Costa Del Mar Fantail Glasses

When Costa came out with their Costa Fantail model, it didn’t take them long to become one of the most popular models. The older brother of the Blackfin and Corbina frame, the Costa Del Mar Fantail glasses are among the best tennis sunglasses on the market.

Tennis players usually have it hard when the weather is especially sunny. It makes everything more difficult for them, so it’s important they have the right protection. t’s not just about being comfortable while playing; it’s also about protecting your eyes at all times. What makes them as great?

First of all, there are so many models on the market, and it’s needless to say that most are not as durable. Also, tennis players can’t just wear any sunglasses, and many factors decide that. The weight and materials have to be just right, and the overall quality has to be at the very top.

The Costa Del Mar Fantail sunglasses are made from sturdy materials that ensure longevity. They are lightweight and comfortable even to be worn for hours. Furthermore, let’s not forget the lenses since that’s what’s actually protecting your eyes. Fantail glasses come with Costa’s special Del Mar lenses.

These are the kind of glasses that offer sight protection as well as impressive design. They are modern and practical for many reasons.

Continue reading as we go into detail what makes Costa Del Mar Fantail a good choice of tennis sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580P Polarized Sunglasses
  • Style: Rectangular
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Lens: Polarized Polycarbonate
  • Size: 59 mm x 18 mm x 120 mm
  • Gender: Unisex

Features and specifications:

Costa Del Mar has been around for more than 30 years. They are based in Daytona Beach, Florida, and all their products are manufactured in the USA. The company offers 41 models of performance sunglasses with many lens and frame combinations.

They were the ones who came up with a unique 360-degree co-molded technology called a no-slip Hydrolite lining. It goes along the entire interior and helps keep the frame in place all day. The frame is rectangular with a medium to large fit.

The Costa Del Mar Fantail sunglasses features co-molded arms and nose pieces. It’s also much lighter than most models on the market weighing only 0.32oz. Its construction is made of nylon and provides durability and a tight fit. This allows the frame to withstand salt water and different harsh outdoor weather conditions.

The Costa Del Mar Fantial glasses come in black and tortoise frame colors with several lens options to choose from. Glass lens are more scratch resistant and clearier. However, the polycarbonate lens is more lightweight. There are plenty of colors to choose from depending on your lifestyle and preference.

One of the most popular choices is the Green Mirror 580 glass lens often considered to be the clearest type on the market.

This high-tech lens provides scratch resistance, UV protection, superior clarity and the best polarizing efficiency you’ll find. It enhances vision and contrast which is great for when the sunlight is going directly in your eyes.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Glasses Side

Their width is 59mm, and the height is 51mm. The distance between lenses is 16mm in total.

The frame is comfortable and easy to maneuver with. Because they are so lightweight, you can also carry them on top of your head or over a hat. It’s highly unlikely that they would slip but proceed with caution nonetheless as this can sometimes tear the frame.

If wearing sunglasses on top of your head doesn’t sound like a good storage idea for you, consider carrying them in a case. Fantail glasses come with a hard case that’s durable and protects your shades when you’re not using them.

The only setback we noticed is that the frame doesn’t close all the way. So, when you fold the shades, you’ll see that they don’t fold in a way previous models do. Still, they fit into their hard case perfectly, so it’s not such a big of a deal breaker.

These are also quite versatile so don’t think that you’ll only see people wearing these for tennis on a hot day. People wear Costa Del Mar Fantails shades when fishing, skiing, hiking, running, biking, etc.

Another great thing about these is that they don’t get foggy when the weather changes. You know what happens when you enter a warm room from the cold outside? Yes, well, it doesn’t happen with these shades.

On top of that, all models, including this one, come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if your glasses maybe feel a little worn out after a few years, you can send them back to the manufacturer. If they conclude the damage wasn’t done by any misuse of the product, they will most likely fix your sunglasses.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Polarized lenses
  • Many combos to choose from
  • Case included

costa del mar Fantail Glasses Front

The Bad:

  • They don’t fold completely

Final verdict:

If you’re looking for the best tennis sunglasses, the Costa Del Mar Fantail sunglasses might be the best choice. They are versatile and can be used in all kinds of outdoors activities.

People usually think any sunglasses protect you from the sun as long as the lenses are dark. This isn’t true, and it’s quite dangerous since the color of the lenses doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything.

What you want are fully protective shades like the Costa Del Mar Fantail. You can choose from many frames and lenses to get yourself the best fit for your preference and lifestyle.

Their blue mirror sunglasses are comfortable; there’s no doubt about that. The innovative technology provides a pleasant and secure fit that’s crucial if you’re playing tennis wearing these. They won’t move and won’t cause stress on any part of your face where the frame touches it.

However, you might have some trouble with them if you forget to carry their original box. The way these fold may present some problems in terms of carrying the shades unless you put them in their case.

Other than that, these are a good option you should definitely consider if you’re on a hunt for the best tennis sunglasses. They carry the traditional Costa Del Mar quality that ensures the glasses are durable, efficient, protective and comfortable.

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580p Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Style: Rectangular
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Lens: Polarized Polycarbonate
  • Size: 59 mm x 18 mm x 120 mm
  • Gender: Unisex

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