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What are the best outdoor pickleball shoes in the market?

From my research findings, this is the most common question among beginners. For this set of people, the price of pickleball shoes is not an issue in most cases. Some are merely looking for where to buy outdoor pickleball shoes online or offline.

However, choosing the best shoes for pickleball remains hard for many prospective buyers. Besides having too many options to choose from, there is another reason that makes this a relatively hard choice.

When you search for the best pickleball shoes for indoor or outdoor, an overwhelming majority of what you’ll find will be tennis shoes and volleyball shoes.

This could make you begin to wonder if there is any shoe that is specifically made for pickleball players.

Here is a fact. Based on the relatively new nature of the pickleball game, many sports shoe brands haven’t committed to making shoes that are meant for pickleball only. But from the experience of veteran pickleball players, certain shoes have been proven to work well in this game.

Through the pickleball shoe reviews contained in this buyer guide, I’ll be highlighting some of the bestselling models from different brands.

Based on past user experiences, some of the outdoor pickleball shoes you’ll find may not work well for indoor games and vice versa. For one thing, there is always a big difference between the floors of indoor vs outdoor courts. Understanding those differences helps to make the best purchase decision.

Even when certain shoes do work well for both indoor and outdoor pickleball, it may be hard for you to spot as a beginner. Perhaps, if you are following the recommendation of past buyers and users of outdoor pickleball shoes, pinpointing the best suitable option will be easier.

Assuming you are among the people that have been looking for where to buy pickleball shoe for outdoor games, note that all of these products reviewed here are on Amazon.

Our Top 5 Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

1. New Balance WC696

2. ​Asics GEL Rocket 8

3. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

4. Asics GEL Dedicate 4

5. Adidas Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

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Our Reviews Of The Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

New Balance WC696

New Balance WC696


First things first. The best tennis shoes work well for playing pickleball. From my findings, this has been tested and confirmed by many pickleball veterans. Among other things, the New Balance WC696 has a strong design pattern that keeps your feet flexible while maintaining traction on the floor.

The interesting thing is that New Balance took into consideration the strong nature of most outdoor tennis courts. Through the tiny holes in the synthetic fabric, getting sufficient air into your feet happen without hitches.

Moreover, it is a lightweight pickleball shoe that is very affordable. When you buy New Balance WC696 on Amazon or anywhere else, its weight stands at 2 pounds only. To make you have a comfortable experience while in the game, it comes with a padded tongue and collar. These things make it possible for users to play and enjoy the game as long as possible. If you have ever won tight shoes for long hours, you’ll understand what I mean here.

Another thing that adds to the comfortable gaming experience is the midsole. Expectedly, you’ll have different sizes to choose from especially if you want to buy on Amazon. Depending on where you want to buy, you can find this shoe mostly in red and white colors.

For all kinds of lateral movements required in high-performance pickleball games, this shoe will provide you enough support when needed. In case you want to remove the insole, it is very easy to do.

At some point, some people do this to make their feet balanced enough for the game.


  • Outstanding synthetic sole
  • Very comfortable cushioning


  • Not good for people with small feet

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Asics GEL Rocket 8

Asics GEL Rocket 8


Translated from Latin to English, the brand name Asics stands for – a sound mind in a sound body. Practically, this Japanese sporting ware maker strives to help its customers achieve that with great shoes. Asics GEL Rocket 8 is just one of those outstanding models.

Depending on your intended use case, you can find both women and men’s versions of this pickleball shoe. Like many others found in this pickleball shoe buying guide, you can find Asics GEL Rocket 8 on Amazon.

It is made of 100% synthetic material with a strong rubber sole.

During high impact movements, the Forefoot GEL cushioning system will provide that prompt support you need. The Trusstic System Technology also helps to reduce the weight of the sole. The statistics found during research for this post shows that it is one of the bestselling pickleball shoes in the market.

