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If you consider well-known paddles on the market, graphite pickleball paddles are one. Their prominence is down to their construction style that is not only durable but strong.

The best part is that they are also lightweight. I like them because they have benefits regardless of whether you are a power or control player. Also, many pickleball players feel that graphite paddles are great. If you’re seeking the best lightweight pickleball paddle, they should interest you.

If you want to have the upper hand when competing, you’ve come to the right page. Here, I will provide you with the best pickleball paddles 2019. Using a pickleball paddle could be what you need to up your game.

When you go through my pickleball paddle reviews 2019, you are sure to find top-rated graphite pickleball paddles.

Read along and pay close attention to the details that I provide in this guide. Many companies today continue to release new pickleball paddles. This may get you confused when deciding what paddle is best for you. Pickleball is a great game that you should enjoy.

To help improve your experience, this graphite pickleball paddles review 2019 should help. At the end of the review, make sure to go through the free comprehensive pickleball buying guide.

Our Top Pick Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Our Reviews Of The Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles

The best graphite pickleball paddles contained in this guide are unique in their way. I will let you in on all the essential details as well as the differences. Keep in mind that different paddles are suitable for different kinds of players.

It is important to find a pickleball paddle that fits your playing style. That is why one of the best recommendations as a pickleball player is to know your strength and style.

This will guide you to pick the best pickleball paddle for control or power.

Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

This model has high acclaim in the world of pickleball. The graphite Z5 feels solid, making it appealing to all kinds of pickleball players. The paddle’s face is inscribed with a ‘Z’ that you will find on many playing courts.

This is a top-selling paddle from Onix. No matter the playing level, whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Onix Z5 graphite pickleball paddle can take your game to the next level.

Its body shape is wide and measures about 8.125 inches. This is one feature that I find interesting and is what attracts beginners to it.

The Z5 weighs between 7 and 8 ounces which is perfect if you’re looking for a good paddle with medium weight. This 8-ounce power paddle packs a lot of power.

The Z5 graphite paddle has a great balance which supplies you with improved touch. If you’re a control player, this is the best pickleball paddle for control. Nomex

Honeycomb is the material for its core. But it is devoid of the Ritbec core which is a high-end construction. Again, its price is more affordable when compared to the Onix Sub Zero.

If you love the Onix collection but want to lower your expenditure for a graphite paddle, the Onix Graphite Z5 is the way to go. Among the Onix collection, this one ranks as the best.


  • It has a superior touch as well as better ball control
  • It sports a wide body shape
  • The body weight has a balance


  • Its paddle core is a bit basic

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Gamma Atomic 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

We continue to see production companies go past the boundaries to design and materials. Another impressive product that makes the pickleball paddle reviews 2019 is the Gamma voltage.

This product comes from the company as a high technology gadget. It is more than your average paddle and is something that other manufacturers can take a cue from.

Built with a Nomex core, the Gamma Voltage takes on the Live Periphery System lining. The reason for this is to reduce any dead spots. From the handle up to the body, the Unibody comes in to increase paddle connection.

Additionally, it provides you with a solid feel. Gamma uses the Flush-Fit™ Bumper to help give the powder face a more amazing look. This is superior when compared to other traditional edge guards. You no longer have to battle with a high mis-hit, as well as deflection frequency.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the contoured grip (4⅛ inch circumference). This grip sports a rib that has perforations. The goal is to increase how well moisture management occurs.

At the same time, it looks to give you a grip surface that is comfortable. While playing, you experience improved control as well as paddle feedback.

Players who have bigger hands will need a grip size that is larger. While the handle of the pickleball gear is already wrapped with a PB grip, you can access paddle overgrips. The overgrips have different levels of thickness and tackiness.

This is a great idea if you’re looking to customize your paddle to fit your preferred grip size. If you need a mid-weight graphite paddle, you will fall in love with the Gamma Voltage graphite paddle. This paddle is ideal for high-end players that need top-notch features.


  • The face of the paddle offers a consistent response
  • The grip is great and comfortable
  • Can customize to fit different hand sizes
  • Built with a Nomex core to give it a solid feel


  • If you want a paddle that is endless, the Gamma paddle may not be the best choice

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Onix Graphite Zen

Onix Sports releases another masterpiece with the Graphite Zen. This paddle has so much quality and is a clear favorite on pickleball courts.

To give you increased control, Onix created a sweet spot. For players that have a control style and love to place their shots with finesse, Zen is a great option.

Let’s talk about its oversize rectangular shape extending about 7⅝ inches from its bottom to the top. The paddle has a medium grip circumference that measures 4¼, making it a comfortable fit for most players.

It also has a longer handle design that copies a table tennis racket’s handle shape and I’m sure this is something that a lot of players will love. If you come from different other sports that involve rackets, you are sure to become a fan of its tennis-style handle.

If you take a look at the aluminum honeycomb core, it gives you a good weight. This is what transforms the paddle into a powerhouse. Even if you come against power-style players, rest assured that Zen will give you a good backing.

Some communities have regulations that kick against noise and this is another situation where you want the Onix Zen. It has approval for use in Green Zone communities.

The paddle has a Chinese power symbol that is so visible that you can recognize the face on the court. It also comes in a variety of colors.


  • It has an aluminum core
  • Approved for use in green zone areas
  • Built for touch control


  • Power hitters may find that it lacks some power
  • Some players do not fancy the obvious paddle face graphic

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XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

This is another masterpiece on my list of the best graphite pickleball paddle reviews 2019. With the XSPAK, you get double paddles that come as a set.

