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Coollang might not be among the well-known manufacturers of tennis sensors, but that doesn’t make their trackers less effective. In truth, this tennis swing analyzer is becoming more and more popular among tennis players, for its real-time monitoring of velocity, hitting action, ball rotation, and hitting action.

The guys from Coollang did a pretty good job of creating a bottom-mounted sensor that provides reliable metrics available at an affordable price. In other words, it will allow you to analyze and evaluate your swings and matches without breaking your bank.

Read through our review, as we discuss the features, design, and performance of this best tennis sensor.

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Setting Up

The entire package contains the IMU sensor itself, along with a very detailed user manual, USB charging cable, and several mounting solutions. It’s all very neatly thought of, so installing the sensor to your racket shouldn’t be an issue.

Coollang designed two mounting solutions for this sensor, both of which make it compatible with almost any racket existing on the planet. The first method includes a silicon adapter mount that easily slips over the bottom of your racket handle. It does a pretty solid job of holding the sensor in place while providing an incredible amount of flexibility and versatility.

Removing the silicone mount is quite easy as well, but entirely pointless if you own only one racket. Thanks to the lidded cutout for the charging port, you won’t even have to remove the sensor from the mount for charging purposes. Still, it remains completely removable, in case you’re switching rackets, or protecting the sensor from rain.

The other solution involves the use of 3M VHB (Very High Bond) two-sided stickers that are included in the package. They’re straightforward to use, and very reliable when it comes to holding the sensor in place, thanks to the industrial-strength adhesive. Sticker-mounting is designed to be a more permanent mounting method; however, you can remove the sensor with some effort.

Regardless of which mount you choose, this 10mm high sensor will protrude from the bottom of the racket. Still, its 30mm diameter, and 6 grams weight won’t adversely affect the feel and performance of your racket. The only issue that might arise comes with a silicone mount, as it may bother players that like to hold the racket low on the handle.

After attaching it to the racket, it’s time to connect the sensor with the accompanying app that downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. As with HEAD’s new tennis sensor, Coollang is also powered on by a slight shake of the racket. The flashing LED will indicate that the sensor is working, and it will continue working as long as it moves along one of its six axes.

Performance and Features:

Connecting the tracker to an app is done effortlessly, via the Bluetooth 4.0 low-power communication technology. After entering some basic info about yourself into the app, the tracker’s ready for use, and you can step out onto the tennis court. You can allow the app to connect to your social media, and enable you to update your game statistic for your friends to see.

The app shows your overall statistic and features a Training Center that includes pre-programmed training sessions, instructional training videos, and video analysis of your shots. It also shows your ranking, comparing your score to that of your friends. Another fantastic feature is the achievement badges that you earn by achieving certain milestones.

When it comes to data collection and analysis, the tracker will monitor the speed and power of each shot, and determine your swing and degree of rotation. Thanks to the wide range six-axis setup, the tracker will record and analyze all your swings and speed precisely. All the essential data, like speed, rotation force, and shot-type, are all collected, displayed in the app, and stored in 100,000 shots worth of memory.

Video analysis is where this tracker shines. It uses the data from the sensor in combination with video recording to provide you with the analytical data of each shot recorded. That way, you can really count your gains and losses, and further up your game. Additionally, through the Training Center, you can select which shots you want to improve, and the app will draw out your individual practice plan.

Coollang Tennis Racket Sensor Tracker Motion

The built-in Lithium-Ion battery provides six hours of continuous play. Though it will last you through several training sessions, it’s highly recommended that you charge it before each match or training, to avoid running out of juice mid-play. The charging process is indicated by an orange LED signal and takes approximately 90 minutes for a full charge.

When your training session’s over, you’ll have to turn the sensor off yourself. Most motion-activated sensors auto-shutdown when the racket stands or lays still for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the Coollang tennis sensor lacks this feature, and it will drain your battery if left unattended. Due to the complete lack of the On/Off button, the power down is performed via the app.

The Good:

  • Affordable
  • Good accompanying app
  • 6 hours of playing time
  • Fast charging
  • Easy mounting

Coollang Tennis Racket Sensor Tracker Motion on racket

The Bad:

  • Some users reported random device restarts

Final verdict:

With its fantastic tracking performance, excellent smartphone app, and an affordable price, the Coollang is one of the best tennis trackers on the market. It allows you to analyze all the essential data about each swing, like speed, spin, shot strength, accuracy, and more. Not only will it analyze your data, but Coollang will also provide you with personalized training sessions, helping you improve your tennis game.

This round-shaped device comes with only a few downsides, like being a nuisance for players that hold the racket low on the handle. Also, some users reported the device randomly restarting, which could be a firmware issue – a problem that should be resolved in further updates. Other than these two downsides, we couldn’t find any other imperfections.

Overall, the Coollang Tennis Swing Analyzer will help you improve your consistency, further enhance your skill, and up your overall game. Not only is it effective, but it’s also stylish, affordable, and comes in two different colors. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet effective tennis sensor, the Coollang is the best bang for your buck – give it a shot, it won’t disappoint.

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