Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes For Women

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Looking at indoor vs outdoor pickleball comparison, there are real variations that exist between the courts where these games are usually played. In practical terms, understanding these core differences will help you to choose the best indoor pickleball shoes for women.

One obvious thing is that it is not every type of sporting shoe that can fit into these contexts. For example, even the best running shoes cannot work well for pickleball games.

In addition to this, there are some other important things you need to consider before committing to buy pickleball shoe online or offline.

Assuming you are a beginner in the pickleball game, you may think that what worked for James may as well work for Joy. But that is not true in many cases. What am I trying to say?

There are shoes meant for men. And then there are some pickleball shoes are meant for women. To make it easy for everyone, most of the best pickleball shoe brands emphasize these variations. Even when you are looking at specific models from the same brand, you are very likely to find variations between men’s, women’s and unisex pickleball shoes.

To make your purchase decision easier, I have compiled a list of the best pickleball shoes for women. In cases where some shoes are classified as unisex, you’ll see it highlighted within this pickleball shoe buying guide.

Before this time, you might have searched for where to buy pickleball shoes online or offline. Through the pickleball shoe reviews contained below, you’ll find links to the main product sales pages. In specific terms, the models reviewed below are some of the bestselling women’s pickleball shoes on Amazon.

Fortunately, having these shoes compiled in one place means you don’t have to spend time moving from one page to the other. Practically, we’ve researched for you, so you don’t have to some same. While reading through these reviews, take note of the differences between the shoes. In the end, this will make your comparison and final purchase slightly easier.

Our Top Pick Indoor Pickleball Shoes For Women

1. Asics GEL Domain 3

2. Asics GEL Resolution 7 Women’s Shoe

3. Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Club

4. Prince Women’s T22

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z5

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Our Reviews Of The Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes For Women

Asics GEL Domain 3

Asics GEL Domain 3


Going by the number of previous buyer reviews and sales statistics found during my research for this post, Asics is among the top five sporting shoe brands in the market. Whether you are looking for Asics running shoes, Asics volleyball shoes or Asics pickleball shoes, this brand will meet your need with an assorted variety of sporting shoes.

Now, if you are specifically interested in women’s indoor pickleball shoes, this Asics GEL Domain 3 review is for you. Among other things, it has a durable rubber sole.

Also coming with it is a removable insole which makes it easy to balance your feet for high intense gaming engagement.

With an amazing level of flexibility, the Rearfoot and Forefoot cushioning system help players to move swiftly in any direction of their choice. Even when you encounter uneven terrains, this shoe provides both comfort and protection. Looking at the soft and padded part of the shoe, all your joints and ankle will have maximum protection. Jump in any direction you like and the Trusstic System will make things easy by reducing the weight on your legs.

The outsole is made of a naturally flexible rubber. In comparison to the hard rubber types, this outsole adds to the level of flexibility you’ll experience when playing for long hours.

The upper layer comprises of strong synthetic leather and air mesh material. Combination of these two things provides breathability for your toes. Leather material has a lot to do with the long-lasting life span of the shoe which I found during research for this pickleball shoe buying guide.


  • Best for high-speed players
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Breathable mesh material for long hour gaming sessions


  • Not good for badminton
  • Weak support for lateral movements

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Asics GEL Resolution 7 Women’s Shoe

Asics GEL Resolution 7 Women's Shoe


Indoor pickleball shoes come in different shapes and sizes. However, people that are specifically interested in Asics women’s pickleball shoes will find this one very suitable. From my findings, Asics GEL Resolution 7 is one of those rare shoes that supports swift lateral movements for different classes of players.

Unlike some other competitors within these indoor pickleball shoe reviews, this particular model has a gender-specific cushioning system according to the manufacturer.

To make this happen, it comes with low-density top layer in the midsole. From the experience of past users, this makes it possible for female players to enjoy the benefits of midsole cushioning. Regarding the best Asics pickleball shoe comparison, the midsole on this one is made of SOLYTE midsole material.