There is more because you will also get a paddle cover to ensure that your paddle stays safe always. Trust me when I say you have good value with this paddle set. It is a great option that every beginner should explore,

This is a good opportunity for any player looking to buy a personal paddle or gift one to a friend. What you get when you buy the XSPAK are two paddles that are suitable for beginners or pros. Rest assured that you are getting a paddle that is built with durability in mind.

Another thing about the XSPAK is that it has approval for use in competitions or tournaments. The USAPA has put it through testing and granted its seal of approval. Its build meets all the specifications that you need to play in a tournament.

So, If you’re looking to contest in any local tournament or compete at higher pickleball levels, this is one paddle that will serve you. You already know that it sports a graphite face that has a design to suit your playing needs.

Precision in control is one of its strong points, especially when you connect with the ball. The paddle is so solid and makes a claim as one of the best pickleball paddle for control. I would recommend this paddle for players who have an obsession with accuracy.

When it comes to pop shots, the XSPAK never disappoints. It helps you pop so good and leaves you happy with yourself. Built with a soft and quiet polymer honeycomb core, this paddle is one fascinating piece. Whether your community has strict laws about noise levels, the XSPAK can fit in any environment.

If you’re looking for the best pickleball paddles 2019 that are of high durability, the XSPAK might catch your interest. I fancy the edge guard that has a design to promote the safety of the paddle.

Its profile is quite low to avoid any obstruction while playing. You don’t have to worry too much about mishits and your paddle gets guaranteed protection.


  • This model is very good for pop shots
  • You get enhanced control to keep you on top of your game
  • It has the approval of the USAPA
  • Has a cover for protection
  • One of the best lightweight pickleball paddle models
  • Durability is assured with its low-profile edge guard


  • If you’re a power player, you may want to consider other options

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Onix React Graphite Paddle

If you’re looking for innovation in a graphite paddle, look no further than the React graphite paddle. I consider this one of the top-rated pickleball paddles 2019 because Onix pushes the boundaries here. What you get is a paddle that sports a different kind of technology.

One feature that I consider amazing is the Fusion Core tech where two widely known materials for pickleball paddles are combined. Onix uses a polypropylene base and takes care to insert Nomex at the center. The result is a graphite face paddle that gives you extra control as well as pop.

There is something that Onix refers to as its Boosted Sweet Spot to give players enhanced power and action. This is possible with the Nomex core that also provides balance to the paddle weight.

Let’s also talk about the graphite face that is made of carbon fiber for surface strength. This also enhances the pop to make your volleys quicker.  If you’re a heavy hitter with the tendency to always smash the ball during play, the React graphite paddle is ideal.

While doing these, you can retain control which improves your chances of making game-winning shots.

The React graphite paddle deservedly makes it into the pickleball paddle reviews 2019. The edge guard is built to provide protection over time and to ensure that your gear serves you for long.

I consider this an upgrade to the other edgeless models lined up by Onix. With its unique handle and large paddle shape, tennis players will find it to be a fantastic transition paddle.


  • This is a heavy paddle that still guarantees control
  • It offers a great deal of maneuverability
  • Tennis players have a good transition paddle with it


  • It may be quite on the high side in terms of price

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Graphite Pickleball Paddles – Buyers Guide

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking to buy the best graphite pickleball paddles 2019, there are important considerations that you need to make. Here, I want to let you in on those important factors to consider before spending your money. These vital considerations will help you to make the right decision.

Before you go ahead to pick any of the paddles that I highlighted in the pickleball paddle reviews 2019, here is the first thing that you need to do:

Consider your pickleball style

Choosing a top-rated graphite pickleball paddle that is right for you will depend on your playing style. There are basically two kinds of pickleball player styles as follow

Power player

This kind of player loves to stay at the baseline and play from the back. Their style is to take deep and long hard shots straight into the pickleball backcourt. If you’re the kind of player whose return and serve are pretty strong, you are a power player. You apply strategy when approaching the non-volley zone to make that game-winning dink. However, your preferred style would be to smack the ball. Using hard drives, as well as strong overheads, you claim a lot of points over your opponents. The Onix React Graphite Paddle is your best bet in this case.

Control player

This kind of player loves to stay around the non-volley line. Playing a soft game with lots of control in their style. If you like to play out long points with the use of controlled shots, as well as slow dinks to get errors out of your rivals, you’re a control player. You would choose finesse over power any day. The Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is arguably the best pickleball for control and may just be what you need.

Other factors to Consider

The Weight

Some players allow the graphite paddle cost to influence their decision. However, you need a paddle that has the right weight for your hand. Even if the graphite pickleball paddle is expensive, it does not indicate that it is best for you. A heavy paddle offers power but a lighter paddle offers more control.

The Grip

To complement the right paddle weight, you need to know what grip circumference is best for your hand size. A paddle that has a smaller grip gives you more hits control and increased power while you serve. With a larger grip, there is less stress on the shoulder, wrist, and elbow. An overgrip comes in handy should you buy a grip that’s smaller by mistake.

The Shape

A common shape for graphite pickleball paddles is their wide body. Some have oversized bodies with shorter handles. There is also the elongated paddle which is great for rookies.


Each paddle that made it into the list of best graphite pickleball paddles 2019 is top-rated. With the awesome information provided in this buying guide, you should have no problem deciding what is best for you. No matter what kind of pickleball player style you have, you can find a paddle that is just right for you.

Graphite pickleball paddles have prominence and that is down to their construction style. Built to be durable and strong, the best part is that they are also lightweight. You will love them because they have benefits regardless of whether you are a power or control player.