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Regarding the types of movement and footwork that happen in deeply engaging pickleball games, conventional shoes don’t just fit.

While some argue that pickleball paddle is the most important equipment in the game, the shoe you wear has a lot to do with how long you enjoy the game. Here is the reason why most beginners and pros alike are always on the lookout for the best court shoes for pickleball.

Besides having fun in the game, mismatched shoes can lead to unexpected injuries. Whether or not this happens, you cannot compare the price of pickleball shoes to the cost of treating injuries in most cases.

In practical terms, it is relatively hard to pinpoint a court game shoe that is meant for pickleball only. What you’ll find is that most of these shoes can be used in different gaming contexts as well. Moreover, many interesting options had been tested by manufacturers and field players alike.

Our Top Pick Best Court Shoes For Pickleball

1. Adidas Performance Barricade

2. ​Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

3. Asics Upcourt 3

4. Adidas barricade Court 3

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Our Reviews Of The Best Shoes For Indoor Pickelball

Adidas Performance Barricade

Adidas Performance Barricade


Remember what I said earlier about multi-sporting shoes that can serve well in different contexts? This Adidas Performance Barricade is one of them. Coming from a popular brand you already know, here is a great court shoe that was built to serve people playing volleyball, tennis and pickleball.

From day one, these are the specific use cases that the shoe was meant for. Both in its form and function, the outer look alone is enough to tell you that this Adidas shoe is perfectly suitable for those contexts you have in mind.

It is made of strong rubber sole and mesh material. Just around the three stripes overlay, the breathable mesh material is visible for every potential buyer to see. This is the exact feature that keeps the user’s foot fresh at all times during the game. Beneath that, you’ll also find the main synthetic leather material that holds many other parts of the shoe together.

With the Adiprene and foam cushioning features, you’ll experience an amazing level of comfort that will make it possible for you to play as long as you like. Based on the nature of the court that most of these games can be played, this cushioning system help to protect your knees and ankle especially during fierce movement in the game.

As simple as it is, you shouldn’t forget to check the size variation before you place your order. For reasons best known to the retailer, there is no warranty information on this pickleball shoe. However, findings from other past users have shown that this shoe can last long enough to get impressive value for your money.

Besides, I also found through my research that some of the people actively interested in the best court shoes for pickleball were following the recommendation from other satisfied users.


  • Extended torsion system
  • Comfortable cushioning system
  • Shock absorbing adiprene


  • The leather is considered too hard by many past users

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Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2


Even though this one is coming from a brand that is not so popular, some things are going for it that made me include it in the list. Now let’s go through this Mizuno wave lightning Z2 review to highlight some of these features.

The first thing to note is that this is a pickleball shoe for indoor court games. In specific terms, I am referring to games like volleyball, racquetball, tennis, badminton and court soccer.

When compared to Mizuno Z3, these pickleball shoes look pretty much identical. However, the main thing that separates the two is that Z3 has what the manufacturer called, Parallel Wave Technology in the outsole. In addition to that, there is also another feature referred to as Dynamotion Groove. These outstanding features help to provide a higher level of stability and flexibility.

The other thing worth noting is that the outsole is the non-marking type. Item weight is 8.0 Oz only. This may not be considered the lightest, but you can still get that gaming experience without feeling like you’ve got a big load on your feet.

For people that care a lot about aesthetic appeal, you can find Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 on Amazon available in 11 different color options. Irrespective of where you choose to buy, please endeavor to check if the one available is meant for men, women or unisex.

However, the one being reviewed is meant for men. On the actual product sales page, you’ll have the option to select the exact size that will fit you or the person you want to buy for.


  • Lightweight pickleball shoe
  • Assorted variety of color options


  • Doesn’t fit well for volleyball

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Asics Upcourt 3

Asics Upcourt 3


If you are not living under a rock, I believe you must have heard about this popular sporting ware brand. Coming close to Nike, Adidas and co, Asics makes some of the strongest and most affordable shoes for different types of indoor and outdoor games. For people that are currently interested in the best court shoes for pickleball, this manufacturer has great options worth considering. Asics Upcourt 3 is just one of them.

When classified under volleyball shoes, this unit is also a big contender. Hence, it is not meant for a single type of game. Unlike some other shoes reviewed above, the weight on this one is 9 Oz. On paper or mere written text, the weight variations may seem significant. But when it is worn, there isn’t much.

Based on the cushioning system that was built into this shoe, it is practically hard to notice this slight difference in weight. If you are ready to buy Asics Upcourt 3 on Amazon, you’ll have four different color options to choose from.

This shoe consists of strong man-made leather and elastic rubber sole. Among other things, comparative research showed that Upcourt 3 is one of the bestselling pickleball shoes that last longer than many of its competitors. Have you found great satisfaction in Asics product before? There is a chance you’ll experience the same or higher level of satisfaction when you buy this one.

Looking at the nature of the sole, you should expect to have a firm grip on many different floor types when you are deeply engaged in your game.


  • Outstanding strong leather
  • Suitable for different types of game
  • Long life span
  • Comfortable cushioning system


  • Toe box considered too long by many people
  • Lacks arch support

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Adidas barricade Court 3

Adidas barricade Court 3


Are you interested in best Adidas shoes for pickleball? Adidas Barricade Court 3 could work well for you. One thing you’ll notice immediately, even from a distance, is that the shoe has that Adidas touch of distinction. What I observed is that every successive product is always an improvement on existing models.

Within this series, for instance, you’ll find Adidas Courtjam, Grand Court and Gamecourt shoes. Even though it appears they were all made for tennis, many pickleball players have found great satisfaction in using these shoes. Like many others within these pickleball show reviews, you can find Barricade Court 3 on Amazon.

