Volkl Organix 8 Super G 300g Racquet

If you’re an intermediate tennis player at this point, you probably know how hard it is to choose the best model for you. Picking out a tennis racquet is never easy, regardless of your skill level. However, the search becomes harder with time as your skills become more and more advanced.

As an intermediate player, you probably heard of the Volkl Organix 8 (300g) tennis racquet. Well, today, we bring you the upgraded version of the same racquet that’s the Organix 8 Super G (300g).

Volkl took everything we liked about their Organix 8 and upgraded it to a more advanced level. It now delivers more quality, longevity, and ease of use. What this means for intermediate tennis players is being able to get everything you need in a single tennis racquet.

The features and specifications, as well as the technology behind the Organix 8 Super G, deliver supreme performance and customer’s favorite comfort and power. The Organix 8 Super G (300g) is recommended for players with long and aggressive strokes that are 4.5+ NTRP level. Let’s take a moment to talk about what makes this model as amazing. Also, we’ll compare it to its younger sibling, the Organix 8 (300g).

Continue reading if you need a new tennis racquet to help you upgrade your skill level to the max while giving you ultimate comfort and maneuverability.

Features and specifications:

Most importantly, Volkl added a flexible V-Sponse material to their speed grommets. This means the racquet is far better at absorbing harsh vibrations transferring power to the ball. The combination of power, comfort, and control is ideal for a bit more professional players who often play in tournaments.

Its sizeable sweet spot allows you to have a nice touch and great spin from all areas of the court. Besides, Volkl features their Organix material in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions with the Powerbridge technology located in the 6 o’clock position. This combination and placement of the material are what provides power to the frame that’s crucial for those aggressive strikes.

The technology developed is a mix of high tech carbon nanotubes and a cellulose base material. These two make a perfect combination created especially for this racquet. The Organix material has increased dynamic power, comfort, vibration resistance, and handling.

Volkl Super G 8 300G Tennis Racquet

Being an intermediate player, you’re already ahead of why so many people love the 8’s racquets. With the Organix 8 Super G, the great feeling the 8’s provide is now enhanced for more comfort even in hard off-center shots.

We’ve mentioned the reduced vibration system, but we must also talk about the Bio-Sensor Handle system that helps take away more shock and vibration. This is especially useful to people that suffer from some pain in arm, wrist or shoulder. The Organix 8 Super G is one of the best tennis racquets for intermediate players while being as arm friendly.

This all-around racquet type is for adults, with low to medium power level. It’s 27 inches long, with the head size of 100 square inches. Also, the string pattern is 16m / 18x with 4 points head light balance.

The open string pattern is significant to mention because it’s more open than it’s usual. This new adaptation means you get much more rotation on the ball, so keep that in mind. Besides, the pattern makes this racquet one of the best ones to choose for playing at the baseline.

All in all, the best thing about the Organix 8 Super G is the fact that it’s suitable for most play styles. As we said, it’s recommended for intermediate to advanced players. Still, some recreational players love and recommend it, too. Mostly, it’s because of the overall feeling, comfort, control, and performance.

If you ask anyone who had a chance to play with the much loved Organix 8 , you probably heard of its comfort, power, and control. Now, the new Organix 8 Super G is that and much more thanks to the Bio Sensor Handle system and the V-Sponse material. You’ll hear its customers speak of the fantastic vibration resistance as well as dampening during play.

The only time you may not feel as in control is if you hit outside the sweet spot. In that case, you’ll probably experience lack of control and comfort, but it’s still nothing significant. We’ve asked some advanced and intermediate tennis players who played with the Organix 8 Super G to tell us about the good and the bad of the racquet. We took the answers we got and formed a little list of pros and cons of the Organix 8 Super G tennis racquet.

The good:

  • It’s ideal for advanced players with aggressive strokes
  • It’s suitable for intermediate level players as well
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has an amazing vibration resistance
  • It’s durable, comfortable and easy on the arm

The Bad:

  • Not as comfortable if you hit outside the sweet spot

Final verdict:

You’ll find more than just one person who prefers Super G model to the previous Organix 8 by Volkl. It’s less stiff, more comfortable, and providing more power and spin. Besides, the technology they used to make the Super G is supreme and unique, making this model easy to stand out compared to other racquets on the market.

The best thing about it is the fact that it’s suitable for more aggressive players who often have issues with finding racquets that can follow their play style. The Organix 8 Super G is the best tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced adult players who want power, control, comfort and absolute best performance.

You can tell a lot about its quality by hearing what its customers have to say, and realizing what made them opt for the Organix 8 Super G all the time they did. If you’re a tennis player that’s more advanced and a fan of aggressive strokes, then this is the right tennis racquet for you. It’s meant for all players who seek power and control in a lightweight tennis racquet.

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