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Purchasing a pickleball equipment set is reasonable for most people out there. All-in-one sets do a good job of covering general needs, so why not buy one product item instead of several?

If that’s exactly what you’ve been looking to do, then this material is for you.

Pickleball Set

The Best Pickleball Sets

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1. Verus Sports TG410 Complete Pickleball Set

2. Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

3. PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 Complete Pickleball Set

4. Verus Sports TG425 Complete Pickleball Set

The Best Pickleball Paddle Sets

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1. Apollo Pickleball Paddle with 2 Pickleballs

2. Sports Adventure Paddle Set

3. Selkirk Club Pickleball Paddle Set

4. ​PickleballCentral Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle Set

5. NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle Set

Our Reviews Of The Pickleball Sets

Verus Sports TG410 Complete Pickleball Set

Verus Sports TG410 Complete Pickleball Set


Up first on our reviews is Verus Sports TG410 complete pickleball set. If you were looking for a beginner set for occasional pickleball games, this one may be a good choice for you.

As you’d expect from a complete pickleball set, TG410 set includes 4 pickleball paddles, 3 indoor balls, as well as a net system.

A very inexpensive pickleball set, TG410 includes simpler pieces of pickleball equipment. For instance, have a look at the paddles. Those are wood paddles that are among the cheapest on the market. Those paddles won’t allow you to play too fast and controlled, but for the occasional player, nothing more is really necessary.

What is usually absent in higher-end paddles is straps. Each of the paddles in this set has wrist straps on the handle, which would allow you to make shots more confidently without having to worry that the paddle will fly away.

The net system is designed in an interesting way. It comes with pole bases that need to be filled with water or stand for stability. In addition, the net system doesn’t have a center bar, which makes it lighter and more compact. Verus Sports says that their system weighs just about 7 pounds, which is much lighter than a typical system. Usually, net systems weigh 20 – 25 pounds alone!

The net measures 21 by 2-1/2 feet, which is a bit shorter than regulation size (21 feet 9 inches by 2-1/2 feet). Still, if you ever decide to compete, this net should give you a good feel of how pickleball is played.

Overall, thanks to its lightness and portability, this pickleball set is great if you want to play a quick game in your backyard or local park.

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Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set


Pickle-Ball, Inc. set may seem similar to Verus Sports TG410 since they both come with wood paddles. In reality, the Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set is a much more advanced product.

The centerpiece of this set is the net. It is the 3.0 Tournament Pickleball Net System by Pickle-Ball, Inc., which was the company’s attempt to create the most durable net system on the market. It’s difficult to say whether 3.0 Tournament Pickleball Net System is the most durable net out there, but we can certainly say that it is an excellent piece of equipment. This net is the reason why the Diller Tournament set costs about $200.

The paddles are much simpler than the net, but they are slightly better than those in the TG410 set. They are again made from wood, but they are comfier since their grip is actually lightly cushioned. If you paid attention, the grip in TG410’s paddles was just bare wood with no cover.

Overall, these paddles are better than those in TG410, but they still won’t give you a good idea of how a higher-end paddle feels. That’s because the paddles weigh between 9 and 10.6 ounces, which is much more than the typical 7.5 – 8 ounces.

In terms of size though, the paddles are perfectly compliant with regulations. So for a beginner who is thinking about playing competitive pickleball, this set may be a very good start.

And the 4 balls included are Jugs indoor balls. They measure 2.875 inches in diameter and weigh just 0.81 ounces, which is at the lower limit of what is allowed for competition.

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PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 Complete Pickleball Set

PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 Complete Pickleball Set


Rally Tyro 2 set by PickleballCentral is also a pretty serious set. But aside from a good net system, it comes with much more serious paddles.

The 4 PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 paddles included in the set have graphite faces paired with polymer cores. What this combination allows for is lighter weight, great durability, good control over the ball, and less noise produced by the hit.

Aside from that, it is interesting that the paddles weigh only 6.7 ounces, which is very light for a pickleball paddle. Such lightweight paddles are sure going to deliver good control and speed but less power.

What’s also notable about these paddles is that they have very narrow 4-inch grips. Generally, 4-inch grips are suitable for players under 5 feet 2 inches tall, which leads us to think that this set would work great with teenagers. Adults would also be able to play with the paddles, but they may find them too light for their taste.

