Tennis Gear for Beginners

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Starting off in tennis for the first time isn’t as complicated as you probably think. Some people often put off trying out this sport confused about the equipment they’d need. However, you won’t need more than a racket, a ball, pair of sneakers and maybe a few other optional accessories.

Continue reading our tennis gear for beginners guide we’ve put together to help you finally begin playing tennis. Here’s what you’ll need:

Tennis Racket

This is one of the two most important items you’ll need. As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed by the many rackets on the market. Many types are different in size, frame size, length, weight, string type and materials they’re made of. When you’re buying a racket for the first time, I’d suggest you seek professional assistance. Overall, look for a racket that’s made especially for beginners. Make sure it has the right grip size, weight and string pattern. You will determine these factors the best with the help of your trainer or a professional at the store. Look for a racket that’s lightweight and has a large frame size.

Tennis Gear

Tennis Ball

​Another crucial item you’ll need is a ball. As a tennis player, you’ll go through a lot of them, so the best is to buy several at the time. Professional balls are usually yellow or white, but there are many other colors available. These tiny balls are bouncy and should meet a certain bounce height. The standard bounce height a ball should meet is about 134.62cm when you drop it from 254cm. Regulation balls have a rubber core and are filled with pressured air. The outside of the ball is usually covered with wool shell or nylon. Keep in mind that if you play continuously for about 3 hours, your tennis ball will start to lose pressure as well as bounce.

Tennis Shoes

​Some would say that you don’t have to have tennis shoes, and I guess you don’t. However, it’s beneficial that you do, and for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s important you wear cotton socks with your shoes to soak up all the sweat during the game. Tennis shoes are made especially for tennis and are in many ways different than other sports shoes. The shoes have more side and arch support, especially when it comes to women’s shoes. Also, some of these shoes are mid cut for extra support to your ankles. Most tennis shoes have toe reinforcement, too. This helps the shoes last longer than some other athletic footwear.

Additional Accessories:

There are a few accessories that aren’t as crucial, but many will recommend you have them nonetheless. A visor could be useful especially during bright and sunny days. For women who wear sports skirts, it’s good to have a ball clip that attaches to the waistband. It keeps an extra ball for you during the game. Head and waistbands are great for soaking up sweat at all times. Don’t forget to also protect your skin by applying sunscreen when playing outdoors. Finally, have a water bottle with you all the time since you’ll be losing a lot of sweat. 

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