Prince Warrior 100L ESP Tennis Racquet

When you’re looking for the best tennis racquet for advanced players, you simply must try the Prince Warrior 100L ESP . It’s unique and has all the specifications and features an advanced player can benefit from.

As an advanced player, it’s important for you to have a racquet that can follow your progress and help you along the way. The best tennis racquets for advanced players have to have certain specifications that stand out from standard, beginner’s racquets. You need a model that’s made especially for advanced players that can help you improve your skills and quality of your game.

The Warrior 100L ESP delivers all the power and spin you’d expect from this kind of model. It’s easy to get used to, even if you’d choose it to be your first advanced racquet. Trust me, you’d only benefit and improve from that point on​​​​.

The Prince brand have always been racquets of choice for many well-known tennis players. This I because the brand really puts in the work to make the best racquets with excellent detail and performance.

The Warrior 100L ESP is all that and more, since the Prince included their new ESP technology and an open string pattern. It’s made of one of the most powerful but lightweight materials and has a medium/high power level.

Continue reading if you want to know why this is one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players and why you should give it a chance if you’re looking for one.

Prince TeXtreme Warrior 100L Tennis Racquet
  • 9.0oz/255g
  • 13.8in / 35.0cm
  • 14 Mains / 16 Crosses

Features and specifications:

Its frame is made of graphite that has a major part in how it performs. Anyone who’s ever had a graphite racquet knows how durable this material is. It’s one of the best choices to go for if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting racquet that you won’t have to replace anytime soon.

It’s about 9.5 oz when it’s strung, and 9 oz when it’s unstrung. This has both good and bad side, but it mostly depends on your preference and style of play. Though it’s lightweight, it handles groundstrokes and heavy ball quite well. The tension goes at 55-65 pounds.

As I said, it features an open string pattern 14×16 that’s all for spin and power. The head balance is at 5pts head heavy which allows you to have better control over the Prince Warrior. The extreme spin pattern technology is really what makes it possible to enhance spin as much and deliver the performance that it does. Its power level is medium to high, and its swing speed is medium to fast, so it’s clear you’ll be able to strike some furious shots. Its beam width is 24/26/22mm.

It  has a head size of 100 sq. in. MP, and it’s 27 inches long. It’s a maneuverable frame that allows spin but is stable enough to handle all kinds of heavy shots. The maneuverability in this case also allows you to get into position easily and quickly while at the net. It gives you control over both heavy and soft shots. The frame combined with the softness of the stringbed gives out the comfortable feel.

When it comes to off-center shots, you might notice less control. The racquet could twist in your hands, as most racquets that are as lightweight do. This isn’t a significant setback, as you’ll notice since you can easily work it out as you improve your game, especially because the frame is otherwise stable. There are very little best tennis racquets for advanced players that are as suitable for net players as the Prince Warrior 100L ESP .


The overall feel it gives is quite comfortable and easy to control. The frame is flexible, but sturdy when it comes to a fast ball. The racquet features the Prince ResiPro grip that makes it easy to hold on for hours at the time. It’s one of the most comfortable racquets that won’t wear your arm out since it’s maneuverable and lightweight. If you ever played with full poly, you probably know the amount of spin it can provide. You’ll also notice that the Warrior 100L ESP isn’t quite at that level but does give far more spin than a more traditional string pattern. It’s worth a shot, especially since the stringbed of the Warrior 100L ESP isn’t as common and can significantly improve your game.

The good:

  • Spin potential
  • Maneuverable frame
  • Large and forgiving sweetspot
  • Open string pattern
  • Comfortable grip


The Bad:

  • Too lightweight for most players

Final verdict:

After talking to many players who have tried the Prince Warrior, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with it. Even though it  has great spin potential and it’s one of the most comfortable tennis racquets for advanced players, the opinions are split. Some intermediate players find its weight to play in their favor, while others feel like it would be better heavier.Overall, this is completely a matter of preference. The Warrior  handles the heavy ball very well, though it would work that much better with a bit more weight. However, if you’re a net player, you’ll hardly find a better racquet for you than the Warrior 100L ESP.

I recommend the Prince Warrior to advanced and competitive players who want to improve their skills. The reason for this is because the racquet is different and you can greatly benefit from playing with the non-standard type of racquet. The difference in weight and stringbed can be of importance in improving your volleys and serves.

Plus, if you find its weight to be a setback for you, you can always customize the racquet and add some weight to the frame. If you’re looking for a way to advance as a tennis player, even more, I suggest you try out the Warrior 100L ESP.

If you want to advance from your standard racquet and are looking for a challenge, this advanced racquet might be what you’re looking for. Besides, the Prince is known for having quality and user-friendly racquets, and this model is no exception.

Prince TeXtreme Warrior 100L Tennis Racquet
  • 9.0oz/255g
  • 13.8in / 35.0cm
  • 14 Mains / 16 Crosses

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