Head Ti.s5 Comfort Zone Performance Tennis Racquet

If you’re new to tennis, the Head Ti.S5 Comfort Zone is probably one of the best options for you. It’s ideal for starters or even some intermediate players who have a slow swing and need a larger sweet spot.

One of the best things about the Head Ti.S5 is that it’s easy on the arm. As a beginner to intermediate level player, you need a racquet that’s not heavy-duty but feels lightweight and easy to swing with.

However, beginner’s often don’t know what to look for, especially since there are many different models on the market. Not only it’s important that the racquet fits your skill level, but it’s crucial that it also has all the required additional features.

The TIS5 features Head’s Comfort Zone technology, which makes it an ideal choice for many different players, professional or recreational. Its features and specifications also highly contribute to its overall quality.

Regardless of whether you’re just beginning in tennis, or you already outgrew your first racquet, the TIS5 will fit you perfectly. It’s made in a way to work for a wide variety of people with a different skill set. Also, you’ll quickly notice your skills improve with this racquet.

Continue reading to learn all about Head TIS5, the technology, features, specifications, pros and cons, and much more. We tested it, talked to people who played with it for some time, too and found all the information you might need regarding the racquet.

Features and specifications:

As one of the best arm friendly tennis rackets, the Head TIS5 is ideal for beginners and intermediate players who like a large sweet spot and have a soft swing. When you’re a beginner, you need a racquet that’s easy on the arm, so that you don’t exhaust or hurt yourself. As an updated version of the original TIS5, this pre-strung racquet also features the well-known Comfort Zone technology.

It’s easy on the arm, which is one of the most important things about all top arm-friendly tennis rackets. Its open string pattern is 16×19, meaning that it’s enhancing sweet spot without any damage to the control. Also, what’s great about the Comfort Zone technology is that it delivers a new dampening system. This is a patented technology made of hard and soft materials combined to reduce vibration up to 25%. Also, the cross-section is 27mm Straight Beam.

The grommets are shaped like cones, which is another thing that enhances ball acceleration and sweet spot by 20%. The shape of grommets combined with other specifications brings ultimate comfort and ease of use.


The racquet comes pre-strung by the manufacturer, which is excellent for new comers as you won’t have to bother with that part yourself. When strung, the racquet weighs 8.50 oz. As you can see, it’s very lightweight, especially compared to other racquets on the market. That’s precisely why so many people consider it one of the best arm friendly tennis rackets on the market.

The size of the racquet’s head is 107 sq. Inches. This is the optimal size of a racquet ideal for many skill levels. Its length is 27.75 inches.

It’s also important for beginners that the grip of the racquet is comfortable and easy on the arm. The TIS5 is made with the Head SofTac technology that’s comfortable always, even after prolonged games and training. It helps so you don’t get tired quickly, or end up with sore muscles after playing.

Even though the Head TIS5 is made for beginner and intermediate skill levels, there are also several experienced players who enjoy their time with it. Mostly, it’s a good choice for when you want more power with less effort. The racquet is maneuverable, which means you won’t have to sacrifice any control or comfort for ease of use.

Even if you’re more into doubles than singles, you’ll be able to enjoy the performance it delivers. You’ll achieve better topspin and more depth with your groundstrokes.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Features Comfort Zone Technology
  • Easy on the arm
  • Great for beginners

The Bad:

  • Vibrates more than the original TIS5

Final verdict:

Undeniably, Head TIS5 is the ultimate beginner’s racquet that delivers precisely what you need to grow as a tennis player. It’s one of the best arm friendly tennis rackets on the market today. Also, its features and specifications provide such quality testified by many now experienced players.

To summarize, it’s comfortable on the hand, easy to hold on to, and has a grip perfect for all skill levels. Besides, its technology allows you to adapt to it easily, and play with ease for hours. The combination of materials, technology, string pattern, stiffness, and balance, all make the best of this racquet.

More so, the racquet comes pre-strung, which makes everything even easier for a beginner. Of course, if you feel like you don’t like it, you can always string it yourself or have a professional do it for you. That can improve your game even further.

In our opinion, you should give it a try. Not only it’s made by one of the leading tennis racquet brands, but it’s an improved version of an already well-known model. If you’re a beginner, we can recommend this racquet as a stepping stone, and the best way to learn tennis basics. It’s lightweight and easy on the arm, which comes in as very important for beginners. However, if you’re an intermediate level player, you’ll love its maneuverability, dampening system, and longevity.

Head TIS5 is the racquet that professionals will always recommend to anyone who’s seeking for comfort, large sweet spot, durability and a quick way to improve their tennis skills. Being that it’s one of the top arm-friendly tennis rackets, Head TIS5 is definitely worth your attention.

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