The other shoe that comes very close is the Adidas Ligra 6. However, both of them have identical prices. For some reasons, you may decide to remove the inserts which is very easy to do.

Besides pickleball games, you can use this shoe for volleyball. In addition to this, you can use this for badminton if you like. Another interesting thing is that Asics GEL Rocket 8 is one of those few shoes that can be used for outdoor pickleball as well as indoor games. Depending on where you choose to buy, there is a wide variety of colors and sizes available on Amazon.

Irrespective of where you are buying from, pls don’t forget to check the return and replacement policy before you click the buy now button.


  • Balanced court traction
  • Impressive arch support
  • Comfortable for big and small legs


  • No warranty

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K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express


Though it is judged to be one of the most expensive outdoor pickleball shoes, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express has many things going for it. On the main product sales page, you’ll find Hypercourt Express, Hypercourt Express Leather and Hypercourt Express Men. However, this one is meant for women. You have to choose the version, size and color that suits you.

Part of what makes this shoe outstanding is the textile collar lining. This adds both aesthetic value and support for the synthetic breathable upper.

It has very easy to use lace closure.

The dragguard rubber and Aosta rubber outsole make it suitable to withstand most of the intended terrains where you want to use it. One of the key things that make K-Swiss Hypercourt Express different from the Bigshot and Ultrashot is the flexibility of the upper fabric.

In comparison to some other models in the series, this one seems to be the preferred option for many people. Like some others we have reviewed so far, the insole is very much removable.

Besides pickleball games, you can also use this shoe for tennis and casual walks. Depending on your choice, you can find assorted colors like orange, red, blue, white, brown and most cases, the size of the one you buy will determine the weight.

When you buy K-Swiss Hypercourt, you are sure of getting comfortable arch support as well as a nice toe box for perfect ventilation. Assuming that price is not an issue, you should give this one a serious consideration because of its position among experienced pickleball players.

From my findings, 85% of past users said it fits as described. But please don’t buy and keep for future use. Endeavor to test properly so that you’ll have sufficient time to return and replace if required.


  • Wider variety of colors and sizes
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Removable insole


  • Comparatively pricey

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Asics GEL Dedicate 4

Asics GEL Dedicate 4


Asics GEL Dedicate 4 is the second model from the same brand in this outdoor pickleball buying guide. On this particular model, you’ll find the same Trusstic System that provides perfect cushioning when you need it in the game. Specifically, in pickleball game contexts, this is the main thing that helps players to maintain high-level speed, mobility and accuracy while enjoying the experience.

The key thing that makes it different from the one reviewed earlier is the outer leather material. From the statements of past buyers and users, it is an outstanding feature that makes it one of the best Asics shoes for pickleball. In specific terms, it is based on the long-life span of the shoe.

On this particular feature alone, you are sure of getting sufficient value for your money when you buy Asics GEL Dedicate 4. The mesh upper provides breathable airflow to a maximum level of comfort.

If you have been looking for where to buy Asics GEL Dedicate 4, look no further. Your search should probably end here because you can get it on Amazon by clicking through the appropriate link above.

Comparatively, it is cheaper than the one reviewed earlier as well as other pickleball shoes in this buyer guide. Just in case you are wondering, please note that this one does not have a removable insole. In addition to normal games you can play with it, this shoe has been proven to be good enough for casual walking and standing for long hours.


  • Long-lasting life span
  • Cheaper than many competing models
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Blind eyelets
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • Not enough lift

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Adidas Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas Barricade Club Tennis Shoe


The popularity of its brand name alone contributes significantly to the high volume of sales that this shoe records in the market. One interesting fact is that a great percentage of current and future purchases often follow recommendations from satisfied users.

If you conduct a simple search for the best tennis shoes online, you are very likely to find the Barricade Club or other models from Adidas. Like I have noted earlier, the best Adidas tennis shoes can also be used for badminton as well as outdoor pickleball.

