Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

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Mostly in any kind of game that comes to mind, identifying the perfect toolkit can be a little tricky. As a starter, you may not have sufficient information or experience to make the best choice in this regard. Instead of having to depend on your friends or public recreation center whenever you want to play the game, buying the best pickleball paddle for beginners seem to be a better option.

Your beginner status aside, you are probably not interested in spending big money on high-end pickleball paddles meant for pro players. In other words, affordability within your current budget is a big consideration.

To accommodate all players at different levels, we’ve researched the best pickleball paddle reviews. Even though it may be a little bit overwhelming to call out a single piece and pronounce it the overall best, you’ll find one or two affordable options within your current budget.

If you are particularly interested in where to buy pickleball paddle for sale online, following through the links in this buyer guide will end your search for real.

To the absolute beginner, this piece of playing tool can be so simple. Wait, isn’t that simple enough?

The thing is, there are some salient factors you need to think through before you make the purchase. In practical terms, doing this will save you time, money or both. Besides, I’m aware you want the best pickleball paddle for beginners that will help you to experience maximum fun in the game.

We all know that the tools you use in any game, for instance, running shoes or running headphones can define how the game attracts you for repetitive engagement.

Whether you are preparing for a competition or not, the top-rated options contained in this pickleball paddle buying guide will get you fully set for the adventure. Simply by following through any one of the links contained here, you can find all of these products on Amazon. Let’s go through the brief reviews.

Our Top 5 Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

1. Gamma Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

2. ​Paddletek Phoenix LTE Pickleball Paddle 

3. PickleballCentral Tyro 2

4. Selkirk NEO Pickleball Paddle

5. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Gamma Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Atomic 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

From this brand Gamma, there is a product series called fusion. Interestingly, Fusion 2.0 is one of the best Gamma pickleball paddles with the highest purchase statistics. As confirmed by some of the users found through my research, this one is a perfect fit for beginners alike.

Designed with textured fiberglass face, this paddle will give you balanced power and control with each touch. Based on the way it was built, it has been proven to be suitable for all skill levels.

As a lightweight paddle, 8.0 oz paddle, you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy load in your hand during any game. The 4” grip is perfectly ideal for any size of a hand.

When you buy Gamma Fusion 2.0, you’ll find an edge guard which helps to protect the paddle hitting surface. In those moments that players start sweating a little bit, its perforated honeycomb surface also help to absorb moisture. Assuming you decide to buy this product on Amazon, you’ll find some affordable covers for it.


  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Moisture absorbing surface
  • Strong and firm grip for all playing movements


  • Considered too light by some players

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Paddletek Phoenix LTE Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Phoenix LTE Pickleball Paddle


Just from the way the brand name sounds, it is understandable to think that this manufacturer is a specialist when it comes to pickleball paddles. Besides this one, you can find others from the same brand as Paddleteck Tempest Pro, Paddletek Element and Paddleteck Tempest Wave.

Talking about the best pickleball paddle for beginners, here is an affordable option you should consider. In comparison to the one just reviewed above, its weight is just about 7.2 Oz. And that puts it among the best selling lightweight pickleball paddles you can find in the market.

Let me ask you, who likes extra load when you are competing to win an opponent? Not me, what about you? At a certain point, some people call it the feathery paddle.

The core of this product is made of polymer.

Among other things, the enormous amount of control you’ll get will amaze you like so many others that have used it. Mind you, it took us some time to sift through research and some stats to understand what earned this product a good position among the top-rated pickleball paddles for sale in the marketplace.

Even though the Phoenix LTE is not considered to be a high-end power paddle, you should expect to get an impressive experience of balance and precision in all playing positions.

The handle length is just about 4 ½ ‘’ which is the same for the grip circumference. On the actual product sales page, you can get a different comparative view of its composite face. In addition to this, there are rough edges on the grip which makes it comfortable during each game.

