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Carrying your pickleball equipment from one spot to the other is such a simple task. This you can do with any type of pickleball bag. But at some point, I noticed that some people are particularly interested in the best pickleball sling bags. That observation led me to do some research which resulted in a compilation of these pickleball bag reviews you are about to read.

Probably you’ve done some research and the outcome is an informed preference for sling bags. On the other hand, you might be following a recommendation from the pickleball player you know.

Whatever your reason, it is obvious that you can move your equipment with different types of other bags. Looking at the simplicity of the core equipment usually required in this game, everything seems easy.

Get your ball, get your net, get your pickleball paddle and you are good to go.

But some other things usually come into play. First, you may have bought the best pickleball shoes for the game. Besides, the need for a water bottle, towel, hat and some kind of electronic device becomes apparent when you are getting set for the game. These things warrant the search for the best pickleball bags in the market.

Beyond mere naming conventions, most of the pickleball sling bags you’ll find in this buyer guide had been tested by veteran pickleball players. That means you can choose any one of the bags that appeals to you the most.

Again, looking at the simple nature of these products, the price of sling bags for pickleball is usually affordable among different categories of players. To make your eventual purchase decision easier, most of the bags you’ll see here are sold at different price points.

With these reviews, you’ll be able to make your comparison and choose one. Moreover, you don’t have to search further for where to buy pickleball bags online or offline. Take note of the fact that all of the bags listed in this post can be found on Amazon. Just click through any of the links and you’ll land on the product page.

Our Top Pick Pickleball Sling Bags

Our Reviews Of The Best Pickleball Sling Bags

Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag

Coming from Wolfe Sports, a less known but respectable brand is this professional sling bag for pickleball players. Like I have noted in the first introductory part of this buying guide, all of the bags reviewed here had been tested and trusted. That trust is what keeps bringing new and old buyers for more.

Originally, this sling bag was made by Slazenger, an old name when it comes to all things sporting ware, including the ones made specifically for tennis.

In this bag, you’ll find very cool and comfortable shoulder straps. Looking at the way it is padded, you can carry the load on it comfortably even when you are riding a bike. In comparison to what you’ll find in other types of pickleball bags, this one comes with an earphone access channel.

With this unique feature, you can binge into your favorite music or podcast while you are heading out or home for the game.

Some other features included in it are the zipper and internal pockets. These are the spaces that make it easy to carry any type of suitable material with it. On the side of the Wolfe Sports Sling bag, there is an external water bottle holder.

Without being told, water is one essential thing that you shouldn’t forget in a hurry when you are preparing for the next pickleball game. It is made of high-grade canvas-like material.

Inside this bag, you’ll have two main compartments. Depending on how you set things, you can carry two paddles, 2 – 5 balls, bandaids, towel, snack food and some other items of choice. Regardless of how many times you hit the pickleball court per week, this sling bag is enough to serve your needs.

And the interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay a high price to get it. Like other products within these pickleball bag reviews, you’ll find Wolfe Sports Professional sling bag on Amazon.


  • Earphone access channel
  • Two sizable compartments
  • External water bottle holder


  • Internal pocket doesn’t have a zipper

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Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag

Most sling bags have this tear-drop shape of a pickleball paddle. Here is one of the main reasons why many pickleball players have a preference for it. With this, you can be able to carry a sufficient number of pickleball paddles. To be more specific, this particular pickleball sling bag can hold up to six paddles at a time. In addition to that, carrying other items like pickleball shoes, water bottles and towels is very easy.

On this particular one, there is a dual cell phone storage space built into. This means you don’t have to put your phone at the risk of damage by bulking it together with other hard items.

For users with varying heights, the adjustable shoulder straps help to prevent muscle strain regardless of how long you are carrying the bag.

According to the manufacturer, this bag has received the approval of the U.S Open Pickleball Championship.

Through the research for this post, I found that some pro players do make use of the Franklin Sports Adjustable sling bag. Based on the size of this pickleball bag, it is meant to serve mainly the needs of single players. If you are intending to buy a pickleball sling bag for multiple players, there are some other brands to consider.

The actual product dimension is 19 x 13 x 1 inches while the weight stands at 15.2 ounces. These things brought it into the list of best portable sling bag for pickleball.

From the way it was built, you can see that both male and female players can use it perfectly. On the main product sales page, different colors are available to fit your aesthetic preferences. Assuming you decide to buy Franklin Sports sling bag on Amazon, you’ll find many colors including pink, black, blue, red and charcoal grey.


  • Special cell phone storage space
  • Carries up to six pickleball paddles
  • Comes with adjustable and breathable shoulder straps


  • Weak front panel
  • No warranty

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Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag

Talking about the real shape of a pickleball paddle, here is a sling bag that has that perfect and attractive shape. However, the shape is just about form and design, what matters most is the core function, so let’s look at some of the major features.

From various users in different player categories, I found a wide confirmation that this bag can carry up to 4 oars and 3 balls. In some sense, this bag was made with a single player’s need in mind. The small size and item holding capacity are the major things that made it portable. But for some people, these exact features are considered drawbacks.

In specific terms, the bag is about 20 x 14 inches. Between 34 – 39 inches, you can adjust the shoulder straps length as you like.

The sling bag also comes with large zippered pockets. This is meant for you to carry things like paddles, balls and other items of interest you may need when playing the game.

Depending on your choice of where to buy sling bag for pickleball, you can find it on Amazon in different colors including gray, black and different shades of blue.

