Prince Premier 105L ESP Tennis Racquet Review

If you’re looking for the best tennis racquet for beginner adults, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve searched the market and found the to be one of the best nowadays.

I know it’s not easy for beginners to find the right racquet, especially since there are so many different models on the market. If you do not know what to look for in racquet you might not be getting your money’s worth.  The Premier 105L ESP is maneuverable, has a lot of spin potential and a large sweetspot.

These few things are some of the most important to look for when buying a tennis racquet. Still, they aren’t good enough on their own and need another few to compliment them. What makes the Premier 105L ESP as excellent is the combination of all these features and unique specifications that work together. 

I’ve spent some time testing the racquet, how it performs and feels. Also, I gave it to few other tennis players to see if they’re going to like it and the feedback I got was groundbreaking. It’s needless to say that we were all happy with the Premier 105L ESP, but you’re probably wondering what exactly impressed us.

If you’re a recreational or beginner adult and need a tennis racquet to follow your skill level, I suggest you read the full Prince Premier 105L ESP review. I’ll tell you all about its specifications, feature, its performance, how it feels as well as all its good and bad sides.

Features and specifications:

Its head size is 105 sq. in. OS, and it’s about 27.25 inches long in total. When it’s stung, the Premier 105L ESP weighs 10.4 oz. which goes down to 9.9 oz. when the racquet is unstrung. Its big head size means larger sweetspot that’s always something to look for when searching for the best tennis racquet for beginner adults. The Premier 105L ESP tennis racquet has a forgiving sweetspot that reacts well even to off-center shots.

It comes unstrung, which means it’s up to you to choose what kind of stringing you’d like. Prince suggests a multifilament stringing, the 15L Premier Control at 64 lbs balance. You can adjust the balance as you go to anything from 57-67 pounds.

The Premier 105L ESP is made of graphite, one of the most durable materials out there. The frame features 4 pts. Head light balance and a beam width of 23/25/23mm.

This racquet is best for players with medium speed swings and power level. If you’re on a more aggressive side, you’ll probably have to tone it down a bit. It features an open 14×16 string bed that generates all the spin, power and comfort you need.


It’s important to note that its frame is ¼ of an inch longer than most racquets on the market. If you’re a recreational player, this isn’t something you’d care about. If you’re competitive, it may be too large for you. Still, with all the spin and power it provides, most players didn’t have problems getting used to the slightly extended length.

When it comes to volleys, the Prince Premier performs with minimal movement. Its frame feels solid, though you’ll have to hold a firm grip if you’re playing against an advanced player. If you’re playing against an intermediate-level ball, the frame has no setbacks.

Right when you use it for the first time, you’ll notice how it comes to life when you hit spin serves. The frame feels fast, especially with its swing weight being 288g. It features the Prince Resi Soft grip that provides comfort and shock absorption. It’s great if you’re easily tiring, or prone to arm, shoulder or wrist pain.

With the ESP technology and Double Bridge System, it suits many players of different skill levels. The Prince Premier 105L ESP tennis racquet is ideal for beginner adults, intermediates and advanced players who maybe lost some mobility.

The Double Bridge System is the first and only technology that dampens vibration in strings as well as the frame. It’s what gives the racquet some additional comfort making it suitable for long hour training.

If you feel like the racquet has more power than what you want, you can always string it with poly. If you choose to use poly at least in the mains, you can lower its power and enhance spin. However, I only suggest you do this if you’re swing strength is above medium.

The good:

  • Large sweetspot
  • Longer reach
  • Comfortable grip
  • Supreme shock absorption
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate


The Bad:

  • Might be too powerful for some

Final verdict:

There isn’t much more to say about this unique racquet from the Prince. The Premier 105L ESP tennis racquet is one of those models that’s versatile and works well for all kinds of skill levels. You can even opt for this racquet if you’re an advanced player recovering from injury. It’s especially suitable for people prone to pain since it’s lightweight, comfortable and sturdy enough on its own. It doesn’t require much of your strength, so it’s ideal if you have a slow strike.

Its large sweetspot, forgiving frame, power and spin it generates all work together to deliver outstanding performance that gives you comfort and confidence as you start off in tennis.

What’s great is that you can experiment and adjust the racquet as you go. You can change the strings type and tension if you feel like the racquet is too powerful for you. No doubt, the open string pattern is forgiving and easy for beginners.

Most people I’ve asked about this racquet had only the best things to say about it. It’s one of the favorite models on the market that’s been a beginning racquet for many well-advanced players of today. For this reason, you should give it a chance. Prince is almost impossible to disappoint, especially when it comes to what is probably the best tennis racquet for beginner adults. Thanks for reading our Prince Premier 105L ESP review and be sure to check out our other reviews on our site.

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