Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racket

Babolat once again created a great racquet that is now a racquet of choice of many tennis players. I’m sure you’ve heard of Babolat regardless of your skill level, so there’s no need to talk about them a lot. However, I will say that they never fail to impress us with different tennis equipment and some of the best tennis racquets on the market.

One of the best Babolat racquets for intermediate players is the Babolat Pure Strike 100 tennis racquet. The Pure Strike 100 is what you’ve been looking for to help you upgrade your skill level since it’s created especially for all the aggressive, intermediate players. After series of Babolat racquets for beginners and intermediate players, this model brings a few more new technologies and specifications that make it stand out easily. Plus, it gives you high performance with all the spin and power you need as an intermediate player. More so, if you’re on a more aggressive side, you’ll love the overall feel of the racquet


Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racket

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Before we break down all the details, specifications and features, I must mention that this racquet has one of the most responsive and attacking frame designs when it comes to intermediate tennis racquets.

I had a chance to test it out for a while just to make sure what exactly it delivers and how it feels overall. To give you an even more detailed review, I’ve talked to many people who also use the Pure Strike 100 as they told me about what they like and disliked about this racquet.

Continue reading as we discuss all the details and what precisely they deliver quality wise.

Features and specifications:

One thing I must mention right away is the racquet’s frame. Undoubtedly, it’s the most forgiving frame in the family of Pure Strike racquets. Its head is 100 square inch in size and has a string pattern of 16×19. This is enough sweet spot to handle most of the off-center shots, but there’s even more to that aspect. Precisely, Babolat featured their new X-Sider technology in this racquet. The technology increases sweet spot significantly. The entire racquet is 27 inches long.

The hybrid frame is constructed in a way to provide a flexible feel plus a more forgiving response than the one you’d have with their previous models. Overall, the racquet is on a more firm side but still feels flexible enough when needed. Frame balance is 4 pts. HL, and the beam width is 21.3mm/ 23.3mm/21.3mm. The wide beam sections at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock, as well as at the throat of the racquet provide more stability at impact.

The reason why Babolat advertises this racquet as a perfect model for aggressive players is the maneuverability it provides. With this racquet, there’s always a chance for a crisp and fast response that would eventually cause fear in your opponents. The Babolat Pure Strike 100 2017 is also easy to work with thanks to its overall weight. When it’s strung, the racquet weighs not more than 11.2 ounces. You may not consider this lightweight, but either way, it doesn’t feel heavy even after hours of playing. When it’s unstrung, the racquet weighs 10.06 ounces. Its weight dramatically impacts the ability to handle heavy balls as well as the overall quality of the racquet.

Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet

Generally speaking, the racquet is designed to replace all previous models of Pure Strike line with its new technologies and features. Its head size is one of the main differences since it delivers more responsiveness and even more precision. Also, Babolat did something new with the upper crosses by spacing them out a little in their new FSI Power technology. This addition gives you more spin and power.

The Pure Strike 100 has head light balance, which provides maneuverability at the net. Plus, with this kind of balance, you’ll handle all volleys with ease. Its frame combines elliptical and square constructions, which add to the frame responsiveness. Considering stiffness, many people find the racquet to be on a more stiff side. However, there are several ways to change this and adapt it to your preference. You can decrease the string tension or use a softer string material.

Another feature that increased the overall quality is the Syntec Feel grip of the racquet. This gives you a comfortable grip, allowing you to swing aggressively. Besides, this kind of hold makes the racquet look even better.

All in all, the Babolat Pure Strike 100 may be one of the best Babolat racquets for intermediate players who like to play aggressively. Its weight and the responsive frame provide attacking qualities such as power, control, and spin. Plus, the string pattern has much to do with spin and control, too, so you know you’ll get all in one racquet.

The good:

  • Ideal for aggressive players
  • Great balance
  • Maneuverable
  • More power and spin
  • Best for intermediate players

Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet side

The Bad:

  • Maneuverability takes much of the stability

Final verdict:

I know very well how hard it is for aggressive players to find the best tennis racquet that could follow their style. However, after talking to many people regarding this racquet, it’s safe to say that this might be the best option for you if you like powerful and aggressive shots.

There’s not much this racquet can’t do. As we discussed, it gives you all the spin you need, and it’s powerful enough to follow through even some of the most aggressive gameplay. Much of its quality comes from the responsive frame and the FSI Power technology.

Still, its weight is also crucial since we’re talking about aggressive playing. It’s always important that the racquet isn’t too heavy, so it impacts your wrists, arms, and shoulders. Even though it’s quite maneuverable, sometimes that can come at the cost of stability, so make sure to consider that. It’s needless to say that it’s a common thing to lose some of the stability during off-center shots, even with the most responsive and forgiving racquet frame.

If you’re somewhere at the intermediate skill level and like to focus on power and aggressive shots, make sure to try the Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 tennis racquet as it’s one of the best models on the market today.

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