Please note that there are no dividers to keep the paddles from hitting each other. Inside the bag, there is a single compartment. With the external zipper pocket, your cell phone or keys can be stored safely for as long as you like. Unlike what the standard backpacks will offer you, Pickleball Fanatic sling bag is lightweight and less heavy.

If you have used a traditional backpack for this purpose before, you’ll appreciate the lightweight nature of the product. After all, who love carrying an extra load when his or her need can be fulfilled with a simpler product.

Besides being a portable sling bag for pickleball, this one is much more affordable than many of its competing counterparts in this review. Before you click away from this page, don’t forget to test and check everything properly upon arrival. This will give you sufficient time for prompt return and replacement if there is a need for that.


  • Outstanding design
  • Safe outer pocket for carrying phones and key
  • Comfortable straps


  • Small in size

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Game On Sling Pickleball Bag

Here is another great sling bag with an outstanding sleek design. Unlike the one reviewed above, the Game On sling bag has two sizable zippered compartments. This exact feature makes it easy to carry different types of pickleball equipment without incurring any damage at all.

Among many other factors, some past users found through my research fell in love with this bag. The main reason being because it is coming from Pickleball Central, a well-known brand in the space.

From this manufacturer of pickleball equipment, you can get other things like paddles, balls, shoes, nets and some other accessories.

I don’t know how many players you want to serve with this bag, but you have to take into account the fact that it doesn’t carry more than four paddles comfortably. The other things worth mentioning is that it doesn’t come with a water bottle holder like some other competitors.

The dimension on this one is about 13 x 18 inches.

If you want to bring a water bottle along, please make sure you don’t add other sensitive materials that may be damaged through contact with water. Interestingly, you can find other Pickleball bags from the same brand, Pickleball Central. Follow the link here to check it on Amazon.

When you buy this pickleball slim bag, you’ll find small padding and lumber pad on it. This makes everything to feel soft and smooth while conveying your equipment to the court.


  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Two sizable zippered compartments


  • It doesn’t have an external water bottle holder

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Pioneeryao Sling Bag For Pickleball

If you are not concerned seriously about the price of pickleball bags, then you should give this one a little consideration. However, I don’t mean to say it is the most expensive or something like that. The point is that this one, the Pioneeryao sling bag is slightly priced higher than some others in this buying guide.

From the very first look, you’ll notice the single padded strap design. In terms of the best pickleball sling bag comparison, it has three different sizes of zipper pockets. This is divided into the main pocket and two front pockets. Practically, it gives the user more options to pack and convey items without worrying about sudden damage or compatibility.

On the right side of the bag, an external water bottle holder is provided to help keep you energized when you feel thirsty.

Another interesting this is that the shoulder straps on this one can be adjusted towards the right or left side. This manufacturer took into account the peculiar needs of right and left-handed users.

Besides the needs of pickleball players, the same bag proves to be perfect for users with interests in hiking, tennis, shopping or simple weekend travel.

Are you among the people that have a strong sense of aesthetics? This particular bag seems to be the number one with a higher number of color options. When you visit the main product sales page on Amazon, there is a big chance you’ll find a unique color that will suit your preferences.

Without clicking further from one page to the other, I am sure you’ll find one or more durable and quality bags that will fit your preference perfectly, including this one from Payoneeryao.


  • Three different pockets
  • Left to right side adjustment
  • Perfect water bottle holder


  • It is slightly pricey

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Pickleball Sling Bags – Buyers Guide

Pickleball Sling Bags

Note, if you are an experienced user, you can skip this section and follow one of the product links to Amazon.

Whether you want to buy a sling bag for pickleball online or offline, some factors need to be clarified and understood properly. For your benefit, this will make the eventual purchase decision noticeably easier. Here we are talking about some of the things that make one bag different from the others.

Number of Pockets: this is one of the key factors that differentiate one bag from the others. However, some are very likely to have the same number of compartments or pockets. First, you should take note of the number of pockets that the one you are considering has.

Before any thought about design and form, think first about the function. How many pickleball paddles, how many balls can you carry comfortably at a time?

Most of the competing brands in this space will have it listed on their sales page or Amazon.

Type of Pickleball Bag: one obvious thing you might have noticed before now is that there are different types of pickleball bags in the market. Mainly you’ll find duffel bags, sling bags and standard backpack. The main thing is to narrow down your choice, review the feature of the available ones and make your purchase.

The Carrying Strap: if the strap is not strong enough, a little weight from pickleball paddles and pickleball shoes will cause the bag to die off in a very short time. In most cases, the straps should be padded enough to provide comfortable cushioning on your shoulder.

Adjustability is another thing that many potential buyers consider regarding the straps. Moreover, the straps should be breathable enough to allow ventilation in those moments when it is required.

Manufacturing Material: polyester is usually cheaper and it provides a better level of ventilation or breathability. That is when you compare two bags that have nylon or polyester. The other thing you should think though is the weight of the core material used. You can just pick some appealing bags, look at the materials used and then compare the weight.

Pickleball Sling Bag Price: how much is it sold for? From what I have seen from experience and observation, price is never an issue for most people. But what you shouldn’t forget is that the cheapest ones are rarely the best and vice versa.


At this point, it is obvious that you’ll need different types of pickleball equipment to get started in the game. Finding the best pickleball sling bag is just one among many steps. Probably, you have every other equipment organized and ready. If that is the case, follow through the links to choose the most that meet your preferences in all ramifications.

Through the links contained here, you may want to end the search for where to buy sling bags for pickleball. From these reviews above, we have researched to include the best brands in the space.

Beyond brand name popularity, these products are from a top selection of the bestselling bags in the market right now, not yesterday. Before the return and replacement time elapse, don’t forget to check and test everything in full.