Head PCT Speed Tennis Racket

If you’re looking for a new tennis racquet, we’re sure you’ve heard Head at some point. It’s one of the most popular brands out there, so it’s impossible you’ve missed it. The Head PCT Speed tennis racquet Head’s well-known beginners/intermediate racquet used widely across the world.

We know that choosing a new tennis racquet is a tricky endeavor. More so, if you’re a beginner who doesn’t know all that much about racquets, the search can become overwhelming and tedious.

The market is packed with so many models by so many brands that it makes sense it is a hard decision to make. We don’t have to spend much time explaining why it’s important to find a racquet that really suits your playing style. 

Head PCT Speed Tennis Racket

HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet
  • HEAD size, oversized
  • Weight 10.4 oz
  • Balance is .75 in. Hl with a 23 mm beam
  • Length is extra long, 27.5 in
  • String pattern is 16/19

So, what can you do?

Based on our experience, and the knowledge of many players we’ve interviewed, we’ve realized that the Head PCT might be one of the best choices that the market has to offer. It’s got all the qualities of a good racquet perfect for building up your skill set.

We spoke to people who use or have used it, and we also had a chance to test it ourselves. Continue reading to learn why so many people took this as their racquet of choice.

Features and specifications:

HEAD-PCT-Speed-Tennis-Racquet-reviewThis is the kind of racquet you want to get if you’re looking for spin, control, and power. All of its mainly provided by all the specifications in combined. All aspects of the racquet work together to create one of the best Head models on the market.

First and foremost, it’s essential we mention its head shape and size. It’s mostly round with quite a big sweet spot. Its form combined with the size allows for enough space for contact with the ball. It’s considered an adult racquet precisely for its oversized 110 sq. in. head shape.

The graphite composite construction is what allows as much spin and control. These two factors are one of the most important to help you improve the quality of your game. More so, if you’re an intermediate player or even a beginner upgrading from your very first racquet, this amount of control and spin will undoubtedly make a difference.

Plus, the materials used for its construction are what make it as durable and long-lasting. This isn’t one of those racquets that will break after a few games.  it’s not recommended you throw it around, but a few drops probably won’t crack or damage it.

On top of that, the PCT features a plasma coating for added durability. This coating adds much more power to your strike. Plus, it adds more touch to the overall feeling of the racquet which is always welcoming.

It’s extra long, which is another reason why this is strictly an adult type of racquet. It measures about 27.5 in. in total. This measurement includes the contoured and cushioned grip for added comfort.

The Head PCT comes pre-strung with a string pattern of 16/19. Its balance is .75 in. headlight with 23mm beam. It weighs 10.4 oz. altogether.

The overall size and weight of the are especially beneficial to all beginners. The large head size provides large sweetspot which means more space for you to contact with the ball. You’ll notice the racquet allows you to improve quicker and easier.

The fact that it’s as lightweight is another great thing for intermediate and beginning players. Same applies if you’re a returning player who used to play tennis before. This is a simple racquet that allows you to practice as often as you like.

Unlike heavier models, it’s arm friendly , so it’s unlikely that you’d end up with pain in your elbow or wrist. This reason alone is enough for you to consider this Head model.

It delivers comfort, power, and maneuverability that usually don’t go together with this type of racquet. Power may be the most important for beginners, which is why the PCT lacks none. It compensates all the power your strike may lack up until you build your skill set. That’s when you can maneuver it with less or more depending on your preference.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use racquet. You might need some time to get used to it before you find your pace and adapt the racquet to it. Nonetheless, its specifications and features work together as a team to create the best experience for you.

Let’s have a look at pros and cons to overview the PCT by Head:

The good:

  • Large sweetspot
  • Powerful but maneuverable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight

The Bad:

  • Some may find it too lightweight

Final verdict:

As you could see, there’s a reason why so many beginners start with this racquet in particular. And the best thing is that it’s even suitable for intermediate players since it’s powerful and generates enough spin.

It features innovative technologies combined with precise manufacturing to create the quality of performance. All its aspects work together to make this powerful tennis racquet.

No doubt, this might be one of the most suitable models if you’re looking for the best Head tennis racquet. It has all the quality featured in other Head racquets, which is precisely why people are as pleased with it.

After talking to many players who came across the racquet, it was clear to us why its so popular. It’s easy to get used to with all its control and comfort. Plus, the racquet is durable, which is always important since you’ll probably want to play as often as possible.

Overall, it’s worth all your attention mainly because it’s by Head. At this point, you probably know about the brand and how much detail they put into their racquets. This one stands out for its ease of use and effectiveness which are both equally important for beginners and intermediate tennis players.

HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet
  • HEAD size, oversized
  • Weight 10.4 oz
  • Balance is .75 in. Hl with a 23 mm beam
  • Length is extra long, 27.5 in
  • String pattern is 16/19

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