Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Federer tennis racket is an excellent choice for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s made by Wilson, who never fails to deliver the top quality sports products. Wilson is the official brand for the US Open, so you can be sure that their products are high-quality and worth the hype. It’s a brand we can trust.

Furthermore, it’s a Federer racket, and if his name is on it, well, you know it has to be good. This model allows you to hit all the best volleys for hours. Also, its design is a major plus since it’s durable and it looks pretty cool, too I might add.

Primarily, it’s made to be a practice racket that helps with improving your skills and technique after some time of using it. With that said, it’s safe to say that both beginners and intermediate players can benefit from it since it’s made of durable, quality materials, while still being lightweight.


Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet

Its weight also gives you great balance. Overall, the it provides a good game play regardless of whether you’re just a recreational player or training to be a professional tennis player.

So, to bring the best possible review I simply had to get my hands on this model. Not only I’ve tested it myself, but I’ve managed to talk to many other people who played with the Federer Adult and swear it might be the best tennis racquet under $100.

Continue reading to find out about its technical specifications and features, as well as all the pros and cons, and the overall feel the Wilson Federer Adult tennis racket provides.

Features and specifications:

One thing I have to mention right off the bat is the Arc technology featured in the Wilson Federer tennis racket. It has many significant benefits, balance, and stability being the two most important. With that, you also get excellent control.

It comes pre-strung with power strings. They improve power, especially in the strikes of returning the ball to the other side of the court. This, in particular, felt good and insured fun and fulfilling game for me, as well as many other people who had the pleasure of playing with the Wilson Federer tennis racket.

When it comes to comfort, I must mention the perforated grips that improve the grip on the racket ensuring that your hand doesn’t slip during gameplay. Also, its shock pads reduce vibration whenever the ball hits the racket, giving you more control and comfort. The grip area features moisture wicking that prevents any slipping in case you get sweaty palms. Your hands will stay dry and cool at all times during gameplay.

Its head size is 106 square inches with 3 points head light balance when the Wilson Federer is strung. Its long main strings provide more power than you’d typically get with a different string pattern. The AirLite Alloy construction allows the Wilson Federer to be light in weight. Precisely, it doesn’t weight more than only 10.4 ounces when its.

Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Federer is the type of model that would work for beginners, although I wouldn’t call it a basic beginner’s racket. It features quite a few things that you won’t find in a basic model usually recommended to beginners. It provides much more control and comfort than the most beginners’ rackets, giving a better experience in every aspect of the game.

Not only is it great for beginners, but many intermediate players can also benefit from it. The Wilson Federer is made to be very close to a professionally styled tennis racket. Thanks to its technology, materials, and specifications, it offers quality, durability, a balance of control and power, as well as comfort. The Wilson Federer has a head that’s 106’’ big. Its overall length is 27.25’’, and its strung balance is 3 pts HL.

I haven’t come across many bad things about the Wilson Federer. Most of the time, players say that the racket served well when they were at the beginning and intermediate level, but once they improved their game to a more professional level, they had to drop the racket. Simply, it’s not made for long hour training, which is the sole reason why you’d have to replace it once you become a more serious player.

Also, most people don’t like the fact that it comes in only three colors. However, this isn’t the most important thing and given the fact that some brands don’t give you the option to choose whatsoever, I think Wilson did well.

The good:

  • Great, non-slippery grip
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Features shock pads
  • Features moisture wicking technology

Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet side

The Bad:

  • Comes in only three colors
  • Not suitable for professional players

Final verdict:

Most of the time when you’re looking for a cheaper racquet you’ll have to sacrifice some essential things such as perhaps durability or comfort. For this reason, exactly, it felt so good to play with the Wilson Federer.Right from the start, you can feel its quality as well as undeniable comfort. Its many features such as shock absorption pads and lightweight make the racket one of the most comfortable models on the market.

Plus, its moisture wicking technology is ideal for anyone who often has sweaty hands. The technology keeps your palms cool and dry during the entire time you’re holding the racket. It’s especially useful in the summertime for the obvious reasons.

Professional players may not enjoy it as much, but given that it’s not a professional but recreational racket, it’s no surprise. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate tennis player, I assure you that you’ll be pleased with the performance the Wilson Federer delivers.

Overall, the Wilson Federer gives you the best balance of control and power you can find in a beginner to an intermediate racket. Its frame and strings materials make a reasonably powerful, sturdy and durable racket that’s definitely worth your attention. If you’re looking to upgrade your game skills to an upper level, the Wilson Federer is a good choice to start.

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