This type of midsole material has been proven to be lighter than the SPEVA and EVA midsole counterparts with the same brand.

In terms of weight, Asics GEL Resolution 7 isn’t the lightest. The specific weight number is about 13.04 Oz. Some people say that this isn’t the best pickleball shoe for women that love intense speed when playing the game. But then, you should expect a maximum level of comfort when you wear it.

Looking at the dense upper part of the show, the support for breathability needs a little kind of improvement. However, people that have used this for too some time conformed that your toes cannot get heated when using it.

Depending on your choice of where to buy Asics GEL Resolution 7, you can find it mostly in white, red and pink colors.


  • 6-months outsole warranty
  • Provides great traction
  • Foam collar lining
  • Smooth hill to toe transition
  • Gender-specific cushioning


  • Weak breathable feature

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Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Club

Adidas Performance Women's Barricade Club


If you have worn any of Adidas shoes before, you are still going to find that level of distinction in this model. Like many others from their stable, you’ll discover both the women’s and men’s version of the shoe. Regardless of how high or flat your heels are, the ADIPRENE feature provides great heel cushioning for users of all classes.

In addition to playing pickleball, this shoe has been to work well for women tennis players. Based on the nature of the rubber sole, you should expect to experience a balanced grip on any type of surface in the court.

Moreover, the AdiWear outsole provides a sufficient level of support when you are playing in the court.

Before you place your order, please note that this is a non-marking pickleball shoe. That means you can use it in different types of court floors without worries. On the other hand, if you intend to use Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Club on hard court, you don’t have anything to worry about as this shoe doesn’t wear out quickly.

Within the midsole, the forefoot straps provide even more support for your feet. Unlike the one just reviewed above the mesh upper is amazingly breathable.

One other interesting thing about this Adidas pickleball shoe is that some players looking specifically for the best tennis shoes end up buying these a lot of times. This often follows a recommendation from past buyers and users based on satisfactory experiences they got from it.

Besides, Adidas is an old and reputable sporting brand to reckon with.


  • Outstanding breathable mesh upper
  • Balanced and comfortable traction
  • Durable Adiwera outsole
  • Great heel support


  • Limited availability of different sizes

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Prince Women’s T22

Prince Women's T22


Please note, when you arrive on Amazon after doing a search for this product or clicking through a link, you’ll see that the product title has tennis shoe included in it. This is because some of these shoes were originally made for tennis players. But at some point, many found them to work well in pickleball contexts. This Prince Women’s T22 is just one of those indoor pickleball shoes for women.

In the midfoot area, you’ll begin to experience the wishbone shape support that is provided by this shoe. What I found is that this one is a perfect upgrade on the previous Prince T10 version.

The core difference is the higher level of breathability you’ll find in the Prince Women’s T22 shoe.

Looking at the way the midsole was built, many users found impressive absorption of impact during the intense movements that are usually involved in pickleball.

Just in case you are wondering, one other thing is that this shoe can be used for both indoor and outdoor pickleball games respectively. While many other shoes can be used that way, most of those other competitors are usually expensive.

People that have a preference for a wider toe area will find this one very suitable. The toe box in it is wide enough to provide both support and maximum level of comfort during the game. When this is combined with the breathable mesh upper, this shoe will allow you to play for long hours without having your feet heated and cramped.

If you care a lot about color options, please note that this shoe can be found mostly in white color. In other words, there is a limited number of color options available for potential buyers.

However, in the case that function comes first for you, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Like some other pickleball shoe reviews above, Prince Women’s T22 can be found on Amazon.

By clicking through the appropriate link in this Prince T22 review, you’ll find even more indoor women’s pickleball shoes from the same brands.


  • Outstanding breathability
  • Deeply cushioned insole
  • Very wide toe box
  • Impressive absorption of impact
  • Supports long playing hours


  • Slight break-in period
  • Comparatively heavier

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Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z5

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z5


Just so you know, Wave here refers to the unique naming for the technology used in making this shoe. As for this brand particularly, they have different versions of the same technology. The one used here is the Parallel Wave. Form factor aside now. This feature is mainly used to provide sufficient and comfortable support for intense lateral movements usually made in pickleball games.

