Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis is one of the most played sports in the world, counting more than one billion fans. it offers excellent physical exercise, relieving stress, and it’s great for people of all ages. It’s often seen as an elitist sport, but it’s actually quite affordable, and it can be played anywhere at any time.

One of the best things about tennis is that you don’t need to round up a team, to practice, or play. All you need is a racket, few balls, and an opponent to chat with during points, and in between matches. 

However, if you’re in a mood for playing tennis, but you can’t find a partner/opponent, you shouldn’t worry. Most courts have a backboard, and the better-equipped ones have a tennis ball machine, which can serve as your opponent during practice.

Tennis ball machines can serve as your partner for the sole purpose of practicing playing tennis. They fire tennis balls at you, just like your practice partner would allowing you to practice return shots, and improve your playing skill. It’s one of the most effective ways to improve your footwork, ball placement, and overall control.

And the best part about them is that they allow you to play when and where you want, focusing on specific parts of your game. Tennis ball machines are suitable for players of any skill level, simulating the serves of professional, intermediate, or beginner player.

The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine is a great training partner for anyone looking to up their game. This portable yet adorable machine is the newest addition to Wilson’s already excellent line of highly sophisticated machines. Highly sophisticated and reliable products are the reason why Wilson’s one of the top choices for tennis players around the world. 

We’ve tested the performance and endurance of the Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine, gathering the information that might help you decide whether it suits your preferences.

Features and specifications:

Wilson products almost always attract attention, well deserved for the quality the manufacturer offers. They combine the performance they’re known for with compact design, making this machine the epitome of portability.

Weighing only 38lbs this model is more portable than most tennis ball machines of similar performance and features. Having portability in mind, Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine has built-in towing wheels and handle. Thanks to these features, putting the machine into the right position will no longer tire you out. 

The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine offers features well-suited for beginners and intermediate players, with some optional upgrades for an extra fee. 

For beginners, lower shooting speeds are preferable, at least until they gain some skill. Wilson Portable offers a wide shooting speed range, with balls going from 10 MPH up to 75 MPH. These speeds may not be on the high end, but for beginners and intermediate players, they’re more than enough to practice with. 

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Standard side

To increase portability, Wilson had to cut down the ball storage capacity. It now holds up to 110 balls, which is a bit lower than the standard 120-150 ball storage. 

Another great feature is the adjustable feed interval. The feed interval represents the interval time at which the machine takes the ball form storage, and shoots it at you. On this machine, the interval timer can be set up to take from 1.5 to 10 seconds, and it should be based on your skill level.

While beginners might enjoy the flat, straight shoots at different heights, intermediate players might find them dull. The Wilson Portable has an electronic elevation control system which adjusts the ball trajectory from groundstroke to a lob shot.

The Spin Control feature allows intermediate players to enjoy this machine also, switching from heavy underspin to heavy topspin shots. This feature is best combined with a built-in oscillator, which delivers shots in one direction, or randomly across the court. These features are great for practicing your forehand and backhand hitting on the run. 

All the features and functions can be modified using switches and turning knobs found on the control panel, located on the back of the device. The panel features a sensor for remote control which is, however, an optional feature and costs extra money.

With the Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine, you can expect up to 4 hours of runtime, with a single charge. Runtime depends on the features you use, the interval time, ball speed, and various other factors, so the battery life may vary. Once depleted, the battery requires 18 hours to charge to its full capacity, with the provided charger, which offers protection from over-charging.

Wilson offers an external battery pack; in case you feel that 4 hours runtime isn’t enough for you. Also, if you can’t wait 18 hours for batteries to charge, opting for an additional, fast charger reduces the charge time to 6 hours. Both external battery pack and a fast charger are sold separately from the machine and come at an additional cost. Despite the extra cost, both provide excellent quality at an affordable price. 

The good:

  • Easily portable
  • Random oscillation and an electronic elevation control system
  • Meant for beginners and intermediate players
  • Simple controls

The Bad:

  • No programmed drills
  • Additional features, like remote control, cost extra

Final verdict:

If you’re into tennis, then you’ve probably heard about the quality the Wilson products provide. The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine is no exception in this regard. It offers exceptional performance, with various features suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

However, without an additional battery pack, the 4-hours runtime falls a little short. Additional battery packs are available, increasing the runtime, but they come at an extra cost. So does the fast charger which reduces charge time, and a 2-button remote control for starting and stopping the machine. 

Also, the players can’t benefit from pre-programmed drills, since there aren’t any. The lack of these features can be seen as a drawback by more advanced players

Still, the Wilson Portable offers good value for the money spent. With the performance and features it provides, you’ll surely sharpen your ball placement, control, footwork, and an overall skill level.

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