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Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

If you want your child to learn how to play tennis, you have to be sure They get the right start and with the proper equipment. We should not overlook the quality of tennis rackets we choose for our children. The right tennis racket can help you kid enjoy tennis more, learn faster and grow to be a good player. 

The start and the way we approach it is always important. The way your kids start off in tennis can determine their stroke, quality of game, and technique. Also, if you offer your kid a good racquet, they have a better chance to be very comfortable when playing and can have a great first experience.

Imagine if your kid didn’t have the right tennis racket. The child would probably struggle and eventually dislike the sport.

Street Tennis Club is known for making quality racquets for kids to help them get into the game. This racket can significantly impact how your kids feel about tennis the first time they experience it.

The Street Tennis Club racket offers power, stability, and durability during the game. They come in different sizes that go from 17, 19, to 21 inches. Also, they’re designed for kids that are ten years old or younger, but not older than that.

Let’s see what makes this choice the best option for your kid and why you should give it a chance

Features and specifications:

Many people don’t realize the importance of a good tennis racquet for kids, especially beginners. The features and specifications of a racket determine many things. It helps kids develop an interest as well as skills, stroke, shots, and the overall technique. Also, when the tennis racket is the right size and fits kids properly, they have a better chance of hitting the ball during the game.

The Street Club tennis rackets for kids come in different sizes to fit different age groups. You should only consider your child’s capabilities, age, and height. 

The frame of this model is made of aluminum, but it’s perfectly lightweight to suit children. It provides durability and longevity, so your older child can pass it on to his or her younger sibling. IT comes in different fun colors that are appealing to kids and make the game more enjoyable for them. 


When you purchase the racket from Street Tennis Club, you also get a free video game. This is very entertaining to kids and allows them to play with the racket in the driveway. There is more convenience to this that you might think. The game allows them to play and have fun with it while they’re practicing at home. Sometimes kids feel pressured at practice, so it’s nice to have them practice on their own while having fun at the same time. This also makes your kids spend more time outside, which is always a good thing at these times that kids are so often always indoors.

Max said that the racket has helped his son develop an interest in tennis and spend a significant amount of time outside. Many customers stated that their children had developed impressive skills in a short period. Sally claims that her kids love playing outside with their rackets even on days they don’t have practice. “It’s great,” she said. “They can’t get enough of it.”

There are very few good quality racquets for kids, and the Street Tennis Club models are one of them. They’re a great option because they come in different sizes and fun colors that will attract children. 

It’s ideal for children mostly because it’s durable and can take on hits and accidental drops and kicks. It’s made of aluminum, which means that it will last until your kid outgrows it and it’s time to get a new and advanced tennis racket. 

Its size variety makes it easy for you to buy the same racket for all your kids, so there’s no difference but the one in size. The overall feeling and experience are enjoyable because the racket gives a good swing and ease of handling. 

The good:

  • Feels comfortable and sturdy
  • Aluminum frame that provides durability
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes in different sizes suitable for different age groups
  • Strings are good quality
  • It comes with a free video game

The Bad:

  • Sizes are very different, so it’s crucial to get them right
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Final verdict:

A good quality tennis racket is the most important piece of equipment for your child’s first tennis experience. It helps kids develop an interest in tennis and see that it’s fun and enjoyable. Also, a good racket can help your child develop their skills better, and in less time, so they can upgrade much faster. 

The features of this model and its specifications make it one of the best tennis racquets for kids on the market today. It’s durable and provides kids with enough stability and comfort to enjoy their game at all times.

Also, there’s not a child that didn’t love the free game that the racket comes with. It’s convenient and helps kids spend more time outdoors playing even when not in practice. This means they can enjoy some time and have fun without the extra pressure they may feel at practice sometimes. 

We recommend it because it’s a classic and reliable tennis racket that provides kids with everything they need to start off in tennis at an early age. Besides, the customer reviews and feedback on this model are remarkable, with so many customers saying how their kids adore it.

For this reason, you should have your kid give it a try. No doubt that it will make a great difference in how children view tennis and the fun they have while playing. Plus, it helps them to develop skills and technique much faster.

If you decide on this tennis racquet for your child, you can be sure that you’ll see him/her become a more advanced player much sooner than you thought.

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