Besides this one, you can find others in the same series like the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2, Z3 and Z4. While they are all identical, the one differences can be found in the wideness of the toe box, level of breathability and arch support.

Being an upgrade that’s coming after these older models, the Mizuno Z5 beats out all these other shoes based on the factors mentioned above. As you may already know, there are some of the most important factors that affect performance when playing pickleball.

Regardless of the one you want to buy, most of these shoes are available at different price points and sizes. On the actual product sales page, you’ll have the options to choose the one that will suit you.

The one thing I heard pickleball players complain about is the price which is comparatively more expensive than some other competing models.

However, both from Mizuno, Adidas, New Balance and Nike, you can find women’s indoor pickleball shoes that are within your current budget. Having a wide variety of options to choose from means that what is affordable is practically your reach. To save time, you can decide to follow any one of the links within these pickleball reviews to buy the one that appeals to you the most.


  • 360 DynamotionFit
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Comfortable cushioning for long gaming hours
  • Lightweight midsole


  • Slightly pricey
  • Some sizes are too big and heavy

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Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes For Women – Buyers Guide

Best Indoor Pickleball Shoes For Women

Whether you are a beginner or not, choosing the best pickleball shoes for women can be a little touch. But why touch it you may ask…? Well, when there are too many options to choose from, making the final decision sometimes become even harder. Without being told in this post, you know that analysis paralysis is something real that happens to people like you.

These are some of the reasons why I have limited these pickleball shoe reviews to five only. I believe there is a chance for you to find what you want without wasting much time.

Toe Box – this is one of the key things that the pros look out for. The question is usually – how wide is the toe box with the actual size of the shoe? Interestingly, a slightly tight toe box will make you to experience itching and cramping even when you have not played long enough.

If you read very well, I have highlighted some of the shoes that don’t have wide and supporting the toe box. In addition to this, you’ll be able to find even more reviews from past buyers on the main products sales page inside Amazon.

Breathability – this one has a lot to do the material and design of the product. The main point here is that some pickleball shoes are more breathable than others. Different from what the manufacturers or retailers write on their product sales page, you can read further reviews from past buyers and users alike.

However, this is the essence of product reviews like this one. Once, you can be able to spot some of the shoes that have less than desirable level of breathability. Let me tell you again. When a certain shoe has a tight toe box and less breathable mesh upper, these can be perfect combinations for painful heating of your legs.

And I am sure this is not what you want to experience when you are deeply engaged to play the game for a certain length of time. Your responsibility here is to find the shoe that has the opposite of these negative features mentioned above.

Cushioning – here is another influential factor that affects performance in the game but not in an intense manner. But the thing is that without great cushioning, the impact of lunging, running and jumping in a pickleball game will be hitting directly on your joints.

The differences in the midsole and insoles are some of the core determinants of effective cushioning. Like some other features, you can find details of this factor around each product being reviewed.

Support – both for your knees and ankles, you should consider how the shoe provides support. Based on the physical nature of shoes, having to determine all of these when you want to buy pickleball shoes only may be hard. The best choice is to read reviews and buyer guide like this one.

Meanwhile, you should endeavor to test everything upon arrival. Even you don’t have a private court to play, you shouldn’t be any one of these shoes and keep them for future use.


As noted earlier at the beginning of this pickleball shoe buying guide, all of the shoes reviewed here are meant for women. If you have no particular brand in mind, you can choose from any one of the ones we have listed above. Hence, these products were selected from the top-rated sporting shoe brands.

At this point, I can bet that you are familiar with one or all of these sporting ware manufacturers. Finally, you don’t have to continue spending time in search of where to buy women’s indoor pickleball shoe.

Just click and follow through any of the links contained here and you can have your preferred shoe delivered in no time.

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