Gamma Sports RZR Bubba tennis racket

Trying to find the best tennis racquet for beginner adults is sometimes an overwhelming process. To make your search easier, I want to tell you about the Gamma Sports RZR Bubba tennis racquet. It’s one of the best on the market that you can get if you’re an adult just starting out in tennis.

You’re probably wondering what makes this racquet stand out, and you have every right to that. The biggest difference it offers is its size. The RZR Bubba has a larger headsize, and as such, it provides a larger sweetspot than most racquets on the market.

Of course, there are a couple of other things that the Gamma Sports had to include in this racquet to improve some of the setbacks caused by its size. It offers the most extended reach that you could legally achieve and exceptional control.

I had a lot of fun testing this racquet, but I also wanted to hear other people out about what they think of this racquet. It wasn’t hard to find players who use the RZR Bubba since it’s quite popular amongst adults. Most of the people like that it’s user-friendly and easy to work with, with only a few mentioned dislikes.

If you’re starting out in tennis and looking for a solid tennis racquet to help you improve, I’d say that the Gamma Sports RZR Bubba tennis racquet might be the best choice.

Take a minute to read the full review as we discuss the good and the bad about the RZR Bubba as well as all its specifications.

Gamma Sports RZR Bubba Tennis Racquet
  • Head size: 137 Sq. Inch
  • Length: 29 Inch
  • Width: Tapered 22-24-22mm
  • Strung Weight - 10. 4-Ounce

Features and specifications:

First and foremost, we have to mention its size since that is its most important feature. The racquet is made of graphite, and it features 137 sq. in. head with an extended 29-inch length. This means an enormous sweetspot and minimal possibilities of off-center shots. Many find this especially useful for players who have short strokes because it offers a lot of power. However, because it’s as cumbersome, you might want to be careful if you’re a beginner so that you don’t tire out your arms. Its swingweight is at 388g so that can make it feel more massive than it is. Also, the racquet weights about 10.4 oz. in total.

It features the RZR Advanced Aerodynamics technology that makes it easy to swing despite its weighty feel and headsize. Its headsize, stringbed, swingweight, and length all make it quite powerful. However, it doesn’t lack control either, especially from the baseline. The racquet offers easy pace and spin on serves.

When it comes to volleys, the racquet is stable, and it feels as such. It’s powerful as always, providing extended reach and easy put-aways.


The Gamma Sports RZR Bubba tennis racquet comes unstrung. The recommended string pattern is 18×21, with a beam width of 22mm/24mm/22mm. Also, its balance is at 7 pts HH, with a stiffness of 64g. It’s important to remember that its headsize is larger than most racquets, so you’ll need two sets of strings for it. Also, recommended tension is 50-65 pounds.

The racquet is black and white with an RZR Tac grip type. The grip type is crucial because it provides comfort and makes the racquet feel a little less heavy and big.

If you’re a beginner who’s never played tennis before, or if you’re prone to arm pain, I suggest you approach this racquet with caution. Yes, it’s one of the best tennis racquets for beginner adults, but because of its specifications and overall feel it gives, it’s better for you to be careful. You can string it at low or at least medium tensions to prevent injury. Another thing that you can do as a preventive measure is to use natural or soft multifilament gut if you can.

This racquet is one of the best for players with short swings because it gives more reach, power and it’s quite forgiving. Its large sweetspot means a lot if you’re a player with slow swings. However, its size does affect its maneuverability as it’s expected. Though it’s quite user-friendly, the racquet isn’t so easy to maneuver with. If this isn’t your first racquet, it might take you some time to adjust and get used to its size and the feel it gives.

It’s often recommended to beginners because it has a long reach and high swing-weight. It’s also ideal for older players who haven’t been playing for a while.

The good:

  • Extended reach
  • Features the RZR Tac grip
  • High swingweight

The Bad:

  • Feels a little cumbersome
  • Not suitable for people prone to arm pain

Final verdict:

What’s great about this racquet is that it’s versatile. If you decide to test it out and see that it doesn’t fit you, you can alter some things to make it more suitable for you. Adjust the string tension or change the string type completely, and the racquet changes completely. This allows you to experiment as a beginner and see what fits you the best.

This might be the best tennis racquet for beginner adults on the market today, and there are many customers to confirm that. I had no problem in finding people who use or have used this racquet when they were beginners. Besides, if you go to your local tennis club, I’m sure you’ll find someone to tell you about it firsthand.

It has impressive specifications and performs well thanks to them. It’s comfortable, steady, precise, and ideal for beginners because it’s forgiving. As a beginner, you’ll spend quite some time learning to stay within the sweetspot, so it’s great to have a racquet with a large one. Even when those off-center shots occur, you’ll see the racquet’s forgiving nature coming to play to save you.

I must say, this is maybe the best choice for you if you’re looking for the very first racquet to start your training with. If, however, you used to play tennis some time ago, the Gamma Sports RZR Bubba tennis racquet is a great model to help you pick up where you left off.

Gamma Sports RZR Bubba Tennis Racquet
  • Head size: 137 Sq. Inch
  • Length: 29 Inch
  • Width: Tapered 22-24-22mm
  • Strung Weight - 10. 4-Ounce

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