Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racket

Do you have a young boy who you want to bring into the world of one of the most popular sports? What better way to do that than with the Marvel Junior Spiderman tennis racquet.

It’s no secret that kids love superheroes and cartoon characters. They are everywhere from toys, school supplies, and sports equipment.Now, Marvel may not be your first choice when it comes to racquets, but it’s a good one nonetheless. Most parents focus on more professional brands when they buy a racquet for their child. Though this isn’t necessarily a mistake, it’s a risky business.​​​​​

The thing is, kids have a short attention span and in most cases, they don’t know what they want. The last thing you want is to splurge on a beginner model only for your child to drop the whole tennis thing after a week or two.

So, this is not only a good idea regarding design , but it’s a good idea for ease of use and affordability. Once your kid falls in love with the sport and learns some fundamental techniques, it will be easier to upgrade to a more advanced racquet.

However, we researched this one on your behalf to see why kids love it so much and to find out does it offer more than just being associated with Spider Man. We’ve talked to many people and kids who play with the Marvel Junior Spiderman racquet to bring you the most detailed review.

Features and specifications:

The first thing we noticed was how versatile this series of racquets are. Precisely, there’s an entire series of the racquet and it comes in four different sizes. Parents and kids love this since they can stick to only one type of model for a long time.

If your son fits the 19’’ model, he can enjoy it all up until he grows out of the 25’’ one, too. This is great because boys usually don’t want to give up their Spiderman racquet once it becomes too small for them. Now, they don’t have to since there’s usually a size up available. Naturally, by the time he grows out of the 25’’ version, he’ll be far more advanced and in need of a more serious model.

The next best thing about it is, of course, its design. The two-piece frame is painted red and black with Spiderman logos everywhere. Needless to say that all boys love it and in most cases, this is the one out of 10 they’d choose.

Of course, the paint job and design have nothing to do with performance, but it’s one of the best ways to get kids into tennis. The fact that it’s a Spiderman racquet gets them excited to play each time making all practices fun.


The racquet comes pre-strung by the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about getting it strung. It’s ready for use the very moment it arrives.However, the design isn’t limited to the frame. There are big Spiderman eyes stenciled into its strings. Of course, this adds to the overall design and look of the racquet.

It’s a solid racquet as far as durability goes, too. The paint job is done well, and there are no reports on any chips happening. Plus, the frame is quite sturdy providing longevity that’s especially important in junior models. It’s well known that kids aren’t as careful with racquets as adults are which is why it’s essential to have a durable one. The last thing you want is for it to break after your kid accidentally drops it. Luckily, this is highly unlikely to happen with either one of the four sizes that the Marvel Spiderman junior racquet comes in.

Make sure to check out the manufacturer’s website to figure out which size would be the best for your child. If not, consult their coach who’s essentially the best person to tell you which size you can’t go wrong with.

Another thing to mention is that this is a lightweight racquet that’s also suitable for girls. Some argue that the design is best for boys, but if your girl loves Spiderman as much as everyone else, it will fit her.

The only minor setback that appears to happen is concerning its grip. Many customers say that you’d have to re-tape the handle after a while. The opinions on why this is happening are split. All in all, the fact is that this happens with pretty much all junior models since kids tend to play much more often than adults. The extensive use then leads to quicker wear signs such as those at the handle.

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Several sizes to choose from


The Bad:

  • The handle grip wears out quickly

Final verdict:

If you’re searching for the best junior tennis racquet, this one could quite easily be one of the best choices for you. There are several solid reasons why this racquet is among the top options of junior models that the market has to offer.

The Spider Man design is by far the best way to get boys interested in tennis. Naturally, kids love cartoon characters and superheroes which is why this is a smart way to introduce tennis to them.Plus, though many say the design is for boys, the specifications of this racquet allow girls to enjoy it as well.

Some signs of wear may appear after extensive use, but that’s common when it comes to junior models. It’s also not a big deal in most cases because kids grow them out rather quickly anyway.

Consider this one if you want to present your child to the fun and exciting world of tennis. This is the kind of racquet that makes practices fun. Besides, the fact that there are several sizes to choose from is always beneficial since you won’t have to go far for a bigger racquet when the need for it appears.

Overall, it’s an impressive junior racquet that’s quality and durable but also exciting and fun for both boys and girls of all ages.

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