Babolat Pure Drive Racquet 2015

The Babolat Pure Drive racquet is a model similar to the Babolat AeroPro Drive. If you’ve used the AreoPro racquet, you won’t notice much difference switching to the Pure Drive. These two have quite a few similarities and not so many differences, which is what eventually confuses customers the most.

However, there is no better of the two because it’s purely a matter of preference. The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the best tennis racquets and is amongst the favorite models on the market. It’s the racquets that score the most sales for Babolat, which is why we’ve decided to do a full review on it.

We’ve done some research and interviewed a few customers to help us understand what it is that makes the The Babolat Pure Drive as great. There’s no question about the quality of any racquet that has ever been produced by Babolat, and this is something every advanced tennis player can confirm.

Why should you choose the The Babolat Pure Drive?

It has the perfect combination of features and specifications that deliver superior performance and quality of the game. The technology presented here is made especially for The Babolat Pure Drive, which means no other racquet shares its qualities and benefits.

Let’s take some time to get technical and explain what exactly the technology behind the Babolat Pure Drive racquet. Also, we’ll get into its features and specifications as well as the benefits they bring to the tennis field.

Features and specifications:

The Babolat Pure Drive’s head size is 100 sq. in. MP, with 7 points head light balance. It weighs about 11.1 when it’s strung, and 10.6 when unstrung. Also, the racket is 27 inches long and made of graphite/tungsten.

The string tension is 16 mains and 19 crosses with no shard holes. The overall design, construction, and strings offer 55-62 pounds of pressure. All of this combined with the beam width of 23/26/23mm is what gives you the superior performance each time.

Now, what makes the Babolat Pure Drive different than others done by Babolat is the FSI technology. The company collected data from customer feedback on their previous models to notice a little detail. Precisely, it turned out that the most of the players hit the ball not with the center of the racket, but a bit above. For this reason, they’ve placed the sweet spot higher for more power in that zone. Additionally, the string pattern is tighter, as we’ve already mentioned, and that allowed more power as well as stability.


A clear difference between the The Babolat Pure Drive racquet and the AeroPro Drive is the design. The PureDrive has Elliptic Geometry and EVO Beam that allow less flex on ball impact and lower swing weight. The best thing is that the Elliptic Design doesn’t add any bend, twist, or weight to this racket. This means you get high resistance to flex on the impact of the ball. The Geometry made a stiffer frame possible and with that, the maneuverability and power.

There are a few customers who didn’t like the stiffer frame of the The Babolat Pure Drive simply because it added more pressure to the arm. It’s known that rigid frames aren’t arm-friendly because there is more weight in the handle. It takes some time to get used to the overall feeling of the weight distribution.

Another thing that lowers the torque is the EVO beam. What Babolat means by this is the beam width that goes from 23.5mm to 26mm to 23mm in the neck, head, and the throat. This allows your shot to have more power and strategic impact.

These two features make the biggest difference in the The Babolat Pure Drive racquet. They help bring exceptional power output compared to other Babolat’s racquets. Higher power in a racquet is ideal for all players who have robust serves and hard swings. The best thing is that the Pure Drive can take any shot and make it work, from volleys to returns and groundstrokes.

The Cortex Dampening System that’s on the handle helps lower vibrations and shock. It eliminates the high-frequency vibrations that bring you discomfort. Don’t worry because they won’t take out all vibration, but leave the useful little vibration that gives you the comfortable, clean feel. Customers said that the The Babolat Pure Drive racquet takes time getting used to. It’s solid at the handle but stiff at the frame. For this reason, we only recommend it to the players who are more advanced and technical because they don’t notice much difference in these aspects.

Also, the The Babolat Pure Drive is a heavy racquet, so keep that in mind if you have sensitive wrist and arm. Sure, that’s something you can get used to, but if you choose to, make sure to do it slowly. You’ll get stability, precision, and power in return if you can get over the weight of the racquet.

The good:

  • Excellent power thanks to the FSI technology and higher sweet spot
  • Stable for serves, groundstrokes, returns and other kinds of shots
  • More control
  • Ideal for advanced or at least intermediate players


The Bad:

  • Stiff feel of the frame
  • Not as suitable for people with arm, shoulder or wrist problems

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Final verdict:

Overall, if you want power and more control, The Babolat Pure Drive racquet is what will provide that. Surely, you’ll need to adapt to the stiffness of the frame, but you’ll get precision and power as a reward.

If you’ve tried some of the Babolat’s racquets before, you won’t notice much difference in quality and overall performance. It’s been some time since Babolat introduced their racquets to the world, and they’ve been the best tennis racquets since.

The Babolat Pure Drive , in particular, is not for everyone. It’s made especially for serious players who want power, and absolute control over their game. Those players will know how to appreciate and take advantage of the FSI technology and other useful features of the racket.

It may be similar to other Babolat models, but there’s a significant difference between the Pure Drive and other racquets on the market. These specifications and features show you exactly what makes the racquet as famous amongst serious and well-advanced players.

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