Looking at its rugged build, this shoe can be used perfectly well on concrete and clay courts alike.

It is a non-marking shoe. This means you can wear them for games on other types of floors. To support aggressive players in different contexts, it comes with great tortion system.

If you care a lot about aesthetic appeals, you can find this Adidas pickleball shoe in a unique variety of colors including orange, neon, mystery blue and white. Before you leave this Adidas Barricade Club review, please note that there is a women’s version of it.

Is it durable enough? Yes, is my answer. In addition to that, it is made with a strong rubber sole which provides a firm grip on the court.

To prevent painful heat while managing moisture at the same time, there are mesh inserts and synthetic upper built into the shoe. With these things, you can enjoy your game to the fullest without stopping when it is not yet time as a result of painful heat on your feet.


  • Sufficient ventilation through the mesh material
  • Long-lasting and durable rubber sole
  • Removable insole
  • Breathable mesh material


  • Lacing method consumes time
  • Very weak eyelet

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Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes – Buyers Guide

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

Whether you are a pickleball beginner or not, there are some key factors you should consider before placing your order. Based on the number and variety of options you have, understanding these things will make your purchase decision stress free. Now let’s look at them.

Court Surface – the surface of the court where you want to play pickleball is a big consideration you shouldn’t skip in a hurry. As you already know, there are indoor courts and outdoor courts with different types of floor materials like asphalt, concrete and wood.

Regarding the nature of outdoor courts which is usually concrete, you should go for strongly reinforced soles that can withstand the usual wear and tear. In most cases, the best tennis shoes work well for pickleball.

One thing you shouldn’t forget to do is to avoid running shoes.

Shoe Weight – from one brand and model to the other, the weight of each shoe is usually different. Practically, some are heavier than others. But one thing I have found is that weight is usually related to size. Shoes with lightweight are usually easier to wear during games. interestingly, in a game like a pickleball, shoe weight should be given serious consideration.

Your responsibility is to make a comparison and choose the one that will suit you the best. The obvious thing is that heavier shoes can lead to early fatigue in the game even when it is not yet time to end the game.

Toe Box – here is another interesting factor you should think through before you place your order. The toe box also determines to some extent, how comfortable you’ll feel in the game. According to experienced pickleball experts, tight toe box will make you start experiencing heat in no time.

In that case, if the upper side of the shoe is not breathable enough, you can feel like your feet is being placed under hot water. This is something you won’t like to experience when you are deeply engaged in your game.

This toe box feature should be considered in unison with the breathability of the mesh material. While every manufacturer can say that their shoes are the best in terms of these features, testing the one you buy immediately after arrival may reveal something you don’t like.

To avoid regrets, wasted money and time, try to read through the return and replacement policy before you buy any one of these pickleball shoes.

Doing this will give you ample opportunity for return and replacement assuming the need arise.

Price of Pickleball Shoe – at the very end, you are going to pay a certain price to buy the exact shoe that meets all your preferences. At the point of purchase, the price you pay will depend on a lot of factors. This is especially concerning the things mentioned above.

Price can range from $50 – $200 in most cases. But the important thing to note is that the most expensive ones are not usually the best and vice versa. If you observe very well, you’ll discover that most of these shoes have almost the same features.

In some case, what matters most is how long the shoe will last. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine unless you following a recommendation from past users. To make things easier, you may decide to narrow down your options to one or two specific brands. From there, you’ll find different price points that are likely to be within your current budget.


Start your search with the term ‘best outdoor pickleball shoes‘ implies that you already know what you want. Here you now have great options to choose from without clicking from one page to the other.

Before you leave this page, take note of the fact that indoor shoes in this context don’t work well for outdoor games in most cases. Consider the wear and tear factor. For this reason, you should consider going for tennis shoes that have been proven to be useful in pickleball game contexts.

Through this buying guide, you’ll also be able to identify a few of those shoes that can serve players of tenner, badminton and pickleball.

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