Tennis Etiquette for Beginners

​Proper tennis etiquette is essential for many reasons. It makes it easy to play, helps matches go on smoothly and helps you to get along with other players. It’s common sense, really, but it’s crucial we put it out. Follow these steps, and you’ll surely enjoy friendly and fun tennis.Call the ball out

If you saw the ball out, you can call it on your side of the net. Your opponent should accept that with grace as well as you should if they call it out. If you aren’t sure that the ball was out, then maybe it wasn’t. Many people go by the saying “if you’re in doubt, the ball is in.” So, only call when you’re sure. Of course, you have the right to challenge your opponent’s call, too. Nicely ask them if they’re sure, and if they aren’t, the point is clear. Still, don’t go on to assume that your opponent deliberately tried to cheat. Most of the time, it’s just a mistake.

tennis etiquette

If there’s a ball on the court

​Remove it. You must take care of all balls that are on your side of the court. Never should your opponent have to come to your side to get the ball. Make sure all balls are returned to the server. Also, if your ball heads off to another court, wait for a right moment to get it. It would be nice to wait for people playing on that court until they finish their point.Keep score

It’s a server’s responsibility. The easiest is to announce it at the very beginning of each point. However, if you can’t agree on the score, you must go back all the way to the last point you both agree on. Also, if you’re not a server, don’t be the one to announce. Players who know the etiquette find this very annoying.

You don’t have to be silent​Of course, this is a tense game, and it’s normal that you’re not completely silent. Still, it’s never appropriate to swear, and you shouldn’t do it while playing either. You can distract your opponent or even offend them. Do whatever you like to let off steam but be careful about how it affects others.

Bringing audience

Make sure to check with your opponent if they agree. You may not think this is important, but it’s common courtesy. If your opponent doesn’t agree with the idea of having an audience, have your supporters wait for results elsewhere. If you agree to have some people watch the game, make sure they don’t disturb you or your opponent.

Booking courts

If you must cancel, it’s your fault, and it would be nice of you to pay the court fee if there’s any. Many people would like to play so don’t just make a reservation and then don’t show up. If reservations aren’t needed, there are also a few things to pay attention to.

o Wait for the ongoing game to endo Don’t interrupt the match by asking when they’re going to finisho Warm up in silenceo Don’t hold a court for another playero Wait in line until it’s your turn to use the courto Respect customs and all people

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