And what’s more important is that the paddles are USAPA-approved, so they may even be used in competition.

The net in the Rally Tyro 2 set seems to be very similar to that in the Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set we reviewed earlier. It has similar features like a wide powder-coated steel frame, adjustable height, tension regulation, and whatnot.

The balls in this set are the same Jugs indoor balls included in the Pickle-Ball, Inc.’s Diller Tournament Net Set. This makes this set an excellent option if you are looking for an advanced pickleball set for indoor play.

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Verus Sports TG425 Complete Pickleball Set

Verus Sports TG425 Complete Pickleball Set


And the last complete pickleball set on our list is yet another set by Verus Sports. This time, it is TG425. This set looks very similar to the TG410 set we reviewed in the beginning, but in reality, the two Verus Sports sets are very different from each other.

The only difference between the two sets is the net. TG425 comes with a much more serious net that is designed to meet the regulations of the International Federation of Pickleball. In addition, the net is much more durable and stable than that of the cheaper TG410 set.

This completely changes this pickleball set. Namely, the TG425 set is a much more suitable choice for people who are planning to get into serious pickleball but don’t have the budget to get a set with higher-end paddles. In addition, like TG410, this set is great for people who just want to play pickleball recreationally.

As for the included 4 paddles and 3 balls, they are identical to those included in the cheaper TG410 set. The paddles are very simple wooden paddles that just do the job, while the balls seem to be the same indoor balls. As we said above, what makes this set very different is its net.

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Apollo Pickleball Paddle with 2 Pickleballs

Apollo Pickleball Paddle with 2 Pickleballs


The first pickleball paddle set on our list is Apollo paddle set, which includes 2 16 x 7-7/8-inch paddles with covers, as well as 2 outdoor balls.

Needless to say, the main pieces of this set are the two paddles. In terms of materials, they are great: they have a graphite face paired with a polypropylene core, which together make for lightweight, durable, and controllable paddles.

The paddles included weigh about 8 ounces, which makes them middle-weight paddles. Thanks to this, they’ll be able to deliver a good balance of control and power.

What’s also notable in the paddles is their grip. The grips in the Apollo paddles are 5 inches long, which is pretty long for a pickleball paddle. Such a grip should be more comfortable for players who prefer to hold the paddle with two hands, as well as for those who have bigger hands.

The grip circumference is 4-1/4 inches, which is usually suitable for about 5 feet 8 inches tall individuals. The width and length of the grip pair with each other perfectly, making for a great paddle for big-handed players.

And when it comes to the overall comfort of the Apollo paddles’ grip, there are no bad things to say. They are grippy and are perfectly capable of preventing slippage.

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Sports Adventure Paddle Set

Sports Adventure Paddle Set


The Sports Adventure paddle set comes with 2 paddles and covers as well, but it includes 4 outdoor balls instead of 2. If you for some reason need exactly 4 pickleball balls, then this set may be a better option for you.

As far as the paddles go, Sports Adventure paddle set is very similar to the Apollo set. There are a couple of things different between the paddles, namely, the width, the grip length, and overall design.

Sports Adventure paddles measure 16 x 7.75 inches, meaning that they are slightly narrower than Apollo paddles. This difference is going to be virtually non-existent if you happen to have no problems with hitting the ball. Otherwise, you would want to go for the Apollo set since it would be easier to hit the ball with its paddles.

The grip in the Sports Adventure paddles is different as well. Namely. It is 5-1/4 inches long, a quarter of an inch longer than the grip in the Apollo paddles.

On one hand, this is going to make this paddle a bit more convenient for big-handed players or those who often hold the paddle with two hands. On the other hand, since the overall length of the paddle is the same in Sports Adventure and Apollo paddles, the increased grip length means that the paddle face is shorter in the Sports Adventure paddles.

And what this means that you overall have less striking surface in this paddle. Again, if you have accurate shots, the difference shouldn’t be detrimental for you.

And the last notable difference between the paddles in the Sports Adventure and Apollo sets is design. Apollo paddles sure looked beautiful and flashy, but Sports Adventure paddles have entirely another kind of charm to them.

Just look at how gorgeously the black color is combined with the gold-lettered markings on the paddle face. The design of Sports Adventure paddles is very simple, but they look much more serious than not only Apollo but many other paddles.

