Head’s Graphene Radical Pro Tennis Racket

You’ll often hear intermediate or even advanced pro tennis players talk about Head’s Graphene Radical Pro racquet and highly recommending it. As you know, the Head Radical series of racquets has been around for quite some time now, being one of the most popular choices of many pro players. We saw Andy Murray, Andre Agassi, and Taylor Fritz as only a few who choose the racquet.

What makes it as great are the little things as weight distribution, extraordinary design, and longevity. These are only a few specifications that make the racquet stand out amongst so many models on the market.

The technology behind the racquet as well as the materials it’s made of makes it one of the best. For this reason, you’ll hear many people recommend it to you. No doubt, it’s ideal for intermediate players who are already far from beginner’s skill level.

For example, if you don’t yet feel like your skills are at a pro level, but also feel like you outgrew your intermediate player’s racquet, you should try the Head Graphene Radical Pro.

Its features provide such overall feel that allows you to achieve the best of your game each time you play. You’ll enjoy the game, and see your skills improve with time and practice.

Take some time and continue reading as we break down the specifications and features into detail explaining what exactly makes the Head Graphene Radical Pro one of the best tennis racquets for intermediate players.

Features and specifications:

Although it comes unstrung, the racquet provides 16x 19 string bed once it’s strung, giving velocity and a fantastic spin. Besides, its frame is made of Graphene, that’s one of the strongest but lightest materials. The lightness of Graphene allows the manufacturer to evenly distribute the weight from top to bottom of the racquet. This entire concept helps achieve power with much less weight and effort.

Its head size is around 98 square inches with the balance of 6 points head light or 32.5cm. The sturdy frame weighs only 10.9 ounces without the strings. Once it’s strung, the racquet weights around 11.4 ounces. The lightweight feel makes it easy to drive through the ball, giving you the ultimate power. Ultimately, once it’s strung, it provides a large sweet spot.

Intermediate players usually like it because it allows maneuverability and confident aggression stepping in the game. Most of the time, its power and speed show of in volleys and serves the most. The racquet allows you to be quick and strike accurately with power and spin.

Graphene Radical Pro Racquet

The length of the racquet is 27 inches, meaning that it’s fit for adults mostly. Overall swing weight that you’ll experience is 325, while the flex measures around 68. Also, the beam width is 20mm/23mm/21mm.

The tension recommended by the manufacturer is 48-57 lbs. which is essential to remember. The racquet features a Head Hydrosorb Pro grip that’s comfortable and allows you the maneuverability that’s important in racquets.

You’ll experience the firm feel right the first time you come to contact with the racquet. However, the feel is far from stiff, still being comfortable enough. Its lightweight may sound confusing, but the racquet is yet stable enough to provide a compelling strike and spin. Also, its firmness doesn’t take away from comfort, meaning that you’ll feel comfortable and in charge. Regardless of whether you’re an all-courter or not, the racquet performs well in each case.

Keep in mind; the overall feel depends from player to player. Some people like the sturdy feel, while some players don’t. Either way, if you’re an intermediate player, we’re sure you won’t find a single problem in playing with this racquet. Many people who played with the Radical Pro suggest that you experiment with different strings, and customize your racquet as much as you can. That will allow you to adequately accommodate the racquet to your taste to achieve the ultimate experience during games.

Its overall quality, as well as the list of features and specifications, make this racquet one of the best models for intermediate tennis players. You’ll often come across its customers, some of whom are even professionals. The reason behind many people opting for this racquet is its performance and durability. The racquet provides ultimate maneuverability, it’s firm, comfortable and long-lasting, which are all essential to look for when buying a tennis racquet.

The good:

  • It’s made of very durable Graphene
  • Features the Head Hydrosorb Pro grip
  • It’s lightweight but sturdy
  • Provides power and supreme spin
  • Ideal for serious intermediate to professional players
  • Has a soft touch

The Bad:

  • Not adequate for beginners
  • Doesn’t come with a head cover

As you can see, the racquet doesn’t have many cons, especially when you compare them to the long list of pros. Its customers only didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with a head cover, but most of the racquets don’t these days. That’s probably not a significant setback considering how many goods there is about the racquet.

Final verdict:

As we’ve mentioned before, the Radical Pro tennis racquet has all that an intermediate player would need. Not only that, but you’d enjoy the racquet even if you’re a player who’s ready to upgrade from medium to advanced level.

It’s lightweight but powerful. Also, it’s sturdy but still comfortable. All in all, it gives you the ultimate feeling of being in charge of your strike and overall game.

Because it comes unstrung, you get to chance to string it the way you like. Plus, if you decide to experiment with strings a little bit, we’re sure you’d end up loving the racquet even more. That way, you’ll find the best strings that match the racquet as well as your preference and pace.

Finally, it’s important to note that the Radical Pro is the choice of many professional tennis players, which speaks of its quality the most. That sole fact should explain the quality of the racquet as well as the overall experience and feel during a game or practice.

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