Babolat Drive Lite Blue and White Tennis Racket

The Babolat Drive Lite Blue and White tennis racquet is an update from the Drive Lite and one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players. It features a few new things that make this racquet much more comfortable than the previous Drive model.

The Lite Blue tennis racquet is similar to Drive Lite, it offers a few different things that make it perform differently. At most, it absorbs vibrations better, and for that reason, it’s more suitable for long hour training.

The Drive Lite Blue/White is ideal for intermediate and ​advanced players but also great for juniors looking to transition to an adult frame. Its specifications make it as heavy-duty as an advanced player would want, though it’s still lightweight and comfortable for juniors looking for an upgrade.


Babolat Drive Lite Blue and White Tennis Racket

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Because of its forgiving sweetspot and the way it performs, the Drive Lite Blue/White is one of the most favorite racquets among female players, especially if you’re looking for maneuverability from all areas on the court.

I simply had to test the racquet and see what makes it as special. Also, I talked to a few tennis players, adults and rising juniors, about why they chose this racquet. It’s needless to say, that many people rely on the trust-worthiness of Babolat to deliver the innovative technology in the best way possible.

Continue reading to see just what makes this racquet a perfect choice for advanced players. We’ll discuss its specifications, the good and the bad sides, new technologies and how it feels on the court.

Features and specifications:

The racquet has a 100 sq. in. head, and it’s 27 in. long. It’s made of graphite, that’s one of the most popular materials to use on tennis racquets. It makes the racquet reliable and durable, so you’re sure it will last you a long time before you decide to replace it.

One of the best things about this racquet is the Cortex Dampening System that’s on the two sides of the yoke. This new shape dampens the vibrations just enough without jeopardizing the feel when the racquet meets the ball. Partnering with the SMAC that provided a thin viscoelastic rubber that absorbs vibration, the Drive Lite Blue/White is comfortable and has a great sound.

When it’s strung, the racquet weighs 9.6 oz. which makes it user-friendly, stable, and solid. The racquet is precise and powerful, and for that reason, it’s one of the best for improving players. It gives a comfortable, but fast feel so it’s often recommended to juniors transitioning to adult frames.

Babolat ​Pure Drive Lite Blue and White also comes with their Woofer Technology. If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, the most important thing to know is that it’s unique. Babolat created it to have the strings and the frame interact when you strike the ball. Racquets have all the driving force that’s in the strings held by both sides of the static frame. When a ball hits your racquet, only a few strings get to work, and that’s exactly what Babolat wanted to change. They invented a system to have all the strings to work together. It reacts on impact and absorbs the unwanted vibration.

If you play from the baseline, you’ll notice the crisp and comfortable feel. Its balance of 13.77 inches/2 pts HH gives stability, more power, and weight. Precisely, the fast feel combined with accuracy and forgiving sweetspot make this racquet ideal for confident players.


Since it provides stability and maneuverability from all area of the court, I must say it performs great at the net. Its swing weight is 294g with power level being low/medium and swing speed medium/fast. The racquet features the 16×19 string pattern with a beam width of 23.5mm/25.5mm/23mm and strings tension of 50-55 pounds. Also, main skips are at 8T, 8H with no shared holes. The string pattern provides enough spin and control making the racquet versatile and easy to work with.

Overall, the racquet is forgiving, even on off-center shots. It gives great string response, power, and speed. With its almost even balance, the racquet is stable and easy to maneuver with. It’s great for both volleys and groundstrokes and playing at the net.

Besides, if you often play long hours and want to avoid sore muscles, this racquet is a good choice for you. It dampens vibrations, and it’s comfortable to play with for hours at the time.

If you’re an advanced player or a junior wanting to improve, the Babolat  PureDrive Lite Blue/While is a good choice. It’s forgiving, maneuverable, comfortable, but strong, fast and precise.

The good:

  • Flexible and maneuverable
  • Precise
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs vibrations (cortex dampening system)
  • Features the Babolat Woofer technology
  • Suitable for juniors and females


The Bad:

  • Might be too lightweight for some

Final verdict:

Overall, it doesn’t get much better than the Babolat Drive Lite Blue and White. As you could see, it features some of the best technologies that work well the specifications to create a racquet of its remarkable performance.

After talking to many players and coaches about this racquet, we’ve agreed that its best features and specifications make it one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players. It’s also suitable for women who want more stability, control, but don’t lack power and speed. It’s a versatile racquet that’s easy to use and delivers superior performance. The only downside of the racquet might be its light weight. If you find it to be way too lightweight for you, I recommend you just add some weight to the frame, and you’ll enjoy the racquet just as much.

If you want to upgrade from your old racquet, I suggest you try the Drive Lite and White. It’s innovative, easy to use and ideal for people who want to upgrade their skill level. You’ll be able to train for hours at the time and won’t feel sore since this is one of the most comfortable racquets on the market today. The Babolat Drive Lite Blue and White is the racquet of choice of many well-advanced players who still use it on daily bases.

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