Wilson Dora 19 Junior Tennis Racquet

When it comes to junior racquets, parents always have to pay particular attention to what they choose as the starter model. The search isn’t easy, but in most cases, it always returns to Wilson.

One that stands out is their Dora model as one of the most popular among girls. Of course, what better way than to introduce tennis to your little girl by having her use a Dora the Explorer racquet.

It’s no secret that searching for a junior racquet is just as complicated as it’s when it comes to those one for adults. The market is packed with so many different models for kids of varying age.

When your child has an doesn’t have a good racquet, many things can go wrong. Worst case scenario, the racquet will quickly break. However, another thing that can happen is your child struggling to get better or just have fun with it.

Many brands often ditch the whole idea of junior racquets, or they put minimal effort into producing one. Wilson however, takes great pride in being one of the leading brands when it comes to racquets for the young ones.

The Dora the Explorer racquet is by far their most popular model made for girls as a beginners’ racquet. Still, there’s more to it than its design, and we researched to find out what kids and parents think of it.

Wilson Dora 19 Junior Tennis Racquet
  • The Wilson Dora 19 Junior Tennis Racquet allows young girls to learn how to play tennis with their favorite characters.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.  Manufactured by Wilson, the number 1 brand in tennis.
  • See size chart/image on the left with child's height and age for proper fit.

Features and specifications:

You’ve guessed it; the first thing we’ll talk about is the Dora the Explorer  design. We can all agree that the best way to get kids’ attention is to have a character from one of their favorite tv shows. Wilson figured that out and included the face of Dora on their junior racquet for girls. The idea was a success as girls adore it. The Color combination is pink and white which matches the entire Dora theme and gives the racquet a further girly look.

The materials used in its construction, as well as the paint job itself, are of superior quality. This is especially important because it’s a junior racquet and those are usually often thrown and kicked around. This one will keep its attractive design as it doesn’t chip as quickly as most people think. Its paint is as durable as its composition, so it’s quite suitable for some rough handling.

The design is the main thing that attracts attention here, motivating girls as they get excited to play each time. However, there’s more here than just the face of Dora since Wilson made sure to deliver the same quality you’ll find in all their models.

Its grip size is 3-1/2’’ while the entire racquet is 19’’ long. Its head size is 80 sq. in. These are somewhat standard specifications of racquets made for girls with no previous experience playing tennis. For this reason, Wilson Dora is one of the best models to start with as it helps your little girl get comfortable with it.

Wilson Dora Racqyet

It comes strung in 16×17 pattern and ready to use right out of the box. However, it doesn’t come with a cover so you might have to get one separately if you find you’d need it. The racquet weighs about 6.3oz. when it’s strung.

The fact that it’s lightweight makes this an ideal choice for girls from 2 to 5 years old. It’s made of Ti Alloy which is one of the primary materials used for junior racquets. It’s lightweight but provides enough durability, so the kids won’t break it easily.

This is the kind of racquet you want to go for if your kid needs help with stroke mechanics. It’s easy to use and has some power of its own, so it’s ideal for technique development.

The manufacturer claims it’s not for girls older than five years, but make sure to reference their size chart to figure out if it will fit or not. In most cases, it’s best for those from 39 to 55 inches tall.

Coaches usually recommend it for its sweetspot that’s generally easy to find allowing girls to strike with ease. This helps them gain confidence as they enjoy the game more and more each time. Of course, fun and enjoyment are most important when it comes to getting your child to stay with the sport. Unless your kid is having fun, they’re most likely to give it up quickly.

This is a great way to introduce tennis to little girls. More so, since kids have such a short span of attention, it’s essential to get them something that will keep them in the game. The Wilson Dora the explorer is one of those that are best as the very first racquets for toddlers.

The good:

  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy Titanium Alloy frame
  • Comes pre-strung and ready to use

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t feature a cover

Final verdict:

No doubt, Wilson always lives up to our expectations and their Dora junior racquet is no exception. You can present many racquets to your toddlers, and it’s proven they’ll pick the Dora. Wilson, of course, found this to be a great way to get children to want to try tennis. As a result, kids see the experience enjoyable and fun, which is always most important.

Apart from the design, there are also other impressive specifications such as its weight and materials used to construct the racquet. It’s a durable piece so it won’t break as easily after just a few uses. We know kids can get rough with their racquets, but as we found out, the Wilson Dora can endure most of that.

If you want the best junior tennis racquet, Wilson models are usually one of the top ones to choose from. However, if you have a 3 to 5-year-old daughter, the Dora might be your best option. It’s exciting and always motivating girls to grasp for their racquet and learn to swing it properly.Make sure to give it a try if you want a junior racquet that helps provide an enjoyable and fun experience.

Wilson Dora 19 Junior Tennis Racquet
  • The Wilson Dora 19 Junior Tennis Racquet allows young girls to learn how to play tennis with their favorite characters.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.  Manufactured by Wilson, the number 1 brand in tennis.
  • See size chart/image on the left with child's height and age for proper fit.

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