Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racket

The Babolat Nadal 26 Junior tennis racquet is one of the best racquets you can get for your kid. It’s branded by Rafael Nadal as a replica of his Pure Aero racquet. However, this one is made of aluminum and only for children.

It comes pre-strung by Babolat and with a cover. It fits children at age 9 to 12, assuming they’re taller than 55’’.

Babolat may be the best choice of the racquet for kids that are just developing an interest in tennis. They’re quite an old brand that has made some of the most popular tennis racquets of recent years. So, why not give your kid what’s the best?

Even in this child’s racquet, you can see the quality and work Babolat has put in. Now, we’ve seen a few children’s tennis racquets from Babolat, the Nadal 26 Junior being the newest addition to the family.


Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racket

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The best way to understand the 26 Junior is to imagine Rafael Nadal’s racquet but adapted to fit children. It has all his tennis racquet preference and quality while being more lightweight and made of less robust materials.

Continue reading if you want to know all about this racquet and how it can help your kid develop an interest in tennis. Its specifications, overall feel of the racquet and other features, make it one of the best choices of racquets to start with.

Features and specifications:

Since it’s a children’s racquet, it’s essential that we discuss the age limit right off the bat. The Babolat Nadal 26 Junior tennis racquet is made for children between 9 and 12 years old, for recreational players and kids who are just getting started in tennis. It’s a perfect racquet to help them get their skills and technique brushed. Plus, the large head is very forgiving for all the mistakes and faults.

The racquet is made of aluminum, which is an ideal material for children’s tennis racquets. Aluminum is lightweight and makes the racquet easy to maneuver with. Precisely, your kid can spend hours playing around with the racquet and won’t feel sore afterward. The racquet doesn’t impact elbows, arms, and shoulders thanks to its lightweight aluminum composition.

The large head size is also a great plus when it comes to this Babolat racquet. The head size measures 105 square inches providing large sweet spot.

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Another significant factor is the weight. Most of the time, when kids start off in tennis, they like to play for hours at the time. If the racquet is too heavy, its weight may cause pain in arms, wrists, and elbows. This is how the Babolat Nadal 26 Junior stands out from the most children’s tennis racquets. It’s lightweight, with the total weight of 8.6 ounces. The fact that it’s made of aluminum has a lot to do with the overall weight of the racquet, but since it’s a child’s model that’s a great benefit.

The Babolat Nadal 26 Junior tennis racquet is about 26 inches long. Most of the time, this fits the majority of children in the age group from 9 to 12. Being that it’s a racquet for kids, its size is quite adequate, especially compared to all the other dimensions such as weight, and head size.

The grip size is 4, which is also considered to be a standard grip size for kids. Even if you don’t know much about children’s tennis racquets, you can simply compare the dimensions to adult’s racquets. Once you do that, you can easily see the difference and how the kid’s racquets are much smaller in size.

Besides, we all know how important looks and design are. It’s a factor even adults care much about, so it’s only understandable that kids pay so much attention to it. Babolat Nadal 26 Junior has an attractive appeal. It’s colored the same way as Nadal’s actual racquet of choice, the Pure Aero. This is a fun fact since kids often like to play roles. You’ll see how much they’ll enjoy playing to be Nadal with the replica of his racquet.

Keep in mind that even though the racquet is lightweight and won’t impact elbows, hands, and wrists, it still doesn’t have any shock absorption system. Also, Babolat Nadal 26 Junior isn’t suitable for professional junior tennis players since it’s frame construction is made to be much more lightweight.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum construction
  • Attractive design
  • Large sweet spot
  • Ideal for beginners

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Racquet sideways

The Bad:

  • Not for professional junior players
  • No shock absorption

Final verdict:

If you think that your child may become the next best thing in professional tennis, there might not be a better way of getting started then with the Babolat Nadal 26 Junior tennis racquet. Still, even if you’re just looking for a summer activity to keep your kid physically active and occupied, this Babolat racquet will help you with that.

Its amazing paint job and design are very popular with kids as it’s one of the first things they notice. However, adults know there are more important things than design, and it’s safe to say that the Babolat Nadal 26 Junior lives up to all the expectations.

It’s a great choice of a racquet for starters because the racquet has a perfect balance of weight, sweet spot, and frame construction.

It’s no secret that it’s not the most durable racquet, which means it won’t fit professional junior tennis players. However, the Babolat Nadal 26 Junior is the best choice for children who are just now discovering all the fun of tennis. This racquet will help your child as it starts to learn about tennis and all the techniques as a very beginner.

Overall, it’s a quality tennis racquet for kids, made to be a replica of Rafael Nadal’s Pure Aero tennis racquet. The sole fact that it’s a replica of Nadal’s racquet of choice, plus all the specifications and features it has, make this racquet best for beginners in the age group from 9 to 12.

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