Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racket

We all know that Wilson is one of the best brands to go for when you’re looking for a new tennis racket. Both beginners and experienced players know of Wilson and the quality of the rackets they produce. 

I want to talk to you about one of Wilson’s bestselling rackets, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3. It’s one of the most popular and highest ranked rackets. Plus, it’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for the best tennis racquet under $100.

Mostly, it fits intermediate and recreational players who want power and control perfectly balanced. Also, the racket allows you to rapidly improve your skills thanks to its specifications, and features. Which makes it a good tennis racket for adults who are ready to improve their skills and quality of their game. 


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racket

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I’ve decided to try out the racket and see what exactly makes it as popular. Also, to analyze it even further, I spoke to some tennis players who have used or still use the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racket. I’ve come across some great information and feedback on this racket. Not only it might be the best tennis racquet under $100, but it also delivers superior performance and quality.

Continue reading to find out all the details on this pre-strung racket. I’ve covered all its specifications, what they deliver, as well as pros, cons and many other exciting things about the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3.

Features and specifications:

First and foremost, the racket comes pre-strung, so you can entirely skip that step yourself. This is great for recreational or intermediate players because you don’t need to think much about string tension and such. Of course, you can have it strung yourself at a shop if you like. The racket strings are made of Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut Natural and are tensioned at 58 lbs. This information will come in handy if one of this strings snaps.

The reason why so many people like this racket is its power. Undoubtedly, its technology and design make it one of the most powerful rackets on the market. The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 has an oversized head of 110 square inches combined with 16×20 open string pattern. Its frame is 10 point head heavy with a dual taper beam that’s 28mm wide. This combination of specifications gives larger sweet spot and more power. Also, it allows the racket to be more forgiving, which means you’ll be able to pull off even the shots hit outside the very center. The racket is 27.5 inches long, which provides an extended reach for serves, volleys, and balls that are a bit farther than usual. 

As we all know, head size, balanced point, string pattern, and beam width are all necessary specifications that quickly determine the quality of the racket. However, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 has another feature that makes it stand out. Precisely, it’s the modern technology, and Hyper Carbon used to make the racket. Hyper Carbon is a material used in the aerospace industry to build things like state of the art airplanes and satellites. More so, Hyper Carbon is the first material of this kind to be used in tennis rackets. When it’s in combination with graphite, it becomes a versatile material that’s four times stronger and stiffer. Also, it’s about 65% lighter than, for example, titanium. 

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket front

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 provides powerful shots, but it also allows you to place balls any place you like. This is thanks to its resilient and sturdy frame. For this reason, Wilson recommends the racket to recreational and intermediate players with moderate to fast swings. Popular opinion is that the racket is best for older recreational players who want powerful shots without putting in too much energy. Besides, some beginners may also like the racket since it has a large sweet spot and is powerful.

It’s important we also mention that Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is lightweight. Most of the time, when a racket is powerful, it comes off as a bit heavy, which is not the case with the Hyper Hammer. When it’s strung, the racket weighs only 9 ounces. Hyper Carbon reduces the strung weight of the racket since it weighs 65% less than titanium. Overall, this material makes the racket maneuverable, while still providing enough power and control for all your shots. 

Admittedly, its weight profoundly impacts vibrations, so keep that in mind as an important factor. Because it’s lightweight, you can feel more vibrations than you maybe would with a more massive racket. The racket may impact your arm, wrist, and shoulder since it’s so lightweight. For this reason, I recommend you use a shock absorber to help you with dampening the vibrations. 

The good:

  • Lightweight
  • Head heavy frame and large beam width
  • Large sweet spot
  • Features sensors that track your game
  • Ideal for intermediate and recreational players
  • Pre-strung

The Bad:

  • Increased vibrations
  • Little stability

Final verdict:

If you’re an intermediate or recreational player, this racket may be the best option for you. Its features and specifications make it one of the best on the market. Plus, finding the best tennis racquet under $100 that delivers all the qualities isn’t always easy. For this reason, you should consider the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3.

It provides all the power you could need, plus a series of other benefits. The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 gives you solid strikes, powerful shots, extended reach, maneuverability and large sweet spot. If you’re looking to improve your skills and upgrade your game, this racket can help you in your task.

Surely, it’s one of the most powerful and at the same time lightweight tennis rackets on the market. So, if you’re looking for a versatile racket to follow you on your journey of improving, you’ve found one. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is a versatile, maneuverable, powerful and possibly the best tennis racquet under $100 on the market today. 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Wilson, especially when it comes to the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 since it features the best materials and newest technologies incorporated together to bring all the possible quality of performance. 

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