As for other features like grip size, material choice, and weight, the two paddle sets are pretty much identical to each other. What is going to make a difference when choosing between the two sets are the features that we described above.

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Selkirk Club Pickleball Paddle Set

Selkirk Club Pickleball Paddle Set


Selkirk is a renowned player on the market of pickleball paddles, especially when it comes to high-end paddles. But aside from pricey paddles, Selkirk has some good cheaper models to offer as well. One of them is the Selkirk Club paddle, 2 of which are included in this set.

This paddle is quite a bit different from the paddles we showcased above. The biggest difference is the composite face that even appears to have a slight texture to it. Composite materials generally aren’t as polished as graphite, which allows composite paddles to be better at putting the ball to spin.

Another important difference is the narrower 4-1/8-inch grip. On one hand, this makes the Club paddles better for individuals between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall. On the other, it allows for increased wrist control, which is another thing that may contribute to this paddle’s spinning capacity.

The overall grip design is notable as well. Selkirk equipped the Club paddles with their DuraGrip feature, which is claimed to outperform standard wrap grips both in terms of comfort and security.

The Club paddles also measure 15.675 x 7.875 inches. This makes the Club paddle shorter than the two previous paddles. The grip length isn’t much different though – 5 inches – so this paddle has less hitting surface.

As for the balls, Selkirk includes 2 indoor balls with their Selkirk clubs.

In the end, if you and your partner were planning to learn to spin the ball, this set may be the right choice for you.

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PickleballCentral Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle Set

PickleballCentral Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle Set


For people on a budget or those who just want to occasionally play pickleball with their friends and family, a cheap paddle set like Rally Meister is a good option.

This paddle set comes with 4 wood paddles, as well as 6 indoor Jugs balls, the same ones that were included in some complete pickleball sets we reviewed above.

As you’d expect from a wood paddle, you aren’t getting anything spectacular from Rally Meister paddles. Things like edge guards, specialized cores, and whatnot are absent from these paddles. But for the beginner or recreational player, those things aren’t really that necessary.

Like any wood paddle, Rally Meister paddles are rather clunky compared to higher-end graphite or composite paddles. Rally Meister paddles weigh 9.5 – 10.5 ounces, so they won’t be allowing too good speed or control. But that’s perfectly alright for amateur players.

The grip is pretty comfy in these paddles though. It is 5-1/2 inches long, which is a lot for a pickleball paddle. Two-handed play should be very easy with this paddle. The grip size also is 4-1/4 inches, which should be good for most people.

And interestingly, the Rally Meister paddles are approved by USAPA for competition. While these paddles definitely aren’t the best for competition, they could give you an idea of how the size and shape of competition paddles feel.

So all in all, Rally Meister pickleball paddle set is a simple and cheap yet very fun equipment set to play pickleball with.


​​NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle Set​

​NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddle Set


And the last paddle set on our list is the 2-piece NewFit Blur. This set comes with 2 NewFit Blur paddles and 4 outdoor pickleball balls.

NewFit Blur paddles are rather inexpensive on their own, but they do have a couple of interesting things to offer.

The first notable thing the Blur paddles is their carbon fiber and polymer honeycomb core. This combination is very interesting: carbon fiber should make the core durable and easier to control, while the polymer should make the paddle softer and quieter when hitting.

The face of the Blur paddles is made from graphite, which should further enhance the feeling of control, as well as make the paddle lighter and stronger.

When it comes to the grip, the Blur paddles have 5 inches long handles with a 4-1/4-inch circumference, which should provide increased convenience for two-handed play.

The design in these paddles looks spectacular as well. NewFit has done a very good job combining different shades of blue in the paddle head’ design, and it looks really good to is. Some people are going to like this design more than that of Sports Adventures paddles.


Things to look for in a pickleball set

Pickleball Sets

Now that we have all those pickleball bundles reviewed, it’s time to learn how to pick the best one from them. Let’s examine the things that could matter to you when looking for a pickleball equipment set.

Complete set vs paddle bundle

As you could have noticed from our reviews, there are two main kinds of pickleball sets – complete sets and paddle bundles.

Complete sets, as their name implies, include all the items that would be necessary to get started with pickleball. All complete pickleball sets come with paddles, balls, and a net, and some also include a carry bag and things like a rulebook in them.

As for paddle bundles, they most often come with paddles, paddle covers, and balls.

