Under Armour Men’s Igniter Sunglasses

If you’re a tennis player looking for comfortable and cool looking shades, you know the struggle of finding good ones. The market is packed with some of the best tennis sunglasses so choosing just one can be tricky.

Somewhere along your search, you’ve probably come across Under Armour. It’s among the best selling brands that have a wide range of sunglasses and apparel to offer for different athletes. But let’s focus on their most popular model, the Igniter.

These military-inspired shades are ideal for tennis players for many reasons. The Igniter is a perfect combination of attractive design and outstanding performance. They are also quite versatile and can be used in all kinds of outdoors activities.

As a tennis player, you probably know of all the important factors to look for in a pair of sunglasses. They have to be strong and durable but also fit nicely as they sit comfortably on your face.

The under armour Igniter sunglasses are all that and more. Since Under Armour is among the most popular brands, we didn’t expect to see and experience nothing less than perfection. What makes this model so popular?

It’s the general design and performance that attracts people to this pair. The brand has some eye for the details, which you can experience in the very first wear. Its specifications make possible the quality you need in tennis sunglasses.

Under Armour Shades Features and specifications:

These Armour Fusion&trade titanium infused frames are lightweight and comfortable. Weighing less than 2 ounces, you’ll hardly notice they are there.

The three-part grip provides a comfortable and secure fit so you can wear the glasses for hours at the time. The bridge measures 20mm while arms are 135mm each.

It’s also important to note that the nose pads are fully adjustable so you can always customize them to your size. The custom fit is always great especially if you’re doing lots of running.

The Under Armour Igniter shades come with gray lenses that give true color recognition in the brightest lights. This is useful when it comes to playing tennis in those hot sunny days. The Armour Sight lenses offer about 20% enhanced vision. They are also almost ten times stronger than other lenses made from polycarbonate.

Because they are polarized, they protect you from UVA/B/B rays at all times. You won’t feel that burn in your eyes as you usually do without protection. The total width of the lenses is 60mm while the height is at 37mm.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Under Armour igniter’s lenses are scratch resistant. Sometimes, tennis can be rough, and the last thing you want is scratches on your favorite glasses. The water-resistant Multiflection&trade coating helps eliminate smudging and staining.

By combining the quality lenses with the impact resistant frame, the manufacturer created some of the most durable shades on the market. This makes them suitable for many more types of activities such as skiing, running, hiking, and fishing.

Under Armour Men's Igniter Sunglasses small

Its hinges are cushioned to provide more comfort by absorbing shock and ensuring a good fit. The shades also come with a soft case to help you store them away when you’re not using them. Still, it’s recommended you handle them with care when packing them in your backpack or bag.

Overall, the technology and materials ensure quality as well as impeccable performance. Since we didn’t expect anything less from a brand such as Under Armour, it’s safe to say these are among the best tennis sunglasses.

It’s a combination of function and style, so it’s no surprise that so many people opt for these as their glasses of choice. They fit older teenagers and adults but aren’t suitable for children so make sure to take all the measurements before the purchase.

The only setback we noticed was the durability of the paint. Though it won’t break as quickly, the frame will most likely show signs of daily wear after a few months. This doesn’t affect their performance, but it does change the style and appearance. Though you’ll be able to use them still with equal results, the shades will start to look a bit worn off.

The overall quality is impressive. They are quite protective and don’t break as easily as many other models on the market. The fit is perfect as these are comfortable and lightweight.

The good:

  • Polarized
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Shock absorbing hinges
  • Titanium infused frame

Under Armour Mens Igniter Shades

The Bad:

  • The paint job wears off the frames

Final verdict:

These under armour glasses are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for the best tennis sunglasses. It’s surprising how simple these are compared to the many models on the market. The Igniter has looks combined with effectiveness and quality which is what makes it as popular.

As we said, they may or may not show some signs of wear after a while, but that’s only if you’re wearing them every day. Even then, the shades don’t lose any of their performance abilities. It’s just the paint job that might show some scratches.

The primary goal the brand had in mind was to create something that would protect your eyes from harmful rays. Plus, the outstanding performance these deliver allows you to use them for many other activities aside from tennis.

The frame is titanium-infused, so we don’t have to mention its durability again. Still, be somewhat careful when carrying them in your bag if they are packed in anything other than a hard case.

Overall, the Under Armour igniter sunglasses didn’t disappoint and delivered an impressive pair of shades once again. The widely popular brand has many frames and lenses you can choose from to find your best pair.

When it comes to the Under Armour Igniter shades, it’s mostly a matter of preference. The under armour shades are well-made and protect your eyes, which is the most important factor. Still, their fit depends on you so make sure to measure everything in time.

The fact that you can customize these white under armour sunglasses to your size helps you achieve that comfortable fit the Igniter is known for. Give them a chance if you’re looking for new tennis shades as these won’t disappoint with their looks and performance.

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