On this particular shoe, you’ll find supportive synthetic upper and breathable mesh underlays. These things help to provide both comfort and stability whenever you are playing your game. Furthermore, the level of comfort you’ll experience will make you want to play the game for a longer time. This is what you cannot get when you buy mismatched shoes.

Like many other products from this manufacturer, you’ll have molded foam insole when you buy Barricade Court 3. In addition to this, the midsole has great cushioning to support your ankles and joints in those hard moments of challenging game movements.

In terms of color, you can find it in white, black, blue and brown. Depending on where you choose to buy, this shoe comes with Adidas 6-month outsole guarantee. But please don’t forget to read the return and replacement policy before you place your order.

Without being loose, the toe area is spacious and suitable enough. That means you don’t have to worry about painful tightness when you wear it in different gaming contexts.

On top of it, you’ll find suitable lacing holes that won’t waste your time when you want to go and indulge in the game. Concerning its low price, you are sure of getting satisfactory value for your money. By following through the links contained in this post, you’ll be able to find even more affordable pickleball shoes on Amazon.


  • Easy to use lacing holes
  • The sufficiently spaced toe box
  • 6-months outsole guarantee


  • It is slightly heavy when compared to others
  • Gives insufficient lateral support when playing tennis

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Best Court Shoes For Pickleball – Buyers Guide

Best Court Shoes For Pickleball


Whether you are a multi sporting personality or not, I am very certain that you’ll find one or two shoes that will suit both your preferences and current budget.

If you have used one of the long-lasting shoes from the leading brands in the world, there is a chance that that particular brand is represented within the pickleball shoe reviews below. Just so you know, all of these options contained in this pickleball shoe buying guide were selected from the top-rated brands and bestselling models.

The main thing is that from this piece of content, you don’t have to click from one page to the other just to find the shoe. Hence, I have limited the options to the best court shoes for pickleball in the market.

Somehow, if you still have a question on where to buy pickleball shoes online or offline, all you have to do is click through any of the product links contained below.

What to look for when picking court shoes

Outsole Composition: When you are playing pickleball, some specific areas are very prone to injuries. This is why you should avoid mismatched shoes by all means. Some of these areas include tendon, ankle and heel. Regarding these areas, it is the outsole composition that helps to protect them. However, the challenge is that you should consider buying a pickleball shoe with strong outsole.

In this particular context, the hard outsole is usually better. This helps to protect you especially when you are playing on a concrete floor. Consider getting a shoe with a varying pattern design that can provide a stable balance when you are doing your thing.

Innersole/Midsole Cushioning: Regarding this particular factor, midsole that is made with foam often provide better cushioning. When you put on the shoe for the first time and take a few steps, you’ll be able to tell how it feels on your feet. Strong cushioning will support you to engage in all forms of movements to play at the highest level of your potential.

Remember, having a great skill set and passion for the game is good. But if you don’t have strong equipment to support you, you can hardly play at your full capacity.

Vamp: Depending on the size you buy and how it fits on your feet, the vamp, that area that bends when you use your toe box to stand a little bit is very important. The main fact is that if you don’t have enough space in your toe box or the thing is too tight, it wouldn’t take long before you begin to experience overheating on your toes. Practically, this can make you uncomfortable while gradually leading to downward morale and performance.

Choosing The Right Size: Here is another important factor to consider when you are ready to buy pickleball shoes online or offline. Before placing an order, try to find out your comfortable size. This information will now help you to select the right size option at the point of purchase. Meanwhile, you should try to test everything including size immediately after arrival.

The Weight: Who enjoys carrying a load on their feet during a game? I am sure it is not you. Not me either. Weight is a differentiating factor that somehow contributes to the overall gaming experience. From these pickleball shoe reviews to the actual product sales page, there will always be an indication of the weight of each product.

With common sense only, we all know that lightweight shoes are usually better. But one thing you’ll notice is that weight in some cases relates to price variations. When you make a simple pickleball shoe comparison, you’ll find exactly what I’m telling you here.

The point is, some shoes are practically heavier than others. Just be sure to read the return and replacement policy.

Non-Marking Shoes: Depending on where you intend to play your game, there are places where non-marking shoes are the standard requirement. This is decided most times to protect the floor where the game is being played. In that case, you should endeavor to think through this before you commit to buy any one of these shoes. While some conventional shoes may work in some of these contexts, they do not support lateral movements required for maximum performance in the game.

Indoor vs Outdoor: Before now, most indoor courts are usually made of wood floors. However, new advancement in some areas now makes it possible to have some other floors that mimic wood. The main point to note here is that indoor courts are usually slippery in comparison to outdoor courts. Based on this fact, it is usually better to go for shoes that grip firmly on the floor.

From my research findings, volleyball shoes often work well for pickleball as well. That means you shouldn’t get confused when you see ‘volleyball’ added to the names of some products on this list.

The other key point is that clarification of your needs regarding outdoor and indoor usages should inform the type of shoe to buy. Once again, you’ll see this indicated around each of these pickleball shoe reviews.

Shoe Price: First and foremost, your current budget should be a guide for research into the best court shoes for pickleball you want to buy. However, you mustn’t base everything on price. One thing to note is that the most expensive ones are rarely the best and vice versa.


Regardless of your current budget, it is very possible to find one or two products that will suit your peculiar preferences. But like I said earlier, price shouldn’t be the core determinant of everything.

By reading through this buying guide, you now have information to make an informed decision while comparing the products that will help to fulfill your need. Simply by clicking from here to the main product sales pages, you’ll find even more useful reviews as well as questions and answers that are relevant to the thing you want to buy.

To save time, you can just pick the one that appeals most to you and then place your order. Remember, conventional shoes don’t fit well for pickleball games. Don’t try to use that. Fortunately, you now have the top-rated sporting shoe brands represented in this post. Go check them now.

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