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Tennis Doubles Tips

For anyone who enjoys playing singles, doubles is usually just as enjoyable. Some people like doubles because they don’t have to move as much while others like it for opposite reasons.

Doubles allows you to always be on your toes. When your partner moves around, you can cover the entire court. When you have a reliable strategy and the right partner, the two of you can get almost any ball. 

There are some tennis doubles strategies and tips you can apply to make doubles more enjoyable and bring it to perfection.

Mens Doubles Final


Serves can make or break you, so it’s essential to get the first serve in or have a second serve with topspin. Make sure to avoid weak serves because those can ruin everything. Weak serves give your opponent plenty of opportunities. After a soft serve, your opponent can put away your serve at different angles that will be hard to cover.

Keep the ball down the middle. Play around with serves the next time you play doubles. Give hand signals to your partner if needed.

Surprise effect

You already know that surprises aren’t such a great thing in tennis. Unless you’re the one delivering them, right?What you can do is an approach shot that you’d keep low and towards the net player.

This makes the ball faster. By keeping it low, you make it hard for the net player to make a volley.

It’s a simple strategy that’s highly effective. Use it properly, and you’ll see many points coming your way.

Think about your partner:

The main thing about doubles is to remember you have a partner to think about, too. Your movement has to be aligned with your partner’s movement. You have to cover for one another, too.

If a shot throws your partner off, you must move to cover the middle. With moving, it’s essential that you two communicate. Call balls by yelling “mine,” “yours,” or “you” and “me.” 

Attack the back:

When you’re on the baseline, lob the ball to your opponent’s net player’s head. This will cause your opponent’s side to switch. When he tries to hit back, your partner will already be at the net and ready to attack.

Whoever is at the net has to be patient. If your opponent returns the lob with a groundstroke crosscourt, you have to return the ball over his head. This will tire your opponent quite quickly which is why it’s one of the most popular doubles strategies. 

Always be close:

All the fun is in the race to the net. In most cases, if you get there first, you’re most likely to win the point. This is because you put on offense the second you make it up to the net. 

Controlling the net, in this case, is always helpful. It gives you access to making volleys, so it’s crucial you develop the shot. Remember to conserve your energy for the ball that’s coming at you so move at diagonals to get it. 

Apply some of these tips the next time you play tennis doubles. These tennis doubles strategies help you improve while also provide a lot of fun in doing so.


I’m an avid tennis player and have been playing since I was 6 years old. After playing in high school and college, I now play in a local league.

  • July 21, 2018

I'm an avid tennis player and have been playing since I was 6 years old. After playing in high school and college, I now play in a local league.

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