Which one to choose depends on what kind of equipment you already have. If you have nothing and would like to quickly set up a pickleball playing area in your backyard or local park, then a complete bundle would be a better choice.

But if you’ll be playing in, for example, a community center with nets and all other base stuff preinstalled, then you would be better off with going for a paddle bundle. Why get a complete set if the center already has most of the things set up?


Now, let’s move on to the individual items that may come with a pickleball equipment set. The first item is a paddle.

Equipment sets can come with any kind of paddle, starting from cheap wood paddles and ending with higher-end graphite and composite paddles.

If you have the budget, you should go for a set that has better graphite or composite paddles. Wood paddles generally should be avoided, unless you have no intention to play pickleball more or less seriously.

With lighter and more durable composite or graphite paddles, you will be getting better speed and control over the ball, as well as increased overall durability. In fact, composite balls usually allow you to perform more complex shots by putting the ball to spin.

Needless to say, you’d need to make sure that the equipment set comes with as many paddles as you need. Don’t buy more than necessary though, you’ll just waste money. Pickleball paddles are pretty durable, and you most likely won’t need a spare for one for a long time.

There are some other things to be considered in paddles as well. If you wish to find out more, check out our guide on pickleball equipment, as well as our review of best pickleball paddles for spin.


Next come pickleball balls. Equipment sets can come with 2, 4, and even 8 balls. If you have the budget, you could go for sets that have more balls in them, but you don’t really need more than a couple. If you use the balls the way they are intended, you won’t need to think about ball replacement for quite some time.

Now, what we mean by using pickleball balls the way they are intended? The thing is that, as we described more in-depth in our pickleball equipment guide, pickleball balls can be designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor balls are more durable, harder, and designed to resist wind, while indoor balls are lighter and softer since they don’t have to deal with any harsh environment indoors. Generally, it isn’t a good idea to use indoor balls outside since they are very susceptible to wind and wear out easily.

Outdoor balls could be used indoors, but there isn’t much point in doing so. Outdoor balls are made hard and rigid to resist outdoor elements. And when they hit you, they do so painfully. And since you don’t need the increased weight indoors where there is no wind, why not go for an indoor ball?

So depending on where you will be playing pickleball, make sure to choose a set that comes with proper balls.


The net is often the weakest part of pickleball sets. The thing is that sets often come with not so good cheaper nets that don’t do too good on the court.

Generally, you should choose a net that is compliant with USAPA competition regulations. That is, the net needs to have the right dimensions and optionally have a center strap to help with keeping the net at regulation height.

In terms of materials, if your budget allows it, go for a set that comes with a powder-coated steel net. In addition, it would be good if its poles had the more supportive oval shape rather than the weaker round.

We have a more in-depth material on pickleball nets, so you could check it out as well for additional info.

Compliance with USAPA regulations

A thing that may matter to you as well is whether the equipment in the desired set is compliant with USAPA regulations. If you didn’t know, there are certain rules for pickleball equipment. To get acquainted with them, you could check out our pickleball rule guide.

Why get USAPA-approved equipment? If you are planning to play pickleball seriously, you better have the right gear so you develop proper habits. If you, for example, use a lower net than allowed, you would be used to making lower shots than necessary. And this habit would transfer to the court, which you don’t want.

Other things

Pickleball equipment sets often include extras like a carry bag or a rulebook. A carry bag is a very nice extra to have since it will help to keep things organized. As for a rulebook, you can read the USAPA rules online for free, so you don’t really need to get a set with a printed rulebook.

Why even go for a pickleball equipment set?

Oftentimes, it is much more convenient to go for a pickleball set than to buy all the items separately.

What would be easier for you, to order all the pickleball equipment pieces one by one or get them in a large bundle? Probably the latter, right?

In addition, bundles often cost less than if you were to buy all the items separately.

On the other hand, with equipment sets, you don’t have as much choice in terms of what kind of items come with them. You are locked with whatever comes in the equipment set.

For some people, it would actually make more sense to get all the pickleball items separately. Those are the people who have very specific needs that can’t be satisfied by an equipment set.

But if you don’t have any particular needs, then a pickleball equipment set is probably going to be a better choice for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post – if you want to find our more about the great game of Pickleball, discover some unique strategies or just read more equipment reviews then head on over to our Pickleball Home page here.