Tennis Workout

​Many people who have started playing tennis to get in shape quickly realize that it should actually be the other way around. Tennis isn’t as easy as it seems and it’s quite demanding on the body. For this reason, you have to work out or at least try to stay in good shape Otherwise, your body might get hurt or even injured.

There are workouts you can do to achieve power and strength you’d need to play tennis. If you follow this workout, your ground strokes will become better and more powerful. You’ll also probably going to become quicker.

It’s suggested that you do this workout two or three times a week. If you’re busy and don’t think you can workout as often, split this into upper and lower body exercises.

Straight-leg deadlift

•Spread your hands apart to be as wide as your shoulders. Take a barbell and hold it in front of your tights with an overhand grip. •Your shoulders should be down and back, and your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, too.•Keep the bar close to your body and lower it.•Don’t round your back.•Lower until your upper body is parallel to the ground before you return to starting position.•Repeat this 4×8-10 sets/reps

Tennis workoutsTennis workouts

Reverse Lunges

​•Have your feet together, and your shoulders down and back.•Take a dumbbell in each hand and lunge backward with your left leg. Return to a standing position but try not to put your foot back down.•That would be one rep, so try to do it 4×8-10 on each side.

Swiss ball leg curls

​•Lie flat on your back and put your arms by your side.•Your legs should be straight on top of a Swiss ball.•With your glutes, lift forming a straight line for your feet to your shoulders. •Pull the ball toward you while your hips are elevated.•Return to your starting position, but don’t drop the hips.•Repeat this 3×10-12.

TRX row

​•Grasp a TRX handle in each hand facing the anchor point.•Lean back with both your feet in front but maintain a straight line.•Pull up until your elbow goes back. Your hands should come beside your chest. •Return to starting position, all while still keeping a straight line with your body. •Repeat 4×8-10

BOSU push-ups

​•Put your hands on the BOSU with the hard side up. Stand in the push-up position.•Make sure your body and feet maintain a straight line.•Slowly lower yourself until your chest is above the BOSU and then return to the up position.•Repeat this 4×10-12

Single arm standing row

Begin in a staggered stance. The pulley should be directly in front of you at your chest level.•Hold the handle with the right hand and move the right leg back.•Have your shoulders down and back. Your arm should be straight out in front of you. •Move with your back, while pulling the handle to your body. •Rotate the hand so that it’s by your side with the palm facing up. Now return to the starting position.•Repeat this 3×10-12 on both sides.

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