Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket

It’s well-known that Wilson is one of the best brands to go for when searching for junior racquets. Regardless of age or skill level, Wilson has a racquet for everyone, which is precisely why most people opt for the brand.

They are equally as good when it comes to junior racquets as they are with those for adults. This means it’s highly unlikely you can go wrong with their junior Burn series. The Burn racquet is made for juniors who have been introduced to tennis and have already learned some fundamental things.

Typically, searching for any racquet is a little tricky, but more so, junior racquets are a unique subject because kids outgrow them rather quickly. Plus, there are many models to choose from so unless you really know what you want, things can become overwhelming.

For this reason, we asked around tennis professionals and coaches what would be the best junior tennis racquet. Many have mentioned the Wilson burn series as best for intermediate and aggressive players. Since Wilson is one of the leading brands in the world of tennis, it’s no surprise they deliver just as well when it comes to junior racquets.

Continue reading to find out all the information we’ve gathered along with some pros and cons of the Wilson Burn Series tennis racquet.

Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket
  • Lightweight and maneuverable racket
  • Sleek finishes & textures
  • Wilson’s spin effect technology
  • Strung Balance: 3 points Head Heavy (very stable and arm-friendly)
  • Unique racquet and string pattern innovation helps increase ball spin on contact

Features and specifications:

Wilson has never disappointed when it comes to their innovative technologies and racquets for both adults and kids. So when they came out with Burn Series junior tennis racquet, we all got excited knowing it would probably be one of the best racquets on the market. Of course, we weren’t wrong.

It’s a high standard racquet that’s ideal for kids who have already been introduced to tennis and have some experience. In most cases, it’s not really a beginners’ racquet which is something to keep in mind.

Before we move on, it’s crucial we mention that the Burn Series Junior racquet comes in two sizes. One is 25 inches, and the other is 26 inches long. Both are effectively the same thing but different in size. The manufacturer recommends you use their size chart to determine which of the two would fit your child the best.

This is the ultimate racquet you can get for aggressive junior players which is precisely why it’s not recommended to beginners. Beginners are rarely aggressive so a gentler racquet would be a better choice in that case. It’s a great way to help your kid develop its skills furthermore.


The racquet is lightweight at about 6.2 ounces when it’s strung. On that note, it comes pre-strung by Wilson, so it’s ready for use right when it arrives. The string pattern featured is the 16×15 allowing big sweet spot ideal for kids.

Wilson included their Spin Effect technology that we’ve seen them use with so many of their best racquets for adults. This technology enhances the sweet spot even more while also adding power to the racquet.

Most somewhat advanced junior players already have a some power in their strokes. However, with the Wilson Burn series junior racquet they benefit from the power of it, but also don’t need to depend on it.

The racquet is one of the most comfortable Wilson junior racquets. It allows kids to enjoy long hour practices without feeling as sore as they usually would. The perfect combination of weight, size, and balance make one impressive racquet for children.

Also, Wilson made sure that the racquet is durable by including a sturdy frame. It’s reliable and long-lasting as most their racquets. It comes in only one color combo that is black and yellow/orange, and the paint job itself is of good quality. It’s able to withstand some rough handling as it doesn’t chip so easily. With that said, you can be sure that you get not only a quality performance, but an excellent looking racquet, too.

If your child is anywhere between 5 and 13 years old, the racquet will probably be a good fit. Younger kids might take some time to get used to the power it generates. However, older and more experienced juniors adapt to it with ease.

The racquet comes with a cover which is an essential detail for most people. In general, people often neglect the need for a cover, but that’s quite crucial. It protects the racquet while it also makes portability much more comfortable than it would be without it.

The good:

  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Cover is included

The Bad:

  • Not the best for beginners

Final verdict:

As we said, Wilson always delivers superior quality and impeccable performance. For this reason, they are still one of the top and leading brands of the market. You can see them at every tournament and pretty much any tennis court anywhere in the world.

This alone speaks a lot of its quality, and luckily they also have a wide range of junior models. One of those impressive racquets is the Wilson Burn Series made especially for kids.

It’s an aggressive and dominant piece mostly suitable for kids who already have some skills. Surely, it would work for beginners, but many consider it a bit too offensive for someone who has never played tennis. If you do get it as a first racquet, give your child some time to get used to it. It’s a powerful one, so beginners usually tend to find it a bit tricky. For this reason, they require a bit more time to get used to it before they can fully benefit from its power and sturdiness.

All in all, the most important thing is that the racquet is durable and reliable. It’s long-lasting, so your kid will most likely outgrow it before there’s ever a need for replacing the racquet for any other reason. We haven’t come across any complaints about breakage of any sort.

If you’re looking for the best junior tennis racquet, this one by Wilson might be the best choice for your kids.

Wilson Burn Series Junior Tennis Racket
  • Lightweight and maneuverable racket
  • Sleek finishes & textures
  • Wilson’s spin effect technology
  • Strung Balance: 3 points Head Heavy (very stable and arm-friendly)
  • Unique racquet and string pattern innovation helps increase ball spin on contact

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