Prince Textreme Tour 95 Racquet

Let’s say you’re looking for something different than the traditional kind of a solid frame. The Textreme Tour 95 racquet’s midsize head and a soft flex that provides comfortable feel and touch. These aren’t the specifications of your usual favorite racquet that you’ll so often hear about, but they bring something different to the Textrime Tour 95 racquet.

If you’ve come across rackets from the Tour 95 line by Prince, you know their strength and precise control. This racket brings exactly that and some more thanks to the updated formula.

It’s a racket made for players who want precision, and a robust and stable feel on the hand. If you had your hands on any previous model from the Tour 95 line, you know how much more you can expect from this one . If you’re passed the beginners stage and want something else to improve your game and skill level, this may be the answer you’re looking for. 

Players who hit hard know the struggle of finding the right racquet that can follow and adapt to that. The Textreme Tour 95 is ideal for that because of its lower power that allows you to hit hard without throwing the ball across your opponent’s head.

Continue reading if you want to know how the lower power works to your benefit, and many other specifications, pros, cons, and features.

Features and specifications:

The first thing we’d like to talk about is the head size and why it’s so special in this case. It’s midsize of 95 square inches, which is smaller than what you’d consider a standard head size.

The difference between the Textreme compared to previous Prince racquets is the increase in stability of the frame without any additional stiffness and weight. Its original weight is 12oz which gives the stability and firmness of the structure.

The string holes here are very traditional, and the string pattern is 16×19 now. This allows you to feel the ball much easier as it hits the strings. Also, you won’t hear that annoying whistling sound that you’re probably familiar with if you’re a heavy hitter. However, this isn’t such a major thing but is good to note as some people are very annoyed with that sound. This string pattern also gives better spin potential along with the head light balance. It offers a large sweet spot that feels bigger than you’d think given the head size of the racket.


You won’t find many models of this size to offer such quality of game and ease of skill improvement. It’s forgiving and ideal for advanced players who want something different than the standard racquet size.

The racket itself doesn’t have much power. If you play against someone who has a quite heavy groundstroke game, you won’t be as able to kick back. This means that you’ll have to be the one to provide weight and power of the shot. Some people believe that to be a bad thing, while some people choose the racquet precisely for that reason. In this case, it’s a matter of preference and what you’re looking for and works for your game.

The frame has enough air resistance, so that’s fine and gives enough control, even at high speed. The Prince Textreme itself doesn’t have much power but can achieve it with a little bit of effort on your side. Its balance is 9 points head light, which is another important detail.

Its weight of 320g is a little on the heavier side when it comes to advanced tennis racquets. However, customers didn’t have much negative to say about the weight. Nicole stated that it doesn’t feel as heavy but more reliable and sturdy. She said: “The weight does offer some power even though the racquet has a thin frame and relies more on your power of the shot.”

Its specifications and features make it suitable for advanced players who have a more powerful shot. It doesn’t have much power on its own but allows you to use yours. Its size, sweet spot, string pattern and balance give you enough support and control to upgrade your game rapidly. It’s designed to follow your pace and strength of shooting, which is always a useful detail to look for in a tennis racket.

The good:

  • Soft flex frame
  • Enough weight to provide stability
  • Ideal for players who hit hard
  • Precise control
  • Allows you to apply more power to your shots


The Bad:

  • Weight may be a little too much for someone
  • Takes some effort to achieve full power

Final verdict:

The Textreme Tour 95  is different than many of the best tennis racquets. It’s smaller, a bit on the heavy side, and has a soft touch, so you can see it’s not something you get to see very often.

But, those specifications are what works for some players who hit hard and want to be the one to provide the power of the shot. Besides, it’s made for advanced players who know how to play and what they’re looking for.

Its features and specifications aren’t bad; they just don’t work for everyone. For example, it’s a matter of preference whether you’d like the smaller head size, or not. It isn’t a bad racquet; it’s just not standard and doesn’t work for everyone. Besides, the many satisfied customers speak only the best about its quality and the quality of its performance.

If you hit hard, you probably don’t want a racquet that has way too much power because you’d throw your ball over your opponents. Instead, you need a racquet that will adapt to the power you offer and can follow your pace.

All in all, if you’ve been around for a while and tried some of the more standard tennis racquets that didn’t work for you, it’s time you try the Textreme Tour 95. We’re sure that you’ll quickly notice the difference it brings to your overall experience and the quality of the performance each time you take it to the field.

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