How to String a Tennis Racquet

Buying a stringing machine is a good idea if you’re planning on stringing your racket frames as it will help you to learn how to string a tennis racquet. It’s not only that a good skill to have, but it’s good to have control over the strings. There are different crank operated, drop weight and electric machines. The crank operated machine can do a better job than a drop weight machine. However, an electric machine requires no manual work and is the easiest to use.

There a few things you’ll need to string a tennis racket. Of course, you’ll need a stringing machine and a few additional tools to help you.

Tennis Stringing Machine

Stringing machineIt’s a crank operated machine and most commonly used to string rackets. Its kind of heavy, about 40kg, but it’s quite simple to operate with. The machine features a 6 point mounting system that secures the racket, and the crank pulls tension on the string.

The crank works with a tensioning string. All you have to do is set the tension and wind the crank back. The two plates then grip and tension the string. The break in the tensioning arm activates and locks once you reach the desired tension. All you have to do then is clamp the strings with the fixed clamps, release the break and move on to the next string.

Needle Nosed PliersThese are definitely useful to have around when stringing your racket. Some grommets can be hard to string through, so this tool is the right thing to get that done. Stringing close to mounting points is the trickiest part. You’ll definitely use the needle nosed pliers more than once when stringing. Also, they’re the best tool to use for wrapping string around when tying off knots.

ClippersThis tool is quite important, so make sure not to forget about it. You’ll need it mostly to cut the string in the beginning, and to cut the knots once the job is done. Pretty much any cutting tool can do this job, but it has to be sharp. You should cut the string where it would be easier to thread it.

An old racketIf you’re stringing for the first time, the best is to practice on an old frame. We suggest you take a picture of it before you restring it. This way you’ll know exactly where the shared holes, skipped holes, and the tie off points. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll destroy the frame, but there’s always a risk so, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, the machine applies 60lbs of tension, which is why you should practice on an old frame first.

StringThis is quite obvious, but the best is to choose an inexpensive string if you’re doing this for the first time. Your stringing may not come out perfect the first time, so we don’t recommend using any expensive strings. Some of the inexpensive strings are quite good and play just as well.

How to string a tennis racket isn’t at all that hard. You can do it easily even if you don’t have any previous experience. Give yourself some time and practice. After only a few times, you’ll be able to string your tennis racket without any trouble at all.

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