Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model

If you’re looking for the best tennis ball machine suited for children and beginner players, SpinshotSports Industries offers the entry-level model, the Spinshot Lite.

Whether you’re a coach, a proud parent of a little tennis player, or a beginner looking for a silent hitting partner, this machine just might be perfect for you. Unlike its older and more function-equipped brothers from the Spinshot line of tennis ball machines, the Lite offers just a few basic functions. The lack of more advanced features might not be too appealing to more serious players, but the basic functions will satisfy the needs of beginners perfectly well.

Being an entry-model, and an affordable one as well, the Lite serves to practice one specific shot, over and over again. So, anyone looking for an extensive practice of their shot technique will significantly benefit from this machine. Couple that with an extra-long court time and portability, and you get a top tennis ball machine that’ enjoyable to use.

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine
  • Most Portable Ball Machine for Intermediate Tennis Player

Features and specifications:

Just like the other Spinshot machines, the Lite model comes in a green powder-coated metal body. The metal body provides enough stability on the court and makes the device resistant to ball hits, and other light damage. But unlike the other Spinshot machines, this model is smaller and lighter. Measuring only 16”x10”x10”, and weighing only 20lbs, this is the most portable model Spinshot has to offer. The reduced size and weight, along with the extendable handle and all-terrain wheels, really help in transporting and storing this model.

The Spinshot Lite is designed for children, so ball speed range is appropriate. It can reach a maximum speed of 60mph, with the minimum speed being only 10mph. This speed range is more than enough for children, beginners, or people recovering from an injury. Though lacking an adjustable spin feature, the balls are launched with a slight pre-set topspin, which increases with speed.

The feed interval ranges from 2, up to 10 seconds. Of course, after being switched on the machine provides 10 seconds delay, allowing you to accommodate to your position on the court. Spinshot Lite has a ball capacity on around 40 to 50 balls. Depending on the feed interval you use, that ball capacity offers a good two to six minutes of practice. After that, you’ll have to refill the feeder. Just remember, refilling should be done when the machine is non-operational, to avoid jamming the server.

​Ball speed and Feed Interval are the only two options adjustable on the control panel, located on the side of the machine. It lacks any oscillation features, as well as an electronic elevation system, which isn’t surprising given the price range. However, you can raise the machine manually with books, or other tray type tables. This way, you can achieve a specific angle for practicing a few overhead shots.

Since it’s meant for practicing repetitive shots placed in the same direction, the Spinshot Lite has no programmable or random oscillation features. Also, it doesn’t feature any of the preprogrammed drills the other Spinshot machines do. This lack of advanced functions makes this machine inessential for players with more advanced skills.

The lack of advanced feature does have one advantage – longer battery life and court time. As the device offers just the essential functions of shooting the ball in the same direction, at the same speed, the battery depletes very slowly. Depending on your preferable speed, the battery can last from 5 to 7 hours. Naturally, higher rate empties the battery faster. Long battery life, can be of use to tennis clubs with a lot of children members, as it allows for multiple training sessions on a single charge. Recharging the battery takes 8 to 12 hours, which is lower recharge time compared to the models of the similar price range.

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model

The smart design of the power cage, which holds the battery, allows for easy removal of the battery. Just remove the battery cover, to install/remove the battery, or upgrade your tennis ball machine to an AC supply. The AC Mains Power module allows you to draw power directly from a standard AC socket.

SpinshotSports also offers a Hybrid AC module, which allows you to draw power directly from an AC socket, but instantly switches to the battery kit when needed. This is an excellent addition for areas prone to power shortages. Both the AC Mains Power module and the Hybrid AC module are an additional feature, costing extra money. either of them would be considered a sound investment.

Since it’s designed to be used by children, beginners or players recovering from injuries, its functions are limited. And though its capabilities are limited, the Spinshot Lite is a top-quality tennis ball machine in its price range.

The good:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quite affordable
  • Sturdy design
  • Can be upgraded to an AC supply

The Bad:

  • Can only hold up to 50 balls
  • Limited ball delivery adjustments

Final verdict:

Spinshot Lite is the entry-level tennis ball machine best suited for beginner players. It offers exceptional design, and just enough functions to justify its price range. This two-function machine will satisfy the practice needs of children, beginners, or recovering players.

Its exceptional battery life and court time it offers, along with an upgradeable power supply, provide for several training sessions with only one charge. This feature makes the machine suitable, not just for individuals, but for tennis clubs as well.

On the downside, this machine cannot provide enough of a challenge for intermediate and advanced players, due to the lack of more advanced functions. Also, it has no remote-control connectivity options, but for this price tag, it’s justified. A 2-button remote control option would be an excellent addition, though.

Still, the Spinshot Lite provides good value for your money. It shoots the balls in the same direction, and at the same speed, making it suitable for those practicing their shots. The speed range and other functions are also more children and beginners appropriate, making the Spinshot Lite one of the best tennis ball machines in its price range.

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine
  • Most Portable Ball Machine for Intermediate Tennis Player

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