Tennis Drills for Beginners

Tennis is without a doubt one of the most popular sports right now. The best age to start tennis is while you’re a kid, but you still have a chance as an adult, too. As an adult, tennis drills are something that can help you improve significantly. Not only that but the drills are a lot of fun and are an essential part of your first steps in tennis.

I’ve made a list of tennis drills that are best for beginners as those are what can help you the most when you’re just starting off. Here are the drills that will help you learn new techniques and skills as a tennis player.

Around a circle

This is best to do with at least three people. To start, the beginners stand around the coach in a circle. If there are some students with better skills than others, make sure those are positioned further from the coach. The coach then hits the ball gently to one of the students who must hit it back to the coach but not before the ball bounces from the floor. The coach hits the ball back, this time randomly to anyone else. 

This way the students learn to communicate and practice how to cover the court. Make sure that the students don’t just stand still while the game lasts. Furthermore, you can make a competition out of this by making students sit down when they fail to hit the ball. Of course, the one that remains the last is the winner.

Tennis Drills

Follow what I say

​This one is important to improve different strokes, forehand, and backhand techniques. What’s best about it is that there is no number of students required for it. Line the students horizontally along the service line with the coach on the other side. The coach then hits the ball to each person and tells them to hit a groundstroke or a volley. This is great to practice how quickly the students respond to what the coach tells them.

Hit and run

​It can be done with many students but only one at a time. It’s important for improving quickness and agility. Position the student in the center part of the line in the service line with the coach standing on the other side.

To start, the coach should hit the ball to the other side of the court and the student has to run to hit it. The coach then hits the ball to the opposite side all the time forcing the student to run to hit it. After hitting the ball, the student must return to his original position. This drill is important to teach all beginners about preparing for the next shot and recovering from it as quickly as possible.Hand and eye coordinationThis is done by two people, one standing on the end of the service box and another on the baseline. You start by throwing the ball to your partner allowing it to bounce once before the other person catches it. You then let your partner hit the ball to you before you return it softly. He must now catch the ball. You can do this in different ways, best to hit five times each. Also, you can hit back and forth allowing it to bounce only once.

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