Top Tips for New Tennis Players

If you’re a beginner in tennis, you were probably told that things wouldn’t be easy. Tennis is always challenging, especially when you’re only starting off. Still, there are some things you can do to make things a bit easier for yourself. 

I’ve made a little list of things that are important to pay attention to when you’re a beginner. These will help you improve quickly if you stick to them. 


This is the most important thing since you can’t expect to progress if you don’t put in the work. Some of the world’s best players took years to get to where they are today. It’s crucial that you don’t give up, even if sometimes you feel like there’s no improvement at all. Practice makes perfect, so just keep playing, and you’ll improve over time.

New Tennis Player

Quality equipment

There are many rackets to choose from even for beginners. However, don’t just buy the cheapest one but try to focus on finding a racket that fits your grip and body. A good racket goes a long way and makes it easier to have strings replaced in case you break them. Also, make sure not to forgot about getting tennis shoes and other accessories. Drink water

Tennis can be rough sometimes, and you’ll sweat a lot especially during summer. I’m sure you’ve seen all the big players sipping water all the time during breaks.Warm up and cool downMake sure to stretch before playing, but also don’t forget stretch at the end, too. Warming up is essential, and you can do that with some jogging as well. However, it’s also crucial that you allow your muscles to cool down after playing.Work on your speedYou have to be quick, and that’s something you’ll practice the most. You can significantly improve this by jumping the rope. This allows you to improve your coordination and footwork.How to hit the ballAs a beginner, you’ll spend a lot of time practicing when is the best time to hit the ball. Don’t hit the ball when it’s at its highest point but allow it to bounce and hit it on its way down.Work on your cardioYou can’t be quick if you’re out of condition. Do cardio training or aerobics. Of course, you can improve by just playing more tennis, or you can pick up another sport as well.

Find the right grip

Since there are many different grips for different shots, you may find this a little confusing as a beginner. I’d suggest you get a coach or simply have someone a bit more experienced to help you with this. This is most significant because all the bad habits you develop as a beginner will be harder and harder to undo as you progress as a player. Of course, the progress itself will be slower if you’re doing many things wrong.

Take your time

Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure you’re patient. If you’re working hard and training regularly, the results will come. Perfecting certain skills takes time and practice so be prepared to invest years into tennis.

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