Head Intelligence i.s12 Tennis Racket

If you ever had a chance to play with the i.S10 at least once, you will love the Head Intelligence i.S12 tennis racquet. They play alike, with some minimal differences made in the i.S12 to improve the overall quality of the racquet.

It’s one of the most lightweight but powerful racquets on the market today. Also, it’s maneuverable and fast, with heavy head balance and open string pattern. All of its specifications and features provide stability and power.

Head is a well-known brand that came out with some of our favorite tennis racquets, so it’s no surprise that we now get the i.S12 from them. It features much of Head’s known technologies, combined with some new additions that result in the best quality of performance.


Head Intelligence i.s12 Tennis Racket

The i.S12 is a great value at under $100 that you don’t need to pay a vast amount of money for a quality tennis racquet. It’s great for improving your skill level and advancing as a tennis player.

I did some research on this and a few other Head tennis models to bring you the most detailed review. Not only that I got to play some tennis with this model, but I’ve also spoken to other people who enjoyed playing with the i.S12. As a result, I found out what it feels like, what it delivers and what it is that many people like about it.

Continue reading to find out all the information, customer reviews, pros, and cons, as well as all the specifications and features.

Features and specifications:

Head integrated Intellifiber on both sides of the throat area. This material is made from piezoelectric elements that make it different from other materials we’re used to seeing. The main benefit of it is noticeable within first few seconds. Head Intellifibers stiffen whenever the ball impacts the racquet. This means reduced bending in the throat area, which means eventually more power. In other words, racquets must bend when the ball impacts, which may cause loss of power.

Also, you’ll notice the mechanical energy turn into electrical energy in a second, changing the Intellifibers for added stiffness. Since electrical energy doesn’t create vibration, 20% of them are eliminated at that very moment the ball hits the racquet. This means more power as well as comfort combined with great balance.

There is a fascinating technology featured in the shaft and throat area of the racquet. Precisely, is the dual rounded bubbles featured in those areas that increase torsional rigidity by 27%, while reducing weight by 6%. Its weight and stiffness mean more stability, maneuverability, and control.

Its head size is 115 square inches, which is a large enough head to provide quite the sweetspot. Its size also means it’s more forgiving for some off-center shots. Its balance is 15.25 inches, with 10 pts. head heavy. The Head Intelligence i.S12 length is 28in. The shape of the head is oval, which isn’t a preference of many people since most of us feel like it takes away from the sweetspot. However, the i.S12 comes with an already large sweetspot that isn’t much affected by the oval shape of the racquet’s head.

One of its best specifications is its weight. The i.S12 is relatively lightweight at 8.20 oz. when it’s already strung. The weight means the racquet doesn’t impact your arm, shoulder, and wrist as much as it would if it was heavier than 8.20 ounces. Head Intelligence i.S12 is pre-strung with a string pattern 14×17, with a string section of 27mm straight beam.


Another feature worth mentioning is the PowerPattern that’s symmetrical and has the same distance between all cross and main strings. The PowerPattern has patented PowerZone grommets that allow the strings to deflect by 180% compared to other string patterns and grommets. Ultimately, this feature gives power and large sweetspot. Also, it provides control since it doesn’t matter where on the string bed you hit the ball. No doubt, the Head Intelligence is ideal for everyone who’s looking to improve their game skills and overall quality of their performance.

Besides all the technical specifications, I must talk about how the Head Intelligence i.S12 feels in general. I’ve said before that it’s lightweight, so it’s ideal for extended training and long hour games. However, you may think that less weight means more vibration and added pressure to your arm, wrists, and shoulder. Undoubtedly, this is relatively true, but in the case of i.S12, vibration is reduced by 20%. Also, its Head ComforTac grip adds more comfort and control.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Reduced vibration
  • Large sweet spot
  • Ideal for game improving
  • Innovative technology


The Bad:

  • Oval Shape

Final verdict:

To summarize, the Head Intelligence i.S12 brings many great things to the table. Its specifications and features make it one of the best models on the market. No doubt, Head has been around for ages, and quality racquets such as this one are the reason. Ultimately, every tennis player is different, so it’s only normal that we come across different preferences. However, the Head Intelligence i.S12 has been a go-to racquet for many beginners, intermediate and recreational players. The reason for this is its large sweetspot, added comfort, power, and control. Most of the time, racquets that offer power aren’t as comfortable as you’d like them to be. In this case, you get the perfect balance of power and control combined in one racquet.

Keep in mind, increased power, reduced vibration, and added comfort are all essential in tennis. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the large sweetspot and comfort since you’ll probably experience many long hours of training. For intermediate and recreational tennis players, the i.S12 allows swift shots, powerful swings and all you need to improve your game even further.

Its oval shape isn’t a very popular preference, but it doesn’t take much to get used to it. Also, even with the shape of the head, you still get enough sweetspot. Overall, the i.S12 is one of the best tennis racquets under $100 that’s comfortable, powerful and offers all the stability, maneuverability and control.

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