Regardless of where you choose to buy, this paddle can be found mostly in blue and red colors.


  • Perfect for beginners and pro players
  • Strong paddle grip
  • Exceptional lightweight


  • It is considered to be expensive by many people

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PickleballCentral Tyro 2

PickleballCentral Tyro 2


Are you looking for an affordable pickleball paddle for entry-level players? This Rally Tyro 2 stands within your reach right now. Very simple in its design, but it is strong enough to carry weight and force in every swing. One thing that seems interesting is the manufacturer’s claim of being a pickleball specialist. In this regard, over 200,000 pickleball players have been using pickleball products around the world.

Unlike the two other pickleball paddle reviews you’ve seen above, this particular one is even lighter. In specific terms, the weight stands at 6.7 ounces. Perhaps, the weight factor is a big consideration for you. Now, you can take that into account while deciding which one to buy.

Beyond superficial design, the Rally Tyro 2 is made of polymer honeycomb. This adds to the composite surface that is suitable for controlling the ball however you like.

If you want to buy pickleball paddle on Amazon, this one has different bundles at different prices. On the detailed product page, you’ll find bundles with a different number of balls and cover. From what I have seen, the cover is something that many people don’t like to ignore when purchasing paddles.

Depending on where you decide to make your purchase, you’ll have 30-day return duration and one- year warranty if you order from Amazon.

You can find this product mostly in white color. Please note that these paddles were made to be used indoors in most cases. For people that care about the origin, it is made in the USA.


  • Strong polymer core material
  • Outstanding lightweight


  • Not fully authorized by USAPA

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Selkirk NEO Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk NEO Pickleball Paddle


Intentionally for this pickleball paddle reviews, here is another great beginner-friendly product that is probably within your current budget. If you want to drive and smash the ball with high precision, this is the product need you need to go for.

And you don’t have to spend too much money to get started with this paddle. Even as a beginner, you should expect to have different levels of power control when you are deeply engaged in the game.

Like the one reviewed just above, the Selkirk NEO is made of polymer core. It is made in the USA with USAPA approval. Depending on where you buy this product, you can get a one-year warranty if you get it directly from Amazon. Meanwhile, you can as well ask some other questions you may have before making the purchase.

Please note that Selkirk NEO pickleball paddle is for one paddle. The handle is just about 5 inches which provide enough space for a balanced grip. However, the weight is 7.7 ounces.


  • Durable polymer core
  • Simplified design


  • Weak grip tape

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Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle


Judging by the high number of customer reviews found during my research, this is a great product that will make it possible for you to start having maximum fun in the game. Inside Amazon, you’ll find four different color options to choose from. These colors include black, silver, aqua and orange.

Over a polymer honeycomb core, you’ll have a strong graphite face that absorbs the force which comes with the touch of the ball. In terms of weight, this paddle weighs about 8 ounces only.

Slightly above what you get from others, the grip on this one is 4.25” only. Based on the way this paddle was designed, you are sure of playing the game for long hours before you begin to notice any kind of moisture. Unlike some others found in this buying guide, you’ll find a neoprene paddle case when you buy Upstreet Graphite pickleball paddle.

Considering some of those other competitors, you’ll have to make additional budget provision to get the case you need. In the case that this is very important, this is something you shouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Even if you are not preparing for any competition at all, this paddle is good enough to get you started in the game. Regarding its long-life span, you are sure of getting satisfactory value for the low price you’ll pay to buy Upstreet Graphite. Please note that there is no clear warranty information on this one.

The other competing counterpart that comes close in terms of price is Onix Z5. This one reviewed here is practically cheaper.

Finally, before you place your order try to read the full information about return and replacement policy. In most cases, there is always a variation from one Amazon seller to the other.


