Wilson Pro Staff Junior Racket

If you’re on a quest for the best junior tennis racquet, this might be the end of searching for you. We know that the search for both adult and junior racquets is tricky because of how many options there are on the market.

However, we’ve come to discover another great racquet from Wilson that is their Pro Staff junior racquet. It’s no secret that we’re fans of Wilson as a brand for the quality they deliver in all their models. However, this racquet came to our attention after a while of trying to find the best tennis junior racquet.

Since there are so many racquets on the market, parents tend to find the search somewhat overwhelming. More so, it’s even harder to pick a racquet for your kid if you don’t play tennis yourself.

We did some research, and after talking to many people with different experiences, we learned plenty of things about the Wilson Pro Staff junior racquet. It’s an impressive piece that’s also affordable, durable and effective.

Kids enjoy it, which is the most important thing. Needless to say, if they’d have a wrong fitting racquet they probably wouldn’t stick to tennis for a long time, which would be a pity.To avoid this, continue reading as we discuss the Pro Staff junior racquet by Wilson.

Wilson Boys' Pro Staff Racket
  • Pattern 16x20
  • Balance 2 sts HL (Strung)
  • Cross Section 23mm FLAT Beam

Features and specifications:

Kids who show interest in tennis mostly have their favorite professional player that they look up to. Wilson understands this, so they’ve made a racquet inspired by the Grand Slam champion Roger Federer. If your child is a fan, he/she will probably love  the Pro Staff junior racquet.

It delivers precision and control that’s required for kids to advance in their game. The best thing about it is that it’s suitable for both beginners as well as a bit more advanced players who need some more support.

The racquet comes pre-strung by Wilson which is always a convenient plus. There’s also a cover included that helps in protecting the racquet. Of course, the cover helps with portability, too. It’s much easier for kids to carry it around with the help of a cover as opposed to carrying it without one.

The manufacturer recommends the racquet to kids that are nine years and older. To some people with younger kids, this might come as a disappointment, but there’s a reason why it’s not suitable for younger ones. Precisely, the racquet is 25’’ long which is only an inch less than what would be an average size of an adult racquet. Naturally, this is too large for younger kids, which is why 9-year-olds can benefit from it the most.

Luckily, it does come in several different sizes so you can pick and choose between those to find the one that’s the best fit for your child. The sizes are as it follows:

  • 19’’ – up to five years old
  • 21’’ – four to six years old
  • 23’’ – seven to eight years old
  • 25’’ – nine to ten years old
  • 26” – ten to twelve years old

Kids that are older than twelve can easily move on to the adult Pro Staff tennis racquet. The great thing about having the same racquet in different sizes is that you won’t have to search far for another one as your kid grows. Simply go a size up each time there’s a need for an upgrade.

Plus, playing with one brand racquet for such a long time is highly beneficial. It helps create a comfortable experience and impressive performance.

Going back to the Pro Staff Junior 25’’ racquet, there are a few more things to mention. As we said, it comes strung by Wilson in a 16×20 string pattern for a bigger sweetspot. The string pattern combined with its size provides better racquet movement. This combo also allows more spin on shots.


Though many parents feel that the racquet seems large, it’s actually one of the best in providing a high-quality experience. It features manageable head size, weight, and length which is always something to look for in junior racquets.

It weighs no more than 8.3oz which allows players to use it with ease. Its weight helps kids because it’s not too heavy for them. Though it’s lightweight, it’s essential we say a few things about its durability.

Junior models have to be durable and sturdy simply because kids tend to be a bit rougher when it comes to handling a racquet. Knowing this, Wilson made a durable and reliable Pro Staff junior racquet to last your kid until it grows out and advances to an adult racquet.

Unfortunately, it comes in only one color combination that is red and white. Admittedly, this isn’t a deal breaker, but some kids would probably love different colors. However, keep in mind that this is Wilson that’s known for paying far more attention to quality than appearance.

The good:

  • Comes pre-strung
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a cover
  • Large sweetspot
  • Easily maneuverable

The Bad:

  • Only one color combination

Final verdict:

If you came this far, you probably realize why we’re  impressed by the Wilson Pro Staff junior racquet. Not only does it feature impeccable quality and durability found in all Wilson models, but it’s maneuverable and an excellent fit for kids.

The fact that it’s as lightweight might be its best specification since it is a junior racquet. Its weight allows kids to enjoy the game each time.

Plus, it’s ready the moment it arrives which is another great thing about. Just unpack it and hand it to your child. It comes with a cover, too, so they’ll have great fun carrying it themselves.

After you’ve spent some time searching for the best junior tennis racquet, we’re sure that finding the Wilson Pro Staff came as a relief. Its pros and cons show you a clear image of why so many people like it. Plus, it’s a simple piece of exceptional quality that’s worth a shot.

Wilson Boys' Pro Staff Racket
  • Pattern 16x20
  • Balance 2 sts HL (Strung)
  • Cross Section 23mm FLAT Beam

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