It’s essential you’re well balanced and always keeping your head steady. Whatever you start, make sure you finish because otherwise, you’ll only give your opponent an opportunity to strike back. Keep in mind that you need to have total control over the speed and the placement of the shot.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s crucial you keep practicing until you perfect it. To improve it, it’s best you practice with someone. Start with a groundstroke rally and then have your partner hit the ball in the service line to make it bounce high. When it bounces high, hit the drop shot. Also, make sure to practice all over the court from different areas and angles. 

Keep your opponent far behind the baseline. In most cases, the other player will expect a deep rally ball, so learning how to hit a drop shot will surprise him. This is the type of shot that makes the other player run for the ball causing them at times to lose their balance and for you to win the point.


I’m an avid tennis player and have been playing since I was 6 years old. After playing in high school and college, I now play in a local league.

  • July 21, 2018

I'm an avid tennis player and have been playing since I was 6 years old. After playing in high school and college, I now play in a local league.

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