Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racket

Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players in the world today. No doubt, she had to have a fantastic tennis racquet to achieve as much as she did. However, she also had to feel comfortable with her racquet and for this reason; she chose the Wilson Blade 104 .

The Blade family by Wilson is well-known amongst many tennis players regardless of their skill level and play style. Still, Blade 104 is a little different than the rest of its siblings due to its size and a few other specifications.

Evidently, being an intermediate player means you can make most of the racquets work depending on your style. This elegant-looking tennis racquet is a combination of comfort, power, and control, saying that it’s suitable for almost any play style. The fact that it’s as versatile makes it easy to understand why it’s as popular.

The advanced technology used to build the Wilson Blade 104 gives it accuracy, speed, and spin. There are many different things about it that stand out, making it one of the most popular items amongst pros and intermediate level players.

It wasn’t only its size that made Serena Williams choose the racquet as her weapon for all these years. The fact that it’s easy to use, simple and comfortable are just a few things that make people opt for this racquet as often.

Continue reading to learn more about this amazing racquet for intermediate and advanced tennis players. Join us as we discuss its specifications, the technology and all good and bad things about the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet.

Features and specifications:

Maybe you, like many people thought that Serena would opt for a heavy-duty, large tennis racquet, but you were wrong. The Wilson Blade 104 is mid-size, being around 27.5 inches long, with the head being 104 square inches. This extended length provides extra reach on volleys and serves. Plus, the bigger head size gives you better contact with the ball in many cases.

The Blade 104 weighs 10.8 ounces which means it’s not too light or too heavy. This detail is crucial for intermediate players who are still figuring out how to generate their pace. As far as advanced players go, they usually love the racquet’s balance feel because it makes it easy to swing faster and with more power.

One of the reasons the Wilson Blade 104 is as famous is because it’s versatile and suitable for many different players. Some players love to put away volleys and love it because it provides the smooth feeling and comfort. There are also players who like swinging cutaways, but also enjoy delicate drop shots. Most of those players will tell you how the racquets overall feel them achieve the versatility. Besides, the baseliners enjoy the larger sweet spot and the extra power they can get with their groundstrokes.

Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet

Its string pattern is 18×19 that’s larger than usual, but ideal for players who like being in absolute control. However, if you want more spin, you’ll probably have to add an extra string to the frame. Wilson’s Amplifeel technology combined with a leather grip means comfort at all time. The Wilson Blade 104 gives you a responsive feel. Combined with the string pattern; you’ll get a comfortable handling combined with accuracy.

Because it’s larger, most of the advanced players who want to be in control will find the frame suitable for that. The racquet gives ultimate control, allowing you to generate your power and have enough spin. Serena’s racquet of choice will improve your game regardless of your skill level. 

Keep in mind that the frame isn’t as stable as other Wilson frames, but customers reported this isn’t a setback because the racquet still provides enough maneuverability. However, when it comes to groundstrokes, the maneuverability will take away from stability, which can be a problem for some players.

The only actual shortcoming of the Wilson Blade 104 is the lack of stability at times, especially during off-center hits. More weight would fix that issue, but would also take away from some other good qualities of the  frame. If the racquet were a little heavier, the stability issue wouldn’t occur, but then most players wouldn’t find it as easy to maneuver. 

Its beam width is 22.5mm/22.5mm/22.5mm, while the balance is 5 points head light. Wilson states that the Blade 104 has the official power level of low to medium, with a string tension of 53-63 pounds. The combination of these specifications makes a perfect racquet for advanced and intermediate level players who need more power and maneuverability during their game.

Lastly, let’s break down the good and the bad we’ve discussed. Comparing pros and cons helps us have a more straightforward look at the Wilson Blade 104 and what makes it as good, or bad. 

The good:

  • Bigger in size, providing extended reach
  • Weighs 10.8 ounces, which is ideal for most style players
  • Versatile, comfortable and accurate
  • Features the well-known Amplifeel technology by Wilson
  • It’s Serena Williams’s tennis racquet of choice

The Bad:

  • Although it’s maneuverable, it’s sometimes unstable

Final verdict:

The fact that Serena won 15 Grand Slam singles titles using this racquet says a lot about its quality and overall performance it delivers. Of course, the racquet didn’t do the entire job, but she certainly needed a racquet to rely on. 

Maybe you’re not as advanced as Serena Williams, but Wilson Blade 104 will surely help you reach a more advanced level in a shorter period. This Wilson Blade model is one of the best intermediate and advanced tennis racquets because it’s versatile. You’ll often hear many different skilled tennis players recommend it as one of the best racquets they’ve used.

Its weight, size, maneuverability, and comfort it provides make the model a frequent choice of many players who have different skills. If you’re an advanced player, the Wilson Blade 104 will help you perfect your game. However, if you’re an intermediate level player, you’ll quickly and easily reach the top of your game with the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet.

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