  • Great cover for different use cases
  • Very lightweight
  • Comparatively more affordable


  • Weak glue construction

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Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners – Buyers Guide

Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

When you are looking for where to buy pickleball paddle online and you finally find one, it is hard to tell the most important differences between them. Even when two or more paddles are coming from the same brand, the same is always the case. However, there are some important things you need to think through. With increased understanding in this regard, you’ll become able to make the best purchase decision.

For example, you can take a careful view of all the product images on the sales page. The other thing you can do is to ask questions directly on the product sales page.

What I see happen most times is that you’ll end up learning one or two things you didn’t know before committing to buy one. Let’s look at some of these pointers.

Interestingly, it is not just about finding the best pickleball paddle for beginners. Based on the simple nature of this product, most of them are identical. But you can still flip some images on the product page and pick a few other cues that will aid your final purchase.

Pickleball Paddle Price

When you are actively researching any product at all, affordability is one of those things we often put at the top of our mind. The thing is that nobody enjoys spending time to read a review of products that they cannot afford.

As noted earlier, you can follow any of the links contained within these pickleball paddle review to find the current price of each one. However, try to avoid any paddle that is priced to be the cheapest.

But this isn’t to say that the most expensive ones are the best.

Paddle Material

On this factor, anything that is not wooden paddle is usually good enough. That means you should avoid wooden paddles and choose the other types. If you observe very well, you’ll notice there is a highlight or hint on the exact material used for each of the products reviewed here.

Paddle Edge Guard

Because of the constant contact with moisture from sweat, the edge guard should be strong enough to hold everything together. Immediately the product arrives in your home or office, this edge guard is one of the first things you should check very well. In specific terms, try to check if there is any defect on the playing tool.

If you are not a Pro player, there is no reason why you should consider edgeless paddles. Remember, the entire pickleball paddle reviews here are for beginners.

Paddle Technology

For beginners alike, there may not be much need to think through the considerations of paddle technology. However, some manufacturers are now pushing the boundaries of what is obtainable from each of the products they bring to market.

For example, a growing number of products you’ll find in this category will come with vibration canceling cores, textured faces and aircraft-grade composites.

But the thing you should note is that some of these features and others like them are the things that make some paddles to be more expensive. Like I said before if you are an absolute beginner, you need to think through or border about these things.

Paddle Weight

Weight is another specific factor that often differentiates one pickleball paddle from the other. At some point, you can find lots of paddles from the same brand that have different weights. Without being told, you and I know that heavyweight paddles won’t be fun to carry properly when you are deeply engaged in the game.

In most cases, you can find the weight ranging between 6 – 14 ounces. Like many other features, you can see this highlighted within each of the reviews in this pickleball buying guide.

Reading through carefully will help you to identify the differences and how those differences relate to pricing as well.

Grip Size

Here is another interesting factor that makes one paddle practically different from the others. However, you can find the grip size of many paddles to be relatively the same. The actual grip circumference should be comfortable enough for you to enjoy the game.

Just like the weight factor discussed above, grip size can and do affect performance in varying contexts. Would you need to take lots of stress-free wrist action during the game? Then you should consider going for relatively small grip sizes.

Depending on how the grip size suits your hand, small grip sizes will make it possible to put a spin on the ball with ease. Now, here is something you should note as a beginner. You can add an extra layer of overgrip or replace the original paddle grip. These are the two approaches you can take to find a perfect fit for your hand which is probably unique from other people’s hands.

This is one of those reasons why you shouldn’t depend on making use of your friend’s paddle or the one at a public recreation center.


Assuming you have used a pickleball paddle belonging to your friend, family member or someone else, it is very easy to find out the exact size of the one that will fit your hand perfectly. With that information, you’ll be armed sufficiently to conduct a successful search for the best pickleball paddle for beginners.

When this is not the case, you can follow through some of these reviews here to find that one that will work for you. In terms of specific features as well as affordability, you can end your search here by following the link within any one of these products reviewed.

As always, be informed that you shouldn’t buy and keep any of these products for future use. Try to test and check everything upon arrival.

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