Match Mate Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

If you’re not sure which tennis ball machine is best suited for children and beginner level players, take a look at MatchMate Quickstart model. Its one of the best top-quality machines, perfectly designed for beginners, with a very reasonable price tag.

So, if you’re a parent of an aspiring tennis player, a tennis coach, or a beginner at tennis yourself, this model is ideal for getting started. It can be used on any court, ranging from 36’ to 78’, making it perfect for any practice situation and session.

More advanced players probably will not like this machine since it lacks more advanced features they might be looking for. The affordable price tag is compensating for lack of these features, which is reasonable since it’s designed for children and beginner level players. And for that, it does the job of simulating basic gameplay pretty well, offering impeccable performance.

Take a look at this list of features, and decide if the MatchMake Quickstart is the best tennis ball machine suited to your needs.

Features and specifications:

If you’re in the market for a beginner-level tennis ball machine, the Quickstart is among the top choices on the market. Armed with basic features, simple design, and good battery life, this machine will provide sufficient training to the new players.

The device has a rectangular shape and compact dimensions which allows for easy storage. The green rectangular body is made from high-grade aluminum, and it’s pretty durable, as well as rust-free. The device is designed to be used near children, so it’s relatively safe, but it’s still advised to exert caution when children are around. The Quickstart has no wheels underneath its body, but its reduced weight of only 29lbs allows you to carry it to the court easily.

The tank has a capacity of 75 – 125 balls at a time, which is pretty convenient, as you won’t have to refill it too often. Feed interval ranges from 4 to 18 seconds, which provides enough time to return to your position and gather your senses between shots. This is great for children, beginners, and players recovering from injury. To get to your position before the training session begins, the machine provides a 10-seconds ball feed delay.

And since it’s made primarily for children, the Quickstart features a very safe ball speed, ranging from 14 up to 30MPH. This can help beginners to start slow, and gradually improve their skills and reflexes by gradually increasing the ball speed. You can also program the machine to shoot the balls at different rates, which can be beneficial for developing better techniques.

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

The Quickstart lacks any oscillation, which isn’t that much surprising given how it’s cheaper that most models on the market. The elevation, however, is present in the manual form. It’s done by manually inserting the Height spacers. Also, the machine fires straight shots, offering no adjustable spin feature. There is some topspin added at the shots fired at top speed (30 MPH).

In terms of programmability, the Quickstart tennis ball machine has only two programmable features. Both Speed and Feed are adjustable by turning the adjustment knobs found on the control panel, located at the side of the device. On/Off switch, reset button, and the charging, port are all found on the same panel.

The lack of more advanced features, is compensated by a fantastic 7-hour battery life of the machine when fully charged. This makes the Quickstart one of the top tennis ball machines for beginner training, as it can go through several training sessions on one battery charge. The battery is easily accessible, and though battery-operated, the device can be powered using an AC converter. This allows for even longer training sessions on the tennis court.

The battery itself requires 10 hours to recharge fully. To ensure long term use of their product for years to come, the MatchMate has overcharge protection embedded into the battery charger. Overcharge protection is a great addition, especially at this price range, since many of the more expensive machines lack the overcharge protection feature.

The good:

  • Affordable
  • Good construction
  • Has overcharge protection

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine up close

The Bad:

  • Not for intermediate or advanced players
  • No random oscillation

Final verdict:

Designed for children and beginner tennis players, this tennis ball machine is all about safety, offering a low-speed setting, and a longer feed interval. These factors allow them to have a more safe, comfortable, and fun training session while improving their skills at the same time.

However, the machine lacks certain features that would also attract more serious players. It offers no oscillation options, and while there’s some spin at the top speed, the adjustable spin option is also absent. Though present, the elevation is done manually.

This lack of features is compensated by an affordable price, and longer battery life. For such an affordable price range, this device offers a reasonable amount of functions, ball capacity, and build quality. And for what it provides, it’s quite budget-friendly.

The Quickstart tennis ball machine features long play hours, making it suitable for tennis clubs since it can go through multiple training session without recharging. It’s almost certain that this device will last you throughout the years to come, thanks to the durable construction, safety edges, and a good charger with overcharge protection.

While unattractive to intermediate and advanced players, this tennis ball machine is still a good value for its price tag. It will, most certainly, increase the skill level of any beginner that trains with it. So, if you’re in the market for the tennis ball machine for children, look for a MatchMate Quickstart.

It offers impeccable performance for beginner tennis players, children, or more advanced players recovering from injury. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or serious workout, the Quickstart will help you improve your